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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 28 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
its the final countdooooooown
doodoo-doooooo-dooooo dana-na-na-na!

oh yeah, gotta love that song. go the 80s Aus Rock.

anyway, printed off the pic's for the comp. and as i feared the cool BW girly ones were indeed too small to be enlarged to even the minimum contest size. so, after laying them all out on my pool table (and you'll need to refer to the thumbnails a few posts down) we elimated them to L and either H or D, for my entries. and a choice of 2 out of A, C, and E for katies'.
and now, i'm really stumped.

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 27 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
you know, if i continue this whole abstaining from sex thing for much longer, i'm going to apply for a place in the local convent.
oh yes i'm getting offers... but when compared to the people i'm getting them from... a life as a nun sounds like a picnic.
as i said, a freak magnet!

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
lastnite at about 2am my phone made a small beep saying that i had a message.

i held my breath and checked it... thinking 'god what now?'

nah its okay, it was only carly :)

oh yeah
"it was only carly - in accordance with the prophecy."

i have to do it at least once :)

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
today your assignment is as follows:

for 24hours i want you to end everything you say with
"in accordance with the prophecy"


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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 26 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

hug me or else

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Let's call today: 'Monday, 25 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
death to crazy frog

in response to kirsty's post where a news site tells about all of australia loving the 'crazy frog' ringtone and animation.

yeah? well suck on this

let's see you drive your "cute" little motorbike around now dickweed.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
ok i need help (but you know that right?)

i need to submit 2 pics from each artist (ie katie and i) for this competition, providing these will be ok sizewise (i'll find that out tomorrow), which 2 do you like the best from each of us? sorry about the dimensions at the bottom of each pic, couldnt be bothered turning it off. just click them and you'll see them fullsize.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usA by katie Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usB by katie Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usC by katie
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usD by me Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usE by katie Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usF by me
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usG by me Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usH by me
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI by me Free Image Hosting at J by me
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usK by me Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usL by me thankgod for timers

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
behold the return of the pear

you know you want it.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

be safe
they should teach it in schools.

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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 24 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
just you wait.
one day soon i am going to meet Lior and we are going to make mad passionate intellectual love.

"we'll grow old together, we'll grow old together, and this love will never, this old love will never die."
"can you tell me your love is here for good? i'm beginning to need you more than i should. ooh my little gypsy girl, dont figure me out, dont say goodnight."

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

oooh yeah this gives me a wide-on

eww i cant believe i just said that! damn april and kirsty - you're bad influencers on my vocabulary.
i never used to say 'cunt' so often.

oh dear i'll be getting a heap of misled hits from the search engines now...

been a big blogging day - can anyone tell i didnt have work today?
i needed a break dammit.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
behold the bear!

our new German exchange student Robi and his mum gave me a teddy bear as a present today. she's cute and has a crown and a sash that says "berlin bar" (no not that kind of bar, it means bear silly people).
she also came with a lil coin purse with purty flowers but i dont want to use it, its so nice. so i've put my lil bear in charge of it.

here is my new little bear on my TV next to my Topaz tree and my giraffe moneybank - all in front of my pirate shrine.
Arr m'hearties!
I know, i'm a child, mehehehehe.
my next practical project is to grind the rest of the rust away from my prop swords.
this week however will be spent getting my act together for this photography contest. it's due on friday. blurk! and oh yeah some uni will happen somewhere in this week too.
but i think i needa make a playdate with april soon. i've not seen her in too long.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

goin to "the Ed" on friday night to see and film the finals of The Y Factor, i was reminded that i am a freak magnet!!

that's all.

oh and Cleo Cosmopolitan should have won, not that fucking untalented whale! she can dance, she has class - that other loser should have been a gag-entry! Still second place aint too bad.

Cleo is so hot. We cheered heaps. We being Schmirsty, Granny Annie Goober, Someguy-Max and myself, plus all the rest of the crowd. Y'know I think i proposed to Cleo at one point from the audience.

