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Let's call today: 'Monday, 28 November 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Weigh Anchor

This time tomorrow I'll be flyin to Sydney to begin my voyage to 2 months Disneyworld work.

I have no idea what my internet access will be like so you can be keep informed by checking the Captain's Log, a new blog I can post to via email that hopefully should follow my travels and keep you up to date with what's happening.

You'll find contact details & a tagboard, a 'what-i'm-aiming-to-do' map, and a blogpage. Maybe a pictures page if I can get around to it. Also 2 clocks to show the time here and in USA. Remember that we're about 13.5ish hours ahead* of the States - as well as a few million braincells.

So have a good christmas everyone and a blast of a new year and have a drink for me. Stay safe, keep cool, and I'll see y'all in March 2006.


*For example, right now the USA EST is 8:46pm lastnite (nov 27th).

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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 27 November 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Injustice of the week

I peeled away the straps of her singlet top, running my fingertips across an elaborate light blue and navy pattern tattooed over her shoulders and back.
I began to rub her shoulders and watch her relax under my fucking fantastic massage that has, to my surprise over the years, successfully seduced so many....


Stupid census. I haven't had a nice dream in ages and a stupid ugly old lady wakes me up by ringing the doorbell TWICE for a stupid CENSUS!!!

I could have shot her.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Picnic In The Park - Feast 05

Today Basil, Weird Sister Rae, her friend Rochelle and I all went to Picnic In The Park at Rhymill Park in Adelaide.

I learnt a few things:
  • I can't row a teeny boat very well
  • The lake water is icky
  • Ducks are extra cute when a plethora of picnickers like ourselves throw bread at them
  • Bottoms should stay IN pants unlike what we captured here across the way
  • Days spent by a lake in the sunshine with good food are the greatest
  • Coleslaw is poison
  • Weird Sister Rae and alcohol is a mix that threatens intellegible plotlines of conversation
  • Just cos certain people were friendly to you when you all hung out at the Missy Higgins concert, doesn't mean they'll be friendly when they bump into you again
  • Helen can be avoided when you stand downwind of her and she can't pick up your scent of fear

  • It was a nice pretty day, albeit a rather squinty one at times without my sunglasses, as I found out layin on the picnic blankey.
    And I'm a tad upset I didn't get to watch at least some of the lube-wrestling - which Basil tells me is an interesting topic to try and explain to Bernard the German boy with the golden locks - cos it intriguing.

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    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 26 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    distraught fan

    I've been perusing ebay for about an hour now...


    I mean, Goblet of Fire is rated M in Australia - it's not like it's just for kids anymore, you stupid gits!


    The closest an adult can get to wearing official Harry Potter gear is Tshirts etc with screenprints on them, or unofficially, backyard rip-off cloaks looking nothing like the costumes in the films that some woman has made on her Singer.

    I'm so upset, I'm resorting to the Official Warner Bros Shop.
    Ooooh Quidditch Goggles...
    ...FOR KIDS!

    Oooh, but that's kinda hot.

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 25 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Politically Correct.

    1.) Go to

    2.) Type in "failure"

    3.) Press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)

    4.) Laugh

    (thanks to Weird Sister Rae for bringing this to my attention)

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    What did I do?

    So Monday when I went to the dentist to begin my gruelling journey into sore teef, I had this one young lady show me in and set me up and she was quite chirpy and happy and bubbly to me. Then I had my 4 fillings done and I went back out to the desk and paid for it all and she was rather indifferent toward me. I figured it's cos I was done now til my next appointment and she was saving all her bubbliness for the next bunny to come in. Or perhaps she was looking at me strangely cos I was talking funny - not that anesthetics do that or anything.
    Then my last appointment I just had to have some more fillings and finish off before I jet away I got the same lady, and she looked at me weird and kinda... I dunno, wary? Not even bubbly showing me in this time.
    For a few moments I wondered what I'd done to offend her; what was different between coming in that first time and her shoving a mini-Hoover into my mouth.
    I think I've got it:

    She saw the number of the beast 666 carved in my tonsils didn't she?

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 24 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Rights At Work

    Please sign the petition below and urge Senator Joyce to take a stand.

    We need to get as many signatures as possible to deliver to Senator Joyce.

    Once you have signed, tell your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Together we can protect our rights at work.

    Follow the link above to send an urgent message to Barnaby Joyce.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    extreme beyond music news here

    Ignore any of the previous links I've given you, since Stray himself, the Maz man tells me:

    Due to a redesign, your link is now WRONG!
    Stray and Avaste has its own place on the site now, so the link will of course change one more time, when the name of the album is achieved.

    Just tell the mongrels to go to (extreme beyond music news). It is housed quite neatly there.

    And it is! Ooh a pirate ship!

