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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 30 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

1. Kissed your cousin: Not even on the cheek i dont think
2. Ran away: no, i knew i'd just have to come back.
3. Pictured your crush naked: Oh, you mean i wasnt sposed to??
4. Skipped school: I'm doing that as we speak - er "type"
5. Broken someone's heart: Yeah.
6. Been in love: Yeah.
7. Cried when someone died: Sometimes even long after I still do it.
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Several times
9. Broken a bone: Nope - all the milk i drink?
10. Done something embarrassing: Hehe i remember i accidentally passed wind in my Yr 8 English Class DURING SILENT READING!!!
11. Lied: No..... *ahem*
12. Cried in school: oh yeah

13. Coke or Pepsi: Coke!
14. Sprite or 7UP: Umm, I'm not much into the lemonades...
15. Girls or Guys: Girls.... we're so soft and cuddly =oP
16. Flowers or Candy: Flowers.. pretty ones!
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: Hmm, depends where you're talking bout ;)
18. Blondes or brunettes: Brunettes
19. bitchy or slutty: Niether!
20. Tall or Short: Tall
21: Pants or Shorts: Pants.. jeans.
22. Night or Day: Night

23. What do you notice first? Smile
24. Like Being Spanked: Nope.
25. Worst Question For Her/Him to ask: "Are you gonna eat that?"
26. Showered: nope
27. Stepped outside: nope
28. Had Sex: pushed....from....memory....gah! boys are icky =oP

29. Ever been Engaged/ Married: hell no!
30. Your Good luck charm: Edward my little metal elephant?
31. Person You Hate Most: I dont hate... I 'strongly dislike'.... and i dunno who.
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: Missy Higgins
33. Where did it go?: What?
34. Picture on your desktop: a Freeze Frame TM desktop created by me!
36. Movie: Labyrinth!
37. Artist or band: Ben Folds, Missy Higgins (ooh im listening to her now!) Cat Empire, Dashboard Confessional etc etc
38. Cars: Lil shiny red laser hatch... she's a lil dirty
39. Ice Cream: Chocolate-chip
41. Food: Pizza!
42. Makes You Laugh The Most: Vanessa
43. Makes You Smile: Katie
44. Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What: Katie
45. Has A Crush On You: I *know* of none, but suspect a few.
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: No still sore from last time.
47. Who Has It Easier?: Hmmm... dunno.
48. Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them: Mia cos I still feel guilty about us.
49. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night: I have a few times, never again.
50. Save AIM Conversations: No
51. Save E-mails: Most of them if theyre good.
52. Forwarded Secret E-mails: I think maybe twice - but it was worth it =oP
53. Wish You Were Someone Else: Why do that to them??
54. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex: Sometimes at certain moments mehe
55. Wear after shave: No
57. Cuddle: I invented the cuddle.
58. Go Online For Longer Than Eight Hours At A Time: Never timed myself, but i'm sure I could do it.
59. Fallen For Your Best Friend?: Not really.
60. Made Out With JUST A Friend?: Friend of a friend, and I was drunk.
61. Kissed Two People In The Same Day?: yep... here and on my last day in Pennsylvania
62. Had Sex With Two Different People In The Same Day? Yes... and i still hate me for it.
63. Been Rejected?: Yes, but carly kissed me anyway =oP
64. Been In Love?: Yes
65. Been In Lust?: oh yeah
66. Used Someone?: Im sure I have done so.
67. Been Used?: Yeah.
68. Dumped Someone?: More suggested than dumped.
69. Been Cheated On?: No
70. Back Doored It?: What??
71. Done Something You Regret?: Havent we all?

72. Hung out with?: Kirsty
73. You Talked To?: Nessa
74. You Hugged?: Kirsty
75. You Instant Messaged?: Carly
76. You Kissed?: Testing my memory..... carly? i think? maybe?
77. You Yelled At?: my Dad
78. You Dreamed About?: My aunt
79. Who Text Messaged You?: A girl from work.
80. Who Broke Your Heart?: ...I'm tougher than that..... *sniff*...
81. Who Told You They Loved You?: my Mum, does that count?
82. Color Your Hair? me?

83. Have Tattoos? No
84. Have Piercings?: just ears
85. Boyfriend/girlfriend?: neither
86. Own A Webcam?: nope
88. Ever Get Off The Damn Computer?: of course
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: only a little, tho i did translate in a shop once.
90. Habla espanol?: No estan en la casa, cholla puta.
91. Buy Designer Clothes/Shoes: im the Op Shop queen.

92. Stolen Anything?: yeah when i was younger i was bit of a shoplifter
93. Smoke?: no
94. Schizophrenic?: no
95. Obsessive?: Sometimes over people..
96. Compulsive?: sometimes
97. Obsessive compulsive?: sometimes i feel it
98. Panic?: Try not to.
99. Anxiety?: at times
100. Stressed?: Yeah, i'm a beast for it.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
notable searches that found me this month

    missy higgins lesbian
    grade 9 girl gives lapdance to
    missy higgins the special two
    shades of grey
    snog teacher school class leg boob
    missy higgins real name
    hippy bus

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
behold a great big BLOGGING DAY

today i've blogged about anything i can think of, plus ammended some i did yesterday. And I've also added the posts i was meaning to put up over easter.

