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Let's call today: 'Friday, 26 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

drive drive drive drive
i have to drive have to drive
throw my bags into the car and speed away
from all i've ever never known

thru the rain hear the rain
see the rain and not the pain
turn on the wipers and watch them swish
scream to the screen and hear it break

green light orange light red light
need to brake
need to brake
need to brake break

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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 25 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
oooooooooh she messaged me!

how exciting!

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
run away

yesterday my brother and sister-in-law came over with dinner.
as some of you know my mum came out of hospital after reconstructive surgery and we're not letting her do much, so alex and bec bring over dinner each evening. Dad's hopeless and cant cook, and I'm too completely dead after work to do anything, so it works out good.

anyway yesterday, dad was out at a meeting when they came over. we sat down and ate the yummy satay stir fry meal theyd made, and we were talking about my niece's upcoming school musical that we're all going to see.

from that subject we began talking about the tapes our grandmother made and off i went to find them. all i could find were tapes of my cousin and/or myself, but none of alex. he went out into the office to check email while i continued my search through the tapes. we concluded that he must have taped over them, cos the tape that had his name scrawled in my nanna's writing was instead full of rockabilly music.

it was about at this point my dad came in and started to eat the bowl of stirfry we'd set aside for him. he heard me say to my mum and bec that he must have taped over it when he was younger so we couldnt find it again. my dad commented irrelevantly "well he hates everything doesnt he?" then sat down to his meal.

it was pretty warm yesterday, so all the windows and doors were open, so alex overheard it.

of course he came in and began laying into dad, beginning with sarcastically asking dad how he was enjoying his dinner. from there it went on, and before the screams got full throttle, i retired to my room and there i stayed. not long after, i heard mum do the same thing.

the argument continued, somewhere there im sure i heard bec telling alex to stop it, and i decided it was time to try out the rowing machine i bought the day before.

a bit later bec came in and said goodbye. i offered to take her home later if she wanted to stay and let alex cool down, but she politely declined, and quietly left.

still rowing, i later heard dad approach mum's closed door and open it. i heard her groan at and then scream at him to get out, still fuming at what'd he'd said and done and in general how he interacts with my brother over the years, accompanied by the sound of something colliding with the door. dad erupted again and the ever-turned phrase of "i cant do anything in this place, but its alright for everyone else!" reverberated down the hall. my rowing increased. some more arguing ensued, by this time i wasnt sure whether it was thru the closed door or not, but it was right outside my own and was loud enough it may as well have been inside my room.

before long i heard dad retreat storming down the hall back to his room outside.

i swap my rower for my weights and switch on the TV.
what videos havent i watched for a while?

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
what i found in my diary

7.7.04 - 10:51pm

If i could tear down this wall around you
I'd stack each brick away one by one
And rebuild with them not a wall, but a roof
So that you could take shelter
So that you might find peace

and a little under a year before

Thursday Night 11:03pm July 31st

...I dont think I'll go back to the states again this year. I'm not sure. But the buzz just isn't there this time. I dont know...

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 24 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
walk tha plank matey

ok, let me share this with you.

imagine this:
there's a mini christmas pageant happening at the local shopping centre.
rides, face painters, petting zoo, everything fun to do and see.
children all over the place.
you and your fellow thespians are dressed up as one thing or another to promote your pantomime coming up next year (Cinderella, Jan 15, Noarlunga College Theatre, Tix $5 - be there and no one gets hurt).
you're in a pirate costume, complete with sword and accent.
it's kinda hot but you can take it as you hand out flyers to the people.
many of the kids call out "its a pirate! hello pirate!" to which you bow and flail your sword in a rather dashing charming manner that delights the onlookers.
you and another superb natural asset to street-performance, Eliza, partake in a short swash-buckling skit on the grass.

when suddenly...

a tiny child, no more than 5 or 6 years of age, with light orange hair and a bizarre squashed mushroom head with freakishly beady hazel eyes gasps and points at you - the gesture itself is a very peculiar movement, with the boy placing his wrist by his ear and thrusting the tiny forefinger in you direction.

now, dear friends, when i first noticed this, it seemed all very normal, and i addressed him in my usual fashion of being a friendly albeit rugged and rough pirate.
soon i hear "HEY!"

i spin around to face him, his little face screwed up in a slight grimace and his eyes bulging out of that ghastly shaped head, and his finger flying through the air at me.




Why, matey, i be a pirate, see? Arr!


Well, sure I am matey! (adressing the crowd) This boy an' I be off to sail the seven seas on me ship (to the boy) what ya say to that matey?


I'm thinking, oooookay theres no winning here. let's go. And i turn to walk to the other side of the courtyard.


What the fuck?
I told ya matey - I be off to plunder! Now away with ye!

To this, my new friend charged at me, and I figured ok he just wants to play around. so off i go in a slow canter around the courtyard. my steps are so slow and far apart you could play "chopsticks" at half-time by my footsteps, but his little feet are going full speed trying to keep behind me.

Everyone in the courtyard sees this farcical chase and I ham it up a bit "Arr he be after me loot!" and all that rubbish, and i leap onto the benches and tables and levels in the garden with my dashing pirate coat flying behind me, and many parents watch us go by with that "aw isnt that cute look on their face."

