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Let's call today: 'Monday, 31 October 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Trick Or Treat

Over the past hour or so, I've been swapping tactics with people about how to deal with Trick or Treaters.

  • I want to answer the door in full costume then stare at them blankly for a moment before going 'oh shit, yeah its halloween tonite isnt it??'

  • And I want to try yelling out "TRICK!" and slapping them with a handful of shaving cream and closing the door

  • Kirsty answered the door eating chocolate saying 'sorry dont have anything'

  • Maz said "if there are any more of you sticky beasts, tell them i have but only sharp implements with which to stab at your eyes left."

  • I had had suggested to me: Answering the door looking like you covered in blood, then open the door and say "get in here qui.... oh, sorry, thought you were someone else" and slam the door.

  • Oh to have a house in the U.S for this one night. Halloween is not nearly as fun over here. But ah well, can't knock back an excuse to throw a party and get dressed up.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    agh! tell me at once!

    its the end of October! what the hell should I do for my birthday??

    no really..
    ..really, ...tell me

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    "Health consists of having the same disease as one's neighbours"
    -Quentin Crisp

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Happy Halloween

    pics from Annie's Halloween Party - Sat nite

    I was a Hogwarts witch in training*
    Thanks to Ben for the cloak and House badges and Carly for a wand.
    Kirsty (pictured above) was Killy Wonka & The Knife Factory.

    *I just wanted to wear a school uniform, a cape/cloak and have funky hair.

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 28 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    A million dollars* if you can guess what this is

    *valid for all planets except Earth.

    Those 12 screens took me forever. But huzzah, scene one!

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 27 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    In the past 24hours I've lost count of how many times I've said
    'I don't understand'
    in response to relating to people, and the way they relate to me and their world.

    Also, 'Yes, but who cares?' and *the little noise I make when I'm about to say something but conclude it's just not worth it and end up just shaking my head*, rate pretty high today too.

    Sometimes I really hate people y'know. One day I will fulfil Nathan's and my plans in Year 10 of being hermits.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Have I EVER said I don't like girls???
    Did I EVER deny that I'm bisexual/SSA??
    Get your facts straight you fucking moron.
    Thank god I'm leaving soon.

    "Do you really want to go to Florida with all the storms and everything thats going on?"
    "Yes, yes I do... What's that say about living here with people like you?"

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    What The?

    Thorndon Park, Ascot Park

    Kirsty and I spent a while trying to work out what the hell this was in the local park by St Ignatius College when we went to film.
    I'm still guessing.
    A large plastic blue ring with orange and green stripe(s) on legs, sloping downward (towards camera).

    Your assignment:
    Name this object and in 50 words or less describe its use.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Don't ask Diddums. Mummy just walked into a door.

    And it fucking hurt too!
    Searching for the door in the dark, my scanning hands went either side of the partway open door and my cheek found it first. I wasn't walking cautiously slwo either, convinced the door was fully open.

    So yes, I have an interesting colour to the left side of my face and its and odd sensation to be able to see more of your cheek from the corner of your eye than you're used to.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 25 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    So, I'm going to a fancydress party Saturday night.
    What should I go as?
    And Kirsty - teeeeeelllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How am I supposed to do a good facepainting job on your costume if I dont know what you're going as???

    and in response to those thinking 'hey why dont you go as a pirate?'...
    i AM a pirate, i always wear my pirate outfit, so dressing up like one is hardly going to be anything exciting for me!! Tho if i can't find anything better, Capt'n Blackbriar Avaste will go to the party - with me in tow grumbling cos i wanted to be something else.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    if there's one thing i hate more than missing out on something i really want from ebay, it's missing it by 50c or something stupid like that.

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 24 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    And the winner of the most predictable night in music awards outcome is:

    Of course Missy Higgins won ARIA for Album of the Year.
    Of course ABBA won the Eurovision 50th Special.

    Why did we bother watching?

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Amelie is the greatest film ever
    it just makes me go all warm and fuzzy.

    wow my writing sucks at the best of times, but at that time of night, forget it.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 23 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    This month's notable search engine hits to lead the masses to this site:

    • Sarah Blasko Centrelink
    • Medusa
    • "je ne peux pas entendre très bien"
      (not sure how it got to me let alone what it means..... Tom? help?)
    • Missy Higgins Ben Lee Adelaide
    • Flask with glasses

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Thoughts after playing an 'interesting' game of Yahoo Pool with some wanker or other under my old gaming handle.