So huzzah to me!

That just leaves this question, which has risen upon returning from a toilet break...

what kind of person grins evilly at you when you enter the restroom??

I checked the seat for signs of cling wrap or glue or something, convinced the evil grin was an allusion to an early april fools attack on me.

newsflash: my hair is very nice today.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
They Weren't There
Missy Higgins

You breathed infinity into my world
and time was lost up in a cloud and in a whirl.
We dug a hole in the cool grey earth and lay there for the night.
Then you said, "wait for me we'll fly the wind,
we'll grow old and you'll be stronger without him" but oh,
now my world is at your feet. I was lost and I was found,
but I was alive and now I've drowned.
So now I will be waiting for the world to hear my song
so they can tell me I was wrong...

But they weren't there beneath your stare,
and they weren't stripped 'till they were bare of
any bindings from the world outside that room.
And they weren't taken by the hand
and led through fields of naked land
where any pre-conceived ideas were blown away...
so I couldn't say "no".

You sighed and I was lost in you, weeks could've past for all I knew.
You were there blanket of the over-world and so I couldn't say,
I wouldn't say "no". But they all said, "you're too young to even know,
just don't let it grow and you'll be stronger without him"
but oh, now, my world is at your feet. I was lost and I was found,
but I was alive and now I've drowned.
So now I will be waiting for the world to hear my song
so they can tell me I was wrong...

But they weren't there beneath your stare,
and they weren't stripped 'till they were bare
of any bindings from the world outside that room.
And they weren't taken by the hand and led through fields
of naked land where any pre-conceived ideas were blown away...

But they weren't there beneath your stare,
and they weren't stripped 'till they were bare
of any bindings from the world outside that room.
And they weren't taken by the hand and led through fields
of naked land where any pre-conceived ideas were blown away...
so I couldn't say "no".

I love this song, except she puts an R after 'ideas', she should just keep her lovely accent.

Her gig fucking rocked.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
bear with me, just a post acting as an outlet for random prose

theres an image in my head i just cant shake.
its of you taking the stand i thought you'd taken years ago.
how does it feel to have all eyes on you?
how harsh is that spotlight burning down?
I know that i'd shrivel and die under that light.
If it were me I dont know what I'd do.

i guess the hard part is the waiting.
yeah, waiting is the worse thing one can do.
wait to hear yes, wait to hear no.
people would tell you not to think about it
but i guess that's a really stupid thing to say.

sometimes I wonder, what if i picked up my guitar
and just started playing?
would the tune just flow from me?
and make the world better?
I feel like I have the soul of an artist
but no skill to match.

these colours, these notes, these scenes.
this paint doesnt mix well.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 29 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
hello blogfans! did you miss me? sorry ive been offline for ages. our servers down... for ever it seems.

oh yay.
    most recent news: i just dropped one subject from uni because in short, it sucks.
    kinda recent news: Missy Higgins was on Saturday night and she rocked! Carly got her own private broadcast of it thanks to the whole 5c a min calling thing we have. yay!
    old news: sinus infections suck... and so do stupid ISP's.

So much to blog about, so little time. The most important thing to mention is that Kirsty and my monstrosity of a series has entered proper pre-production stage, and on friday we actually shot some scenes. I edited most of them together last nite - they rock. My favorite is the spaghetti western and the music clip, mostly because of the snippets of dialogue i threw in. Ok, no more information for you! I also threw together a cool title image using a still screenshot from footage of us slacking off on a bench in port adelaide with our funky* glasses on.

The good news about today is that I saw helen when i came in to the library, but she didnt see me (yes it is the second part of that sentence thats the good part, not the first).

Oh by the way, anyone wanting something to do on April 7th, go see Lior at Flinders Uni. He opened for Missy Higgins on Saturday, and he was awesome. A beautiful boy with a beautiful voice. Another guy called George Burn (yes i laughed too) did a few songs too, and while he was good, there's something about mumbling intro's and 'umming' alot that tells me his stage-presence needs some work. Lior just strutted on, took up his guitar and did his thang.

And ok, I may've been sitting a bit far from the stage, but he looked beautiful to me.

Meh, everyone knows i have a thing for the boys with dark curly locks. He sang a Jewish Prayer a capella in Hebrew. It gave me goosebumps. If i had the money on me, i'd have bought his album. (ammendment 30/5/2005: i found it at the library huzzah! so now i can borrow it and listen to it over and over and over).

what else for this massive updatey post?

Hey, cos i dropped this class I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off!
Maybe I'll ask work if they need people then.

I'm seriously getting poor. Kirsty and I went and checked out a camcorder package, and there was only one thing about it that made me not want it, and as the footage in the car shows in our conversation later, i really really wanted it. But on the bright side, it saved me some money. 1200 in fact.

*thankyou to carly for pointing out my rather subliminal spelling errors

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Let's call today: 'Friday, 25 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Happy Easter

Jesus has risen!