After a few laps, I concede "a fine chase" to the lad and bid him farewell. Mainly to retrieve my breath.

I was told later that he also came up with such gems as:
"Girls have boobs and boys dont unless they're fat"
"When you close your eyes you see through your third eye."

May I remind you this kid was like 6yrs old.

My new-found little terror however did not find the chase satisfying, and throughout the rest of the morning, he proceeded to shoot me, hit me, chase me and throw various verbal abuse at me until i reached a point that I picked him up and walked through the crowd calling "Who lost this here loot? If no one claims him, I'll throw him overboard!!" He kept trying to escape my grasp my scratching my hands and crying out "WHAT THE HELL???"

I even tried placating him and some other youngsters by actually "dying" from their joint attack and laid perfectly still for about 5 minutes with them all poking me and prodding me with sticks. Until such time I took up my sword again, got up with a "Push off ya lil larrikins!" and leapt away.

Remind me again why I work with children?

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 17 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
who likes my hair?

i feel like no one comes here, so this has given me the guts to show you my new haircut.

who the hell is that??
it's the girl on my Year 10 high school student ID card!

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 16 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
*sigh* sheesh, ok ok carly rules too.
here we see a picture of the presents carly gave me for my birthday PLUS the astroboy bag and coin purse she gave me a while ago.

happy now????

also below we see my collection of astro boy merchandise - not incl my 2 t-shirts.

think i like him?
i want to get copies of all the REAL astroboy episodes. do you think if im reallllllllly nice to carly and give her chocolate she'd let me borrow them?

oooh i found a new favourite site. now i never have to leave my $2 shops when they close at night!

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Let's call today: 'Monday, 15 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
ok, so what did i do for my birthday?
i had a party where we all looked awesome and sounded great.
we wore sexy costumes and jammed with our guitars and marracas.

i got a bit of a sex & alcoholic theme happening with gifts. i got a vodka kit, a set of martini glasses, a feather boa, choc body paint, a psychadelic condom, an african fertility statue, a clown fish magnet, a funky lil box most of it came in, a bottle of bourbon, a ben folds five DVD, a PLAYBOY keyring, a bracelet that says 'vixen' on it, an mp3 player, a CD, and a pirate toy. and today i got my astroboy fone cover & bag, and another copy of Dahsboard Confessional's 'Places You Have Come To Fear The Most'. ps kirsty rules and is the queen of funny.

before the party i got flowers and more flowers, a CD/DVD gift voucher, a neckchain with a funky film emblem on it, 3 different crystals/stones, a blue sunstone pendant, a hip flask with 'glasses', and today i bought myself a new camera.

sorry if i missed anyone. im told more are coming. sheeeeeeeesh. not bad for not relly expecting gifts.

i went to my party as a pirate. wanna see? i'll post pictures later.

im a way sexy pirate.


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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
kirsty wins

behold my final presents!

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 9 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
ok ok so im doing a slight proper post already!

guess what im doing right now? go one, guess!..... guess!!!

ok i'll tell you. right now i'm printing off sheet music and taping Nightmare Before Christmas. Isnt that exciting? I flipped thru my foxtel book and thought 'damn i missed it' then saw it was on again in 15mins!!! woohooooo

anyway, friday....

we went to the opening of the Feast Festival and it was coooooooool. i've never seen so many SSA folk in one place, it was great. I got us all stickers and the girl on the stand said I should have the one that read 'gorgeous', since i couldnt decide. someone took a picture of Eliza and I because we dressed all funky, but the meanies didnt put us on the site.


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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
today i was quietly relaxing after work reading a book in my local library when a library officer in collections management walked over to where i was sitting and sniffed the air.

"hmmm, i can smell rosemary...."

you're not funny, carly. :P

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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 6 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
I wish i had this song so i could listen to it.


I never felt like this with anyone before
You only have to smile and I'm dizzy
You make the world go round
A thousand times an hour
Just touch my head
And send me spinning

I never felt like this with anyone before
You show me colours and I'm crying
You hold my eyes in yours
And open up the world
I can't believe all this

I want to keep this feeling
Deep inside of me
I want you always in my heart
You are everything

I never felt like this with anyone before
You fill my head all full of rainbows
And all the rainbows end
Is every step you take
Just to be with you forever

I want to keep this feeling
Deep inside of me
I want you always in my heart
You are everything

the cure

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
yesterday evening i was 'kidnapped' and taken to the opening of the feast festival.

last night, i got very drunk and made a dick of myself in various ways.

this morning, i awoke very hungover, and got a birthday call from Dublin

Today, I face-painted some very horrible beasts of children at a kids party.

This afternoon I lay on my bed watching Black Books courtesy of Kirsty, and went to work.

Just then I dropped by Hallet Cove mall to pick up some pressies for fiona's party, then rescued Les whose car had broken down.

Now I am typing this eating Jaffa's in blessed quiet because my Dad is in Canberra for a week.

This evening I shall visit Katie (ooh and get my birthday present!)

And tonight, I'll make an appearance at Fiona's for a while then collapse into bed.

Sound like a plan?

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 2 November 2004'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
my feet are cold.

fisk it.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

ok, so its my birthday.

i say!

I'm 21. I'm supposed to be an adult now.
So why am I so scared lately?

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