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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 23 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
stolen from carly who stole it from adrian

5 snacks I enjoy
chupachups, cadburys chocolate, toast, cheesymites, mamee monster noodles (so im 7, shut up)

5 songs I know the words to even w/out the music
most ben folds, Dashboard Confessional's Best Deceptions, Eric Burton's House of the Rising Sun & Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Hunters and Collectors Throw Your Arms Around Me. The last two i sing like the Doug Anthony Allstars cos their versions are better.

5 games I like
Truth or Dare (i was the dare champion - cos i was fearless... and cos i didnt want to say truth to anything i may be asked), Freecell, Battle Pong, Jenga, Battleships, Hungry Hungry Hippo.

5 albums that changed my life
Whatever & Ever Amen - Ben Folds Five, Spellbound - Split Enz, Places You Have Come To Fear The Most - Dashboard Confessional, Angel Dust - Faith No More, Autumn Flow - Lior.

5 things I would buy w/one Thousand Dollars
...can i mass it all together for one thing?
a heap of camera equipment or a travel package.

My top 5 guilty pleasures
Wendy's smoothies (not very guilty), Subway (ditto), chupachups!, the internet, films.

5 top musicians lately (who's in the cd player)
Ben Folds, Lior, Scatman John (teehee), D.A.A.S, The Cat Empire

Top 5 locations I would like to run away to
Pennsylvania, Melbourne, Canberra, Scotland, Peru

5 things I would never wear
fluffly pink ugg boots up to the knee, short skirts, high heels, helen-hair, a bling.
but then i'm an actor so anything is possible.

5 TV shows I like
Queer As Folk, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Black Books, Farscape, Aagh Its The Mr Hell Show.

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Let's call today: 'Friday, 22 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
ahhhh thats better.
anger is so refreshing when its justifiable.

on a slightly related note - i went to see Jack and The Beanstalk at the Star Theatre... the Giant sucked. my script feels so much cooler now after having seen it. no offence to the Malcolm dude who did it, he knew what he was doing, but im sorry, it got a bit corny at the end.

if memory serves, the beanstalk gets cut down and the giant dies. not they all become friends and jacks mother finds the giant spunky.
and the giant needed to be scary. when my giant enters - he's a tower of fuming terror! with the Fees and the Fies and the Foes and the Fums!

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
$3.50?? uh what??

dear anonymous person who bought the drea pirate roberts shirt for me.
i consider this above said item as sufficient payment for a footlong Sub and various sexual acts, and also for the use of condoms taken from the handful i picked up specifically for katie.
therefore all debts are hereby terminated.
as should all communication attempts.
i'm not a fan of having to use my blogsite to relay this information which i consider fairly obvious.
i really mean it when i say that some legal action will take place if communication does not cease, as this is considered a form of harrassment.
thank you and have a nice life
but not too nice.
anyone who interrupts an ecstatic streak of happiness for me doesnt deserve too nice a life.
i think anybody who looks thru my blog archives will see the weeks of me feeling great that i went thru until you came into my life.
so you can promptly return to the process of removing yourself from it.
thanks and goodnight.
to end in a very 'me' way:
the next fucking message that you send me will the last you ever fucking send anyone. dont think i cant burn you motherfucker.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

maybe i havent slept yet
maybe i'm shouting a running commentary to everything i'm doing in the temporarily empty house
maybe i went for a bike ride up and down my street in my pyjama's singing loudly: "iiiii'm riiiiding my biiiike in my peeeeejaaaaaaays.... do you like my peeejay's? do you like my ducks?? my little yellow ducks? riding my biiiiiiiike with my ducks!! riding by biiiike cos i caaaaaaan!"*
maybe i'm asking questions aloud to the walls and windows and cat, and then answering myself even louder
maybe i declared in the driveway 'wake up! i'm awake so the whole world must be!'
maybe i'm asleep and i dreamt it all.

can you guess which?
what frikkin day is it anyway?
friday? omg i have heaps to do. away with me into the night! get that damned phone out of the fruitbowl it'll spoil the apples!
you heard me!!

ah, my growing insomnia: its so much cheaper than alcohol - with the same aftermath.

*no i wasnt riding a bike with actual quack-quack ducks, there were ducks on my PJ pants. thankyouverymuch.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
yeah you know who you are

no messaging vicki in the middle of the night.
*smacks your fingers*
don't make me tell the principal.
we'll both be called into the office.