    He/she/they kept coming into my games after the one I played with them and just talking rubbish.

    Have you ever noticed that on most Instant Messaging interfaces there's a Block/Ignore button, not a Let's Stoop To Their Level button?

    I think it's a good policy to adopt in day to day life.

    I only ever fight with someone on my own level. It's too far to climb down to fight the level most of my non-fans fire from.

    The more you hit me, the less I'll feel it. That goes to everyone and anyone.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Damn weather!
    I want to go out and do more photo shoots and it's raining - then sunny - then windy - then raining - then aaaaagh!

    Warning: unstructured post ahead.

    So yesterday was the last day of shooting 2:37.

    Kirsty and I were once again the only Arts type students in the extra's cast. For a while I was the cool muso too - I shoulda brought my guitar to all the shooting days.

    Even the funeral scene we shot on Friday (10 hours for one scene.... gah! I wanted to play the corpse just so I could sleep) my beaten up guitar on Norton Summit in the rain and mud woulda broken tedium at least.

    After that gruelling day tho I went and had drinks with Wendy. I am stealing her house, including all things Wallace & Gromit. And her pups.

    Yesterday during the shoot tho, I made friends with Murali's sister - well she was happily chatting with me about Ben Folds while I churned out a few of his songs, and my Impro Unrequited Love Songs - of which I'm told the best were Checkout Boy and Swim Instructor Man.

    She told me I sounded like Missy Higgins. I disagreed, but gushed and told her she's now my bestest friend.

    She also informed me that Ben Folds is doing a song just for 2:37.
    I'm so excited.
    I don't know why.
    Probly cos its the closest I'll have been (and will ever get) to working with him.

    INXS is doing a song for it too - that's almost as exciting. Tho I do have and have played to death the album Kick, I haven't loved them since Michael Hutchence died. It's just not INXS without him.

    This week will hopefully be not as busy (fingers crossed) and I can get some sleep.
    When I get pics from The Weird Sisters from the last two days of shooting, I'll post a few up.

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 19 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    The Shoot

    Me: *snap* *snap* *snap*
    Merrily taking shots.
    A policeman arrives.

    Police Officer: What are you doing here?

    Nathan: Just taking photos.
    Me: Taking photo's with the refinery as the background.

    Police Officer: Why?

    Me: ... for photography?

    Police Officer: Do you live around here?

    Me: Yes
    Nathan: Yes Port Noarlunga

    Police Officer: Do you live together?

    There was a slight pause between that last question and our somewhat scoffed response of No Sir. I mean, what the fuck has that got to do with anything?? Do terrorists have to be couples nowadays. I don't know, I haven't checked my handbook lately.

    Anyway, we showed him the shots on the camera and he let us go. We giggled out way back to the car, where we then erupted into laughter.
    What the hell has that got to do with it??? I WANT TO KNOW!!!
    How funny.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    says it all really

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 18 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Amendment to the best places to have sex list

    upon more thought I decide that somewhere near the top would have to be:

    - In a theatre auditorium (while a show was on and people were IN the audience some rows away)*
    - On a room-mate's bed... without their knowledge of course. Mehehe

    *we rock.

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 17 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    congrats to the first guy to win a million dollars on Millionaire.
    i didn't see it, but i heard the commotion on the tv behind me a few minutes ago.
    i got the question right... i demand a cut.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    yes, I am wearing Mickey ears whilst I type.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 16 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Missy Higgins and Ben Lee @ Adelaide Uni Lawns lastnite

    in a nutshell:
    ben + missy + soft rain + dancing = fucking awesome night out.

    Pics: Ben Lee warming up the crowd, the crowd in front (before we pushed and shoved our way much closer), us wet with rain and various other substances, the crowd behind, Missy Higgins rockin out, Ben AND Missy rockin out X2.

    Awesome... that's all I can sputter out.

    Oh, that and:
    "If you're only going to just stand and gripe at people who are enjoying themselves in the fashion one would expect at a concert, why the fuck did you spend $50 to go there? You're wasting valuable mosh-pit area space. Be gone with you into the abyss!"
    Really, those people were a waste of space.
    Glare at us, will you?!? I 'feh' upon you. FEH, I say!
    Once we got amongst people who were in the gig-going mood, we found ourselves blending nicely into a streak of lesbians. I informed my group around me that Missy Higgins gave me an orgasm or two from the stage with her performance, especially the whole rockin out on the floor thing during Casualty...that was hot; and some lesbian couple found my optism over Missy talking about a boy, which meant hey thats ok cos then we can sex her and ben lee as well, rather amusing.
    She played Sound of White for her finale, I could die happy.
    *sigh* =0) 'House' lights came up and I stood for a moment still transfixed with a silly "I'd bear her children if it were at all possible" look on my face.