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 22 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    i want it to be warm-to-hot tomorrow so i can wear my new white funky shirt and my purple skirt.

    yes, i said skirt.

    i'm scaored too.

    goodnite y'all.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    A few realisations

    *it's the 22nd, one week til I jet off and become Disney property for 2months.
    *there's a baby due I think sometime next month, I wonder if it'll be as ugly as it's sibling I met once. (mehehe whats funny about that is that the mother told me how cute her first child was, then I met 'it' and it was rather... unfortunate) :P
    *i need to start at least planning what I'm gonna pack.

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 21 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Know what else is messed up?

    -this week I barely have time to scratch myself. Lots of errands and driving everywhere and medical appointments that include some level or other of pain :(
    fyi the locals wore off about 3 and a bit hours later, my lips being the last to regain feeling.
    watching me tryin to eat my very healthy dinner of jelly and custard was funny. i shoulda just settled for a straw instead of a spoon.

    -the top filling closest to the middle of my mouth just feels like I've eaten peanuts or something and bits are stuck in the tooth. I have to resist playing with it with my tongue.

    -the stupid download page I tried to host Maz and my song at. Sorry to anyone who tried it, it's painful huh? I gave up trying.

    -the present for Kage I've been owing her for months now is STILL NOT HERE! and the seller still denies I paid for the first attempt.

    -Dirty Dicks caught on that Basil and I didn't pay to get in. Damn I was hoping they didn't notice that the doorperson sucked and didn't charge us.

    On the plus side of today

    -I bought nice pants for $1. The lady laughed when I refused a plastic bag by saying I was saving the world. Cos i'm really a superhero. Ssh don't tell anyone.

    -the box of old clothes that's been riding in the backseat of my car was finally dropped off at the Save The Children opshop this afternoon.

    -I posted off my ebay sale items and the roadtrip dvds I made for the girls I last went to the USA with.

    -my tax return came back, so that paid for my teeth.

    -I got my tickets for the trip: organisation relieves the stress of travel planning.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Long Overdue

    I hereby disown Season 5 of Queer As Folk.
    As much as I would have yelled at them for doing so, they should have stopped last season instead of getting a new director.

    And is the writer different too?

    It's so fucked now.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    "I'll be a dentist..."
    -Little Shop of Horrors.

    Ok, if you're like me and you've been putting off going to the dentist for a little over a decade now - trust me the longer you wait, the more work you're going to need.

    2 hours ago, I was jabbed in the mouth with 2 (quite possibly 3) local anesthetic injections and spent an hour in the chair having FOUR fillings. On Thursday I'm back to do more on the other side.

    My appointment was 4pm and its now 6pm and the left side of my face still feels like I've been punched in a pub brawl. And my tongue isn't obeying me at all.

    After losing my voice Friday night, straining it no doubt at my farewell party and then again heckling Apey at Dirty Dicks Dinner Theatre show Saturday night, I've been pretty sick and communicating through remonstration and a series of squeaks. I finally regained my voice after several nice orgasms lastnite which I've always agreed are the best painkillers ever. So in the morning I bounce out of my room and amaze everyone (no doubt to their dismay) that I can talk with 75% intonation again.

    What shits me is that now my face is numb, my power of intelligible speech has once again been revoked.

    On the other hand what amuses me is that my OPUS Performing Arts debut was in the somewhat improvised role of the masochistic dental patient, made famous by Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors. The part doesn't exist in the stage play, but they included it to incorporate my abundant talent. I just rock...

    ...not that I feel that way right now :(

    I shall pout and cry.
    I'm not really looking forward to the local wearing off.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Anyone who hasn't seen The Happiness of the Katakuris (Japan 2001) yet, I really really urge you to do so.

    Nothing in this world is funnier than a really camp Japanese musical with claymation.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 20 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    quite a bit to post to cover the weekend, but no time nor energy. so instead i'll just share this moment with you:

    i was just sitting here typing and had a tiny millisecond of panic cos i remembered i didn't have my seatbelt buckled in.

    why I needed a seatbelt in an officechair i have no idea.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 17 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    see this image on Flickr
    outside my window this evening.

    unlike Paul in D.A.A.S. I resisted the urge to catch some and staple them around the place for decoration.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Things that have made me giggle today:

  • the spin dryer instructions pictured in the post below. number 5 is my favourite and is applicable anywhere.
  • the fact that my cat has hayfever too and everynow and then you can hear a series of little sneezes from under the bed or by the door.
  • my MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY wristband fell off in the washing machine as I was putting a load in and now its all nice and white again.
  • seeing an artsy black & white pic of me this morning and going 'hey do i really have that many freckles on my back?'
  • an ad for a shiatsu massage cushion came on the TV and it reminded me of a line in my favourite episode of Black Books: "I think I just got a nerve there... I can't feel my thighs."
  • knowing that next week I get to have a sleepover with my little weasel Ben
  • watching my Dad's 2 budgies fighting over the fresh grass that's gone into flower once we put some in their cage (listening to it isn't nearly as pleasant)