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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 21 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
tonight in Colonaddes i was visiting Ember at work...

a tall boy came in wearing a shirt that read:
Have you hugged my tshirt today?

my shirt read:
Cuddles keep me sane.

i pointed them both out to Ember and he laughed.

so when he'd bought his stuff (which, if my memory serves, was a keyring that read 'Carly' and had what the name means :) another fan of Equus evidently like the Wendy's boy) i asked if i could hug his tshirt today. he smiled and said 'if you like.'

so his shirt got a hug and I was kept sane for another day.

it was a win-win situation.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
ok, so the london tragedy... let's talk about it. kinda.

me being me and refusing to watch newscasts of it if i can help it, i dont exactly know a great deal about it. i was worse with 9-11. i would get mad if anyone even mentioned it within a few days of it happening, i didnt want to know it was real.

what's wrong with the fucking world?
can't people get on the subway and go to work without worrying if they're gonna get blown up? cant people dance the night away in a nightclub and not eye the car across the road wondering if its going to explode? cant people go work in their offices without looking out the window and tensing at each plane that passes?

i was talking about me getting excited when the shadow of a plane goes over me - part of that is somewhere in the back of my head there's a small touch of relief that its just the shadow on me for a few seconds, and that that plane will soon land at its destination and the passengers will get off safely and meet their loved ones at the airport and for them the world will keep on turning just fine.

but what about the all the others? what about the people we lost in New York and Bali and London? the world is becoming far less of a safe place.

so what about us? i know that Australia took a big hit in the Bali bombing... but that was Bali... not Australia. as i write this i look out on the unseasonably blue sky today and wonder how long will it be until i stop just hearing the stories of loss, but play a role in one.

my logical mind tells me that Adelaide is no new york or bali or london. and that i'm safe here. but there's the ripples in the pond that can reach even as far as lil old adelaide.

i know this post isnt exactly cutting edge insight. and that i didnt really touch in any depth on anything. but that's what i'm thinking right now. the endless list of terrorist attacks and the war and all the death and pain and suffering; it's not something i can talk about to any great length. it's stupid cos its not like i've been directly affected yet. but it just pains me to acknowledge that this is really whats happening in the world.

all i can do is what anyone else can: keep on living and sending prayers/karma/good vibes/whatever you want to call it, to those that have already suffered from all of this in any form.

"Ernest Hemingway once said 'the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part." - william somerset, Seven, Andrew Kevin Walker

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
new found fact:

i still get way too excited when the shadow of a plane passing overhead zips over me. ok, so i never grew out of it.

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 20 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
today i was walking thru Marion Shopping Centre's foodcourt where i passed a girl sitting at a nearby table who gave me this weird look each time i passed to get food.
her look kinda said 'what the fuck are you wearing?'
my head said 'not knee-high fluffy uggboots with a skirt that barely covers my underwear and white white legs, unlike some people i can think of'.

do these people not understand its winter??

for those oversea's visitors, this is an uggboot.

woolly on the inside, hard sole to wear out to get the morning paper, come up the the ankle so the whole foot is warm, esp when ur still in ur PJs. comfy stuff, i swear by them.
but when they become a fashion must, i'm sorry but thats sick and requires medication. the fluff belongs on the inside!!! and they are NOT to go out shopping in!! they are for bumming around the house in front of the heater and reading and stuff.

this one is a mild example - imagine that in pink or something and higher and with pom-poms.


it used to be that only bogans wore uggboots to the shops, now i see teenage girls flitting about the place with a half-sheep half-Cousin It on their feet giggling and thinking how cool they are. In winter.... with singlet tops and high skirts...

GAH! *insert various frustrated noises here*

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 19 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

go on. play god.

fall, lady fall!