    But damn guys, seriously, no no seriously, it rocked.
    Great night

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Post by request (kinda)

    On a deserted island I want *these two things* and *these three people* and why.
    - Marije

    Sounds good. Thanks Marije.

    Ok, on a deserted island I would take my guitar and my camera providing it had some neverending power source and an endless space capacity, and Missy Higgins, Lior and Ben Folds (complete with instruments) so that we could jam (or more likely, they can jam and serenade me, and be on hand for me to perform sexual favours upon in return). All of this I would do most happily.

    Next question... where can I obtain this island and these afore mentioned items of my choice??

    Worst five places to have sex
    - Stef

    Hmm intriguing, Stef. This a question you've wondered about for long?
    Ok, in no particular order, in my opinion and/or experience, the worst five places to have sex are:

    1. In a room/space smelling of vomit/urine/defecation/all of the above.
    2. The front porch from which you can hear your mother snoring a few windows down.
    3. A flight of steps
    4. On your office desk so that you keep bumping the intercom buttons
    5. The front seat of my small car

    And as a bonus, I offer in no particular order, in my opinion and/or experience, the five best places to have sex are:

    1. In a spa
    2. On a large comfy bed with a mosquito net or some sort of curtaining, lots of pillows would be nice too thanks.
    3. Under the moon by the beach
    4. Somewhere with access to bottles of ice cold water on a hot day
    5. The front seat of my small car


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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 13 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    my blog is so horribly dull.
    give me a topic for my next post...

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 11 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Q: What's the fastest way to a man's heart?
    A: Through his chest with a sharp knife.

    -From the 'Something to Offend Everyone Pt. 1' section of "17 of the Worst Puns Ever".

    Aww dont fret boys. Vicki still loves ya.
    But I just made me laugh so fucking hard.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 9 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    1. At the redlight in the rain.
    2.'Kirsty Conquers Thorndon Park'
    3. Raegan taking my direction to act... happy... but sad... with a hunch... and a limp.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:



    Yesterday at about 8am Basil and I trekked to St Ignatius College to be film extra's for 2:37, a story following 6 school students and the impending suicide of one of them at 2:37pm. After a stunning entry into the makeshift green room - which involved some steps, my ankle and a few stares - we cast ourselves aside from the popular kids, just like the old days, and sat on the weird unfortable steppy things to set up camp.
    Basil went as an art student and I went as a muso, spending the rest of the day cursing that I didn't bring my guitar to entertain myself.
    The only other means of occupying us was a large screen onto which they projected many DVDs, but accompanied only with tiny computer speakers which were quickly drowned out. We had a blackout sometime in the afternoon anyway, so that went too. Also, a piano stood in the far corner which people tinkled in that annoying way when they cant neccessarily play, they just want to tap the keys.
    Some friends from uni, sisters Veronica and Raegan, came with Veronica's daughter and her friend. I'm told the daughter found us funny, while her friend kept giving me scared looks everytime I joked with them. Most of the time tho the two girls entertained themselves and after brief intro's between the sisters and Basil, the four of us were merrily passing the long long waits inbetween shooting.
    After convincing Basil to let me, and some encouragement from who Basil called The Weird Sisters, I strutted over to the piano, made some small talk, then shot into a rendition of Shelter the only song I can play really really well. Mehehehe.
    I was interrupted by announcements, but at least *some* good music was played.
    Gee, I dont half think know im amazing do i?
    Anyway after lots of standing and a bit of walking and a lot of being cold, and quite a bit of scaring other castmembers with our bizarre humour (see above for example), the director Murali came in and told us how much he loved us. They asked for a couple of people to stay behind for another scene, but he didnt see Basil and I with our hands up thinking 'me me pick meeeee!'.
    Oh well.
    We left at about 6pm, and drove back thinking:
    Hey, that was fun.
    Basil and I are now thinking that The Weird Sisters should be written into her series screenplay. I think that'd be pretty awesome.
    On the subject of the series, when we shoot we'll need something that at least resembles a cellar or basement. Does anyone know of someone who has one that they'd let us film in next year?
    All this film talk over the past couple of days has gotten me excited to start.

    P.S my ankle hurts and is bigger than it should be. someone come fix it. thankyou.