  • teeheeheeehee

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    My Spin Dryer
    "...prevent light clothes from frying out"

    Nothing wrong with a little excessive vibration.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    missing someone you shouldn't miss is a horrible existential feeling.
    you have to keep shaking your head real fast and say to yourself:
    no you don't miss them. you hate them. they hurt you really bad and you should stop thinking about them and wondering what they're doing now or if they still look the same. and you should stop remembering how nice being with them was 'cos you can't do it now and that's their own stupid fault and you're better than them anyway.
    but i find it hard to be that mean. it's good there's so much distance between us.

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 16 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Damn Boys

    Ok, so I'm not too bad with giving second chances, but I'm sorry mate, standing me up and leaving me waiting there like an idiot for half an hour and not giving any explanation at all for a few days - all further chances are instantly void. Have a nice life and enjoy the relationship you've got going with your hand you wanker.

    Fire & brimstone mixed with a unwanted feeling.
    Not nice at all.

    Amendment 9:20pm - hmm.... Okay, admitting you're an asshole, begging my forgiveness and giving several several apologies earns back half a chance. But that is all.
    One more strike, boy. That's all he's getting.

    Amendment 11:53pm - ha! Just got home. As I just messaged Carly: I think I'm going back to girls. Least they know where things are and don't have stubble, on their face anyway.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 15 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    who's they?

    see what telling a kid they can't come to your birthday can do to them?

    eli: *various sulky sobbing noises*
    carly: why are you crying?
    eli: because...
    carly: cos why?
    eli: because!
    carly: cos why?!
    eli: because!!
    carly: cos why?!?
    eli: because they say that you're supposed to!

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I'm the one you're lookin for...

    ...Apparently! Okay kids, I've been slackin off in posting the search engine list, but thanks to statcounter, here's last month's (and a bit of this month's) notable search engines for good ol' shades of grey.

  • my hair is so short
  • naked pics of Judy Garland
  • -- why bother googling it?
  • eric burton house of the rising sun
  • grey adelaide
  • don't expect flowers
  • (in blogger search) *my full name*-- hey you can get to Kage's site from that too! ah to be famous.
  • drive a red car

  • Judy Garland??

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 14 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Went to see Diesel TV: Remote Control at the Ed lastnite.

    Omfg, Miss Liz is so so beautiful.
    To answer the question in the song she did:
    Yes. Yes, I do.
    I do want a ride, thankyou very much.

    I admit it, I have a thing for a dancer at the Ed.

    "Can you get up Vicki? Or do you need sticks?"

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Damn you to hades

    I'd forgotten all about you but now you're back in my head and I can't listen to John Mayer the same and I still say "Correi!" and I'm the only one who finds it funny.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I got my Police Check back today.
    It's official, I'm not 'recorded as being wanted or recorded in the indices of any Australian Police Service'.
    So there.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 13 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    "You is peckish? There are many flesh and eggs."
    "No. They are distaste in eating."

    -'Engrish' subtitles on an English-speaking film from a $1 Bali copy DVD one of my friends has.

    If I recall correctly, it was the translation for:
    "Are you hungry? There's plenty of bacon and eggs left."
    "No thanks. Y'know how my mother can communicate with animals? Well, apparently they don't like to be eaten."

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    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 12 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I hear it's all the rage...

    Hmm, a slight unintentional double-meaning in that title.

    Since being a terrorist is fast becoming the new black, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. If you haven't gotten into gear yet, I suggest you get started before you're left behind in the times. I mean, wait until the other kids in school find out you're just a civillian, not doing your duty by spotting out the baddies, it'll be wedgie-central for you my friend unless you're pointing out enemies of the state.

    If you're like me, and the idea of strapping on a few kilo's of dangerous goods to your person and getting onto a bus and blowing bits of yourself all over town just isn't your cup of tea, try a few of the following pointers I've come up with. They assure that while you're not actually engaging in any illegal activity, people will still look you up and down like you could blow your bollocks off whilst taking down parliament house in a blast stretching a few square kilometres at any second.

  • If you like art in structure, like I do, take some pictures in front of prominent buildings or structures, you can get some awesome shots of the old architecture some of those old government buildings have in the city. You'll know it's for art, everyone else though...? Well, you can't be responsible for what other people think now can you? That's their own silly fault if they get the wrong idea.

  • Find some sort of public event with a large crowd, like say, oh i don't know, the christmas pageant today, to do face painting. Carry your paints around in an ordinary unmarked toolbox with shoulder strap, sure it looks too conspicuous and any terrorist would try to blend into the background, but trust me, people today are so edgy they suspect anything. You don't even have to leave it unattended anywhere, just carry it to and from your destination like any normal person.