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Let's call today: 'Monday, 18 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
sarah - a review ...of sorts

ok, let me start by saying that only Sarah Blasko can make those flicking motions with her fingers from her face and the robot-esque dancing and bouncing on stage look that cute. she was feelin the beat, she's likes her own stuff. good girl.

so Carly, Ember and i went to Fowlers on friday night to see the divine miss blasko. i hadnt slept more than 30mins or so since the night before so i was a bit tired and grumpy and still sick - so i probly didnt enjoy it as much as i could have.

i was snappy at everyone and the support bands - 78 Saab and Straight to Video - were pretty good but i was starting to get to the stage of saying 'come on, just bring her out so i can go home.'

ember admitted to feeling the same.

carly met up with her friends which was good cos i didnt want to keep grumping and ruining eveyone else's night. ember went to find a friend that was outside and the others were talking about things i didnt know and i could barely hear them and there was no where to sit and my head was hurting and i thought fuck this and left.

i went outside and breathed some fresh non-smoker air. then i discovered i was really really really hungry since we were too late to go through with our plan of getting dinner before the gig. so i messaged ember asking where she was, before walking down north terrace to hunt and gather consumable goods.

i sat in relative warmth and just chilled on my own for a while, grateful of the space, when ember messaged me saying she was back. i headed back and bumped into her outside. the sign said sarah wasnt going to be on til 11:30 or something, so we sat outside and found a quiet spot and smoked things and chatted - well ok, she smoked and i chatted - never really dropping the scottish accent we acquire when speaking to each other in public.

anyway when it got too cold when ventured back inside and found a table upstairs to continue our banter - tho somewhat marred by the noise once again. i had to focus on her lips as she spoke so i could read rather than hear what she was saying.

finally, long story short, we herded into the main stage area and sarah came out, and she was her typically mysteriously beautiful self. whenever i could peer past shoulders and heads and hair with way too much product in it, my gaze was also often drawn to the other cute girl in the band.

i liked sarah's dancing and the way her eyes are so adorably spidery in their magic - sorry, thats my favourite thing about her :P - but i also liked this blonde girl on keyboards and backing vocals and sometimes guitar - i cant find her name anywhere :( but anyway, everytime she smiled her dimples showed.

mmmmmmm i've always been a sucker for dimples.

the space of Fowlers is so close and intimate, it added to my longing to reach out and touch these two beautiful people.

the longing to reach out however soon died when the girl standing directly in front of me doubled over and puked right there on the floor before slumping to the ground. someone caught her and a few people helped her stumble out.

not long after that my line of sight was slowly being closed my the crowd in front of me and my back was screaming at me for standing so long, so we went out into the bar area and listened from there.

in this part Ember and i were charming these two rather yummy looking lads who were 'accidently' bumping us. they were cute. we left it at that.

i could tell that carly's crowd was at some stage near where the stream of lights came down because every now and then a flare of RED RED RED hair flashed in the corner of my eye. and when i looked i saw them talkin, it then dawned on me that somehow we'll needa all re-unite to see who's taking who home.

when the gig was over, sarah having pleased the crowds with an encore, we were herded with the throng of people out the doors and waited for carly and her friends Sharyn and Kirsty, and a boy we weren't introduced to who i'm guessing was either Kent or James. Having met Kirsty for the first time, from what i remember of her, she seemed nice, and Sharyn was her cute self too, slightly more with child than when i saw her last so that i had to wave twice when i greeted her, once for her and once for junior.

carly suggested we all get coffee, i suggested food too, but ember said she was tired, which i was feeling too. so, me being driver and carly saying she'll get a lift with Sharyn, I took Ember back to the south.

On the way we stopped at subway, had an argument over which beverage to have, marvelled at the wonder of Hungry Jacks lights all turning off at once, and re-wrote The Beatles' 'Let It Be'... as a result i think i'm going to hell, as i'm sure that making songs about the mother mary flashing her boobs and saying 'nibble me' would not rate high on the list of saintly things to do before vicki dies.

when i got home at 1:30am or so i changed into my PJs when Ember called me asking for a jumpstart at the servo down the road. Finding that the problem wasnt her battery, we sat in my car and waited til about 3 for an RAA man to come... busying ourselves by more sacrilege acts like replacing the name Jesus for 'Jane' (our posie-lady at work) in common phrases, and writing them in the steam on my windows:
"Jane loves you" "Jane doesn't love you, she's just using you for sex" "I believe in Jane" "Jane died for your sins" "oh Jane Mary and Joseph!!"