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 7 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Buy me things
    and i'll perform nice things upon you.

    For anyone who's interested, jump on over to and go to 'wishlist' and enter my email address.
    Which can be found easily on my blogger profile.
    And shop away!

    "Anyone can have bad breath Marge, but you could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon."
    - George Carlin

    Sorry, thats just what's on my playlist now. Carlin is a champ.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Clerk: Under 'Special Skills you've got "poet".

    "Every second thursday they pay the dole into my account
    So i go down to the teller machine
    And hope I can remember my PIN number."

    Woman: Is that it? Poems are about flowers and sunsets and shit like that, you can't have a poem about being on the dole.

    Man: Ah, right.... Sorry.

    -from some song a guy from work lent me.

    Hey, as if I have Freestylers' 'Push Up' in my music library?!

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 5 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    walking walking walking
    Today I went for a trudge around Adelaide.
    I went in to pay a parking fine, and ending up turning the trek into another snapping day.

    nice to know i'm not the only one caught doing the wrong thing park-wise.

    And a somewhat unflattering self portrait of me on the bus.

    I just have a thing for dramatic sidelighting. How very film noir of me.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 4 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    online gaming freaks - meet my friend the ignore button!
    the power!
    i got the power - bup bup bananana bup bup

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Comments boxes

    Okay, so lately a few of my friends' blogs have been hit by commenters who either hide in anonymous or link-free names, or outright take unfair and personal shots at what the bloggers are saying.

    No matter who you are, you're welcome here until you give me reason that shows otherwise.

    I, like everyone, have had my share of these commenters too. Some say that its my fault, that i shouldnt have comments links, or the statement 'Feel free to comment' under my intro/blog description up top. But I believe in giving everyone a chance to say what they think - after all, that's all my blog is: a space for me to say what I think.

    And in a way, I don't really mind the odd commenter coming along and telling me I suck. Im all for pointing out 'yeah well vicki, i dont really agree with what you're saying, but fair enough thats your opinion'. Each to their own, yknow.
    What I don't understand is the need to build themselves up by slugging people down - the schoolyard bully syndrome.
    Or not leaving an email or URL address so that we cannot go and return the favour on their own blog or contact them in any way. And so our space is turned around on us and becomes the means of communication between blogger and commenter.
    I've heard the claim 'Well I dont have a blog because I'm not that pathetic'. I think it's quite brave of people to bear their souls in a public forum like the internet. Unlike the kind of diary you keep in a notebook by your bed, a blog can be read and reflected on by others, some even helping others that may be in the same situation.

    The many times I've considered pulling this blog down, I just think back to when I posted about being same-sex-attracted and how I coped with the antagonism etc as I was growing up, and someone said that reading that gave them hope. It made me realise that my blog isn't just for me. So as for the whole 'blogs are for suckers' defence, I see many holes in it. Not only that, if they suck so much, why are you there? Go check your email or learn how to make moonshine or any of the millions upon millions of other things you can do online.
    I guess what I'm saying there doesn't only apply to blogs. Things like the occasional prank-caller I get now and then on my phone, why are you wasting time and money calling someone and then not saying anything? Go get a hobby.

    But back to commenters.

    My attitude to blogs and commenting is and always has been simply this:
    Personal blogs are the admittedly opinionated space of the author/publisher/contributor aka the 'blogger'.

    That's it.

    If you don't like what you're reading, then move along. Click Next Blog if you want, and go read something you like. If the content is about you well then perhaps that's the only way you'd understand how the blogger really feels about you. Perhaps a roadside billboard outside your house would have been more appropriate?
    We're not stupid, we know that once we press publish there's a chance who we're talking about will find it. As for defamation etc of 'prominant' persons, well everyone gets a bit of slander now and then, its the way the world turns. If you can't take a bit of push and shove, then you shouldn't be putting your name out in the world. And in my opinion fighting slander with slander is simply ridiculous. We're not 5 years old anymore*

    *Apologies to my loyal audience of 5 year olds out there.

    In cases like what I've been reading on Observations In A Small Room In A Small House recently, I say a big loud Jerry Springer 'whatever', and reaffirm my suggestion of gaining a hobby if the best way to fill time is to throw pointless insults at people, and mimic other users (ie posing) to say what you want to be said.

    And if it's just playing, then say so... but remember that playing means at least someone other than you is having fun.