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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

"When I first saw this (The Mocking of Christ (1865) by Edouard Manet) in the National Institute of Art, the director asked me if I thought it was truly a religious painting.... and I fudged the answer!"

-Sister Wendy Bennet, ABC.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
*circus music here*

last saturday, kirsty eliza and I went to the Hutt Street After Race Party.
We were clowns and we rocked. Not like balloon animal Ronald McDonald clowns, like Marcel Marceau, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin kind of clowns.

Kirsty was a sleepy clown in Pyjamas with a teddy, Clancy.
Eliza wore an stylish outfit with silver coat-tails and a red cummerbunt.
I wore a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a black waistcoat and a black beret. Oh and rainbow suspenders dangling at my sides.
We all had white faces and different black features.

Eliza looked very clockwork orange, viddy well O droogs?

other than the guys getting really drunk by the end of the night and a few trying to hug, snog or dry-hump us at various stages through-out the evening, I had fun.

one guy tried to take out my kazoo to kiss me. I pushed him away with both hands on his shoulders. He flew quite a distance. His drunken surprise told me that he hadnt thought that this girl-clown was a bit stronger than he had first thought.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 15 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

my friend jesse wants me to tell everyone that she likes riding the bus.
i dont know why.
but i wont get peace until i tell you.
so there you go. newsflash for the day.

and now i'm being scowled at for making fun of it.

the top picture doesnt really look like her, more like the younger girl i dont know the name of.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 8 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
today i was on my bus going to uni, when we pulled out of Flinders and there is SMELLY PAT!!!* I almost died!

I ducked my head and had to remind myself that i was on a bus and that she hadnt seen me, not only that, but we were pulling away and that her stench wouldnt reach me. Nevertheless, i felt dirtied by the sight.

Changing buses on Currie Street I WALK RIGHT PAST ZOE!!!* I fiddled with my CD walkman and she completely missed me.

Waiting for my next bus, I SEE LIZZY ON A BUS GOING PAST ME!!!** I blended into the crowd (for a change) and she didnt see me either.

Still waiting for my bus, over the sweet sound of Missy Higgins seeping from my earphones I hear another sound, but I cant quite pick what it is for where its coming from. I figure that its from the cafe behind me.

I get on the bus and sit down one row from the back, a hippy guy with a bright purple scarf around his forehead climbs in and sits in the middle of the back row.

A little way down the road i hear the odd circusey music again, i turn off my music to hear a harmonica.... INSIDE THE BUS! The hippy man has taken a seat and is serenading us with song.

Actually he's quite good, and i take off my headphones to hear him more clearly. He plays Greensleeves, Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport, and lots of others which I dont know the name of but am equally impressed by. Then all of a sudden a horrible, almost satanic voice erupts forth..


I freeze, the sound gives me the shivers.

The hippy speaks again, "Reeeeeepeeeeeeent! Reeeeepeeeeent!" He rasps.

A firetruck whirls by.


I am grateful when he goes back to playing. Its endlessly amusing to watch people pretend he didnt even there.

"Reeeeeepeeeennnnnnt!" He advises us again.

If he would only shut up and play, I wouldnt mind him at all.
This guy really got into the 60s, and the drugs therein.

*for those who don't know Pat and Zoe,... well zoe is alright, she just gives a freaky vibe sometimes, but Pat.... she has a stench that could strip paint. Katie calls her Stale Vag Lady.

**Lizzy was a girl from school who shared our space in the locker room, nice enough girl... she just took things a little too seriously... including when we told her that, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY???"

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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 5 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
my favourite searches that led to my site from Feb.

missy higgins real name
jaffa mudslide
woman sexplay
(from a japanese google page on which this site is the top listing)
missy higgins the special two

by the way, Missy Higgins' real name is apparently Melissa Higgins.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

some startling new information in the wind.

this pirate's about to chop away at limbs with her cutlass.

it's funny what you learn about your own family when someone new is on the scene.

Kind of on that note, by the way carly, that was Bec you saw in the library. She said that they were asking for more ID, and that if she needed to, she was just going to use you. She called out "what? but carly knows who i am!" but you were quote 'in your own little world doing things'. mehehe.

I still didnt blog about last weekend and the curse that was on me for about 3 or 4 days, let's just say it included 3 different invitations on Saturday night, going to none of them, locking keys in my car, immense backpain, arriving late and working past 9pm sunday, the car breaking down shortly after, missing dave's performance, an accident involving the bus i was riding, lost wallets, leaking drinkbottles, a date with a boy that secured my homosexual side, and all sorts of crap.

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 2 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
haha she's funny

while i was singing some War of The Worlds, my mother was telling me how she said to someone "it's so nice to have my daughter back. she's so happy now that she's started uni again."

then i sang some more and she told me to shut up and turned the volume of the TV set up!

i found it so hilarious i had to share it.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 1 March 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
get this, i've blitzed through 2 and a half books in 3 days.
i'm ravenous for reading at the moment, my vocabulary has suffered being a farmer for a year.
im getting..... umm.... you know..... that word.....

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