When i could finally crawl into bed, i put on a video to have on in the background and set the Sleep timer on my TV.

I dont think i heard more than 15mins of the film.

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Let's call today: 'Friday, 15 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

"i can only express puzzlement which borders on alarm..."*

did i really spend $70+ on CD's?? i never do that!! damn ben folds - he brings out the loyal spender in me.

anyhoo i just went to see Sin City (*from where the above quote comes) with Ember and Kirsty, and it's safe to say it's rekindled my desire to produce a short film noir featurette. i shall start on it immediately and already printing off research as we speak - er - type.

p.s. mmm chocolate. healthy late-night snack.
p.p.s dont be suckered in by Greater Union's chocolate popcorn ploy... it's most sucky.
p.p.p.s bruce willis is still a fucking champion.

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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 13 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
my mind made up for the last nightmare...

ever have one of those dreams that, when you wake up, make you yell "dammit! i knew that was too good to be true!!!"

i had one of those... i guess my imagination was feeling guilty about the Graham-stripping dream*.

i woke up waaaaaaaaay too early in the dream for my liking. i was just warming up.

damn them all to hades!

*text message from April reads: "graham says - darling you weren't dreaming. i astro-traveled and you should have taken advantage of me when i was there."

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
dear kirsty's old camera
u rock
love me

not my best work. but i like 'em.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

Let's call today: 'Monday, 11 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
fucked up shit

when i'm sick, i have to take antihistimes etc for my sinus every night. a side-effect of these is that i dream some fucked up shit when they knock me out. an example of this happened the night before last...

i was watching a video of footage with my mum. just some gathering of people at some party or another, i didnt really recognise anyone, but it was on in the background as her and i chatted. some other woman was there, with long dark hair, but i never saw her face and she didn't speak to me, she just keep watching the tape, and i figured she was one of mum's friends.
anyway the boring stuffy backyard gathering went on for a while and then i heard some clubby "it's raining men" kinda tune and spots from an offscreen disco ball danced everywhere and out came April's husband, dressed only in a large golden bling with a dollar-sign covering him. and he danced about the place naked and striking stupid poses and you could hear all the women at this party screaming and laughing and giggling at him on the tape.
i looked at mum and pointed and said 'hey thats graham! i know him! that's april's husband!' and watched in fascinated horror as he danced away on the screen. my mum didnt say anything, she just kinda grinned.
i turned my attention back to the tape, wondering what the fuck this party was and when the hell did Graham become a stripper and does April know about it and why on earth does mum have a tape of this party, when i realised that the backyard the party was in was actually my backyard!
this had been taped my house!!
before i could ask what the fuck was going on everyone on the tape took their clothes off and ran around to the music. RUNNING AROUND NAKED IN MY YARD!!!
then suddenly the camera swung around and i saw my mum was there, and she was naked too!!
...there was a bit more to it than that, but you get the general idea...
anyway, i was thoroughly disgusted and turned the tape off. for some reason the woman with the dark hair kept staring at the screen as though i'd never switched it off. her lack of movement or, anything really, grew really sinister.
i began yelling at my mum and calling her all sorts of things.
she didnt understand why i was so upset.
i didnt understand why theyd showed me the tape.
the dark haired woman just sat and stared at the screen, but i felt like she was smirking.
i got the distinct impression that they were just fucking with me.

it was about this time i worked out that i was dreaming, and decided it was time to wake myself up before i'm disturbed into madness.
i think i skulled a litre of water when i woke up, and i had to shake my head a few times and switch on the tv to drive it from my mind. even early-morning infomercials are better than remembering that.

like i said, fucked up shit.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
a fact or two

you don't have to be a parent
to live with children.

when you appear in the doorway and cluck like a chicken, even quietly, and the person on the computer jumps and closes lots of windows,
they were doing something naughty.

numb toes in waterproof boots can be relieved by holding them under hot running water,
a detachable shower head is perfect.

never prank-sms someone from your own phone,
your phonenumber is visible you idiot.

cats do not like clothes-pegs on their tail.

slamming doors does not instil fear,
you just look stupid and add wear to the door.