    I know that alot of what I'm saying in defence of blogs can be said about comments boxes too, but the key difference is that our tagboards and comment boxes are a part of our space - giving outside users an opportunity (a privilege not a right as they used to tell us in school) to interact and have a say - but it's still our space. Bloggers dont have to give you the oppotunity to leave your opinion, they chose to.
    Remember when you're at someone's blog, you are a guest. If you want a chance to say whatever the hell you like, then start your own blog and do it there, and everyone else will be a guest there too.

    Am I alone in this way of thinking?

    After all the ruckus that I've seen created over one post or comment, I have to laugh at people now who complain that no one comments on their blog. It seems that when it comes to that little comments counter, no-news is good-news.

    Anonymous comments shit me too. At least negative ones anyway. Anonymous commenters slugging people that they may or may not have even met in real life may think they're being tough and cool, but really all you're doing is proving to me how cowardly you really are. I'd like to see people like this say even half the things I've read in comments boxes to someone's face. Not so brave when there's real consequences huh?

    Yes, the internet give us the means to communicate anonymously, and we use our discretion as to how we use that, but I own up to everything I write, negative or otherwise - more importantly I don't throw slugs at people period.
    In regards to my own blog, my name is everywhere in this thing and on the comments/tags on others' sites. It's not hard to find my surname if you look properly either. My email address is on my user profile like most people's, as is where I live.
    So I'm out here, saying what I think, for all to see. Call me pathetic for having a blog if you like, but this is me; if you don't like it that's hardly my fault.

    If you're someone that does any of the things I've spoken about in this post, I say simply this:
    It's your baggage, don't make others carry it.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Rack 'em up!

    Okay you voyeurs and exhibitionists, bare those chests for Boobiethon!
    I shall be submitting pictures to them shortly. A prize for anyone* who guesses mine correctly.
    And remember, its for guys AND gals.
    More info on the site:

    *previous tourists to my chest area exempt from entering the afore mentioned competition... or perhaps they'll just win a 'booby prize' :P
    HAHAHA i'm so fucking funny

    12:38 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Lastnite I pulled out my diary and started writing more than a paragraph since who-knows-when.
    Doing a slight re-cap of my life's events, I realised something:
    I'm happy.
    I haven't been happy since a brief time in May, before I was shot down again by Fuckhead. But here I am, I've been happy for a few weeks now.
    Fuckin ey!

    12:31 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Monday, 3 October 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    dear wendy
    its ok, i know you were drunk when we spoke last.
    no i didnt take any offence.
    tho i was starting to wonder if you were just weird :P
    its a good thing you told me you had been drinking for 5 hours tho.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    long weekend
    a run down

    Basil took the day off work to give herself a long-long weekend. We went to Apey's place and I played piano and we made up songs. Then we dropped into the library to see Basky and I got a small pile of books for a dollar, including Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!
    Then we went to The Ed to see/film Cleo Cosmopolitan perform Nobody's Home with my fantastic filmclip by Media Flea in the background. woohoo go us!

    Basil, Basky and I headed to Glenelg for icecream, then back to Basil's for Chinese for dinner that made my tummy go funny, then to the Jade Monkey to see DJ Craig and Ross do their stuff and dancey dancey.

    To Dinga to see my lovely friends and have a bon voyage bbq for emma who's off for Canada soon, I've told her she's to bring back a cute Mounty. Then we Futurama'd it for the rest of the evening, before I rolled off the couch bearing a Jamaican accent saying 'it be 2 in da marnin gal, go to bed' to emma who'd fallen asleep.

    Most of the morning still spent in Dinga, eating leftover crackers and dips etc, and going thru the photos. Then an impromptu visit to Apey's where I ate more crackers - WITH HOLY CHEESE, BASIL! Then home where a friend I havent seen since we both left highschool came over for a catchup. Other than that, nothing too exciting.

    Long weekends don't effect me much, except that everyone else is free to do things with me :)

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    well... congratulations
    I've never met anyone that can fart just like a duck quacking.

    I don't find farts funny, but I especially don't like people that just fart like you're not even there.
    Like my dad for example, he will fart - loudly - even if he has visitors sitting beside him and/or is on the phone. I know, cos it's happened while I've been right here, blogging away and he's been behind me with a mate and one of our exchange students, watching TV and talking on the phone.
    See folks, how easy it is, anyone can get into local government. And apparently, anyone can get into the Messenger Press too.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    i am so cool

    just incase you forgot.

    7:06 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    posers come in all shapes and sizes

    'Banjo' on my lap

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    20 things i learned about browsers & the web
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