broken doors are expensive.

don't expect flowers from people who know that you don't like flowers.

yes, size does matter.

vinyl parts on shoes should be kept away from bonfires.

just because i appear offline, doesn't mean you're not simply blocked.

also, just because i don't chat to you often, doesn't mean i'm moody/mad/sooky at you.

hendon is too far for me to drive at 7-in-the-frikkin-morning tomorrow.

a cat will come to you when called,
but only if it deems you worthy.

when the coolroom is 4 degrees warmer than the air outside it,
don't bother putting stuff away.

don't sharply turn an all-terrain-vehicle on an undulating surface,
those ad's on TV lie and are performed by professionals.

a 4-wheeler ATV bike will fortunately turn its engine off automatically when you roll it and your leg is underneath.

after rolling a 4-wheeler ATV bike don't come in pretending nothing happened,
the dirt all over you gives it away.

in a cold environment/work station,
hands using the computer-mouse must be alternated.

and finally,
the butler did it.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
i thought of this lastnite as i was falling asleep.

you know one thing i hate?
whiney people.
like really bitchy 'whinge-whinge' people.
ok, let me stop here to say yes i know that thats what this post is: me whining about whiney people. but the difference between my kind of whining here and the kind i'm bitching about is this:
this kinda whining is me venting and getting frustrations out, thats fine, anyone who does that im okay with. the type i mean is the kind of people that whine about how crap their life is AND how we should all feel sorry for them and aren't they the poor little victim and blah blah blah.
sorry, but martyrdom is not something i tolerate often. unless your name is Joan of Arc, you dont deserve being canonized for being burnt at the stake. less so if you frikkin well help build the pyre.
i'm a firm believer that people stay in their situations because they work for them. ok sure there are exceptions to that - but i know far too many people for whom there are no exceptions, just that they like being the victim.
some of these people dont really have particularly bad circumstances - theyre just whiney - and that's what makes vicki shake her head and call them fucking idiots.
there's a whole world of people out there who have literally nothing - nothing - and you don't see them telling every Tom Dick & Harry to cry for them.
so to all these people that, if nothing else, make me feel a little better about myself, i say this:
instead of thinking what isn't going right with your life, slap yourself in the face and think of everything that could have gone wrong with it but hasn't.
p.s if you cant work up the nerve to slap yourself in the face, call me and i'll be happy to help.

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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 9 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
on the desk there is a battery charger.
on it, there's a yellow sticker:
"void if broken".

well duh.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
mmmm toast.

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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 7 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
blech. im sick. i want chocolate.
anyone wishing to bring me chocolate feel free to tap on my (now lovely & clean) window so i can unlock the front door to accept delivery. and if ur very nice and bring me lots, maybe you can come in too.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 5 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
John Mayer

Don't know why Tori came by
I could see by the look in her eyes
Tori'd been driving around the town for awhile
Playing with the thought of leaving

Don't know why Tori just smiled
Mentioned something 'bout how you were right
Must have been hard to see through the tears she was hiding
She said "I might not be seeing him soon
I got a few things I've been waiting to do"

Hey, Tori came by, Tori came by tonight
Hey, Tori came by, she says to say goodbye

Looked outside at the car in the drive
And the suitcase on the backseat inside
Sure it's so, she can't look out behind at the road
She said "I might not be seein him soon
I've got a few things I've been waiting to do"

Hey, Tori came by, Tori came by tonight
Hey, Tori came by, she says to say goodbye

Don't look down, she seemed alright
You might be asking where is Tori tonight
Somewhere out on the highway
I'm sure that she's fine

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
cuff me

lastnight i left carly's place shortly after kirsco and apey left and i'd cleaned up the mess we'd left behind.
when i arrived outside my home i looked at the clock. 12am. still early.
so i continued along without stopping. sometime later i ended up at uni - the only place i knew would be open, where i could surf the net, blog and be warm - oh and be close to cookies and hot chocolate from our vending machines :P
i parked in at campus and headed for the door. every mesto was locked, with the security swipers lit. i rummaged in my bag for my security card... think i found it?
each door was secured. and i was out on my oddyknocky in the cold.
so i got a hot chocolate and a jumbo cookie and climbed back into my car.
I messaged a few people who lived near the city to see if they were home and wanted a visit - since i havnt seen many of them for ages. most didnt even hear the message-tone, and the others were out.
So i peeted my hot chocolate and munched on my cookie and decided the cosmos was telling me to go home.
I turned down the few back streets to get back to the main road, passed a police car in a parking lot, and continued my way.
Soon a car was driving very close behind me. I thought to myself 'geez im goin the speed limit, back off'. Then a few seconds later red and blue lights flashed from his dashboard.
I pulled over, turned off my engine and wound down my window, watching the mirrors.
Nothing happened.
I turned off my lights and opened my door, slowly stepping out - my tired mind thinkint all sorts of things like the policeman was going to burst out of his car with his pistola drawn telling me not another step!!
So i just stood by my car and pretty soon and nice tall strapping young smiling policeman walked up to me and asked for my licence.
I fetched it for him from the front seat as he swung his torchlight thru the windows and checked out the inside of my car. I remember thinking if i'd known a handsome copper was going to be talkin to me, i'd have cleaned it out a bit.
Shaking a teeny bit i gave him my licence.
He asked if i still lived at the address on my card.
I answered yes.
He asked what i was doing in this neighbourhood so late. I felt a bit stupid. What was i supposed to say 'well officer, i was bored and drove to uni to kill time, and no i'm not drunk or stoned by the way, i'm just suffering from a sinus infection.'
Anyway to cut a longer story short, he took my details down, checked my rego, and told me they were stopping everyone 'cos a car had been cruising round the place causing trouble lately - and my car matched the description.
I found the urge to ask 'then why are you stopping everyone??' briefly floating thru my head.
He asked if i'd been stopped or spoken to by a police officer before. I said no - fighting back the addition 'none as nice as you.'
What little things did manage to slip out of my tired mouth made him giggle in a cute way.
He handed back my licence and thanked me, smiling all the time, and wished me a goodnight. He said that other unmarked cars may stop me again as I leave, but he had my details so they'd know he'd spoken to me already.
I said thanks and crawled back into my car, my jellylegs returning slightly, more with relief than anything. then watched him walk back to his car.
At least i was stopped by a spunky policeman.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
thankyou to andrea for my badges :)

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Let's call today: 'Monday, 4 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
sinus infections suck should be illegal.
wait no, them i'd be a regular convict.

sinus infections should be exterminated from the face of the earth!

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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 3 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
hey, nice hair.

apologies to katie, who yelled at me cos i was getting up when she went to take a nice photo of me.
and to emma, who's sittin on the couch beside me - tho she had a sorta stunned expression on her face at the time.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Safari! Safaaaari!
"Deep in the heart of Africa, or deep in the deepest ocean you can naaaaaaaame!"

On Friday night i went to see Safari by Matthew Perry, a schoolkids play that Annesley College put on at the Prince Alfred College this week. My niece Chelsea was an octopus, complete with a swim cap and Henry The Octopus legs around the waist. It was great. Perhaps she'll turn into a little performer like her aunt? :D

Scene Two: Creatures of the Ocean. Year 1 & 2.
scene two
Final Curtain - thankyou's to everyone who helped.
In the foyer after the show (she was very excited to see us)
Alex and Chelsea - the proud daddy.
alex & chels

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
so how did you celebrate your 18th?

ben "the adult" on Saturday afternoon.
glad you had a happy birthday Spud :)

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Let's call today: 'Friday, 1 July 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
i think i have a thing for Anthony

it must be the tiny bit of grey in his hair.
just now i was watching Network Wiggles (it was either that or watch Bert Newton's fake hair doing the wiggling) and they sung: "everybody siiiing lalalalalaaa" and he was in a suit looking rather sexy, even tho he had Wiggle pants on with it.
the other Wiggles scare me somewhat... but Anthony Field... he's kinda yummy...
i know several mums who took their kids to see a Wiggles show, and they all say that Anthony was givin them the eye.
this man's no fool. he's in kid's entertainment for the ladies!

hmm, not as silly as he acts.

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