  • When entering somewhere with high security like say, the US Consulate General or US Embassy, be really nice and happy to be shown where things are. You don't need to go over the top, just be polite and cheerful and greet your guards with a smile. This also works in airports. The more mundane your surrounding crowd, the more interesting the reaction you get.

  • Now obviously, I'm just having a bit of fun here. I don't encourage any sort of illegal or terrorist nastiness thankyou very much and am quite glad to have so many cautious eyes keeping an eye on things.

    This is more or less my lighthearted way of pointing out how fast the world is bein Fed-Ex'd to hell. It wont be long before we're all walking around in Tomorrow When the War Began, and will have forgotten a time like now when we didn't go into a library, for example, and have to present the barcode -- tattooed on our wrist.

    In the 3 short years since I last travelled overseas, passports are now microchipped, fingers are scanned, and Homeland Security take your picture in the airport before they even consider letting you into the USA.

    What's next? A little chip inserted in the skin on the back of our necks like the dogs and cats we own?

    Don't get me wrong, yes I am saying that all these security checks and identity precautions are a hassle and are inconvenient, but I am glad they're there.
    I'm not having a go at the 'inconvenient' yet neccessary measures, or those who enforce them to ensure my safety and the safety of others.
    I'm having a go at the people responsible for bringing the world into the state it's in that justifies such measures being taken.

    This is also one of those many reasons I don't want children; I couldn't do that to them.

    I don't understand how we got here. How did simply living safely get progressively worse with each day that passed?

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 10 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    So I'm finally going to the dentist on Monday.
    Who's proud of me?

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Simple Pleasures

    Ever seen Amelie? For those who haven't, at the start of the film, we go through a brief montage of her mother, father and herself about what they each like and dislike.
    If I were to do one about me, it'd go something like this:

  • Taking a bath in the early morning and watching the steam coming off my hands and feet in the soft light coming through the window.

  • Letting my fingers trail over a corrugated fence or gate as I walk past it.

  • Taking photo of something half in shadow, something rusty, or something wet with streaks of lime running from it.

  • Watching sugar sink through the froth on my cuppacino before stirring it.

  • Stretching in bed after a sleep-in.

  • Listening through the tapes my Nanna made of us talking and singing with her when we were little.

  • dislikes...
  • People flicking things near my face.

  • Getting into my car and finding someone's turned the interior light off, left it in gear, or moved the seat too far back.

  • When someone stares at someone else on a bus.

  • Waiting for a parcel to come.

  • Finding no new messages on my phone when I've been away from it.

  • Seeing someone being picked on.

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 9 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    A one-and-a-bit-picture only post about my daytrip to Sydney yesterday

    4am and I'm up on a bit over an hour's sleep. Out the door by 4:30am and parked in a backstreet near the airport with plenty of time to walk and check in. It's drizzling but I don't care, I'm quite buzzing.
    Dancing along the road to the stuff blasting thru my mp3 player, I notice that the new terminal looks rather dead and that I need to go to the old one. I walk across a median strip full of sand. Slurp! I sink to past my ankles in the bog made by the rain and it takes about 6 steps to get out of it.
    Having only handluggage I can check in painlessly and quickly. My flight is delayed so I have time to lock myself in one of the vacant Disabled Persons toilet and clean alllllllll the mud off my shoes, jeans inside and out, and up my legs. I have a window seat and 2 seats to myself. On the plane I plan out two filmclips on the drawing board. The Virgin Blue staff suggests we use Europcar cos they have good deals and I decide I'll give it a whirl.
    $90 later I'm driving to Sydney, I have no idea where I'm going and have half an hour til I'm supposed to be in the MLC Centre.
    Thanks to signs and the supplied street directory, and a brief stop in the 7 Eleven to ask where I am, I find that I'm actually in the CBD and am, quite accidentally, on the right trail to my destination.
    Sydney roads + no parking = mad me.
    My matchbox hirecar fits perfectly into a miniscule space (albeit in a loading zone with several other illegally parked vehicles) and because I am the golden god of parallel parking I'm away to the MLC Centre which is alot closer than I thought.
    Ground floor of the MLC Centre is level 6, the US Consulate is on level 59, the tower lobby is level 8. From Level 8 I have to walk/jog halfway around the large large courtyardy lobbyish thing to find elevators that service level 59. A nice lady tells me where to find them, but upon entering the lift I see a sign saying that to get to the US Consulate I have to go to level 10, the elevator to which is right back where I started.
    I get to level 10, get screened and metal detected and escorted via security guard to level 59, where I'm searched and screened again by the first of the many unimpressable people I will encounter in the day.
    I stumble thru the heavy door into the Consulate which consists of one wall filled entirely with bulletproofed service windows and lots of rows of seats of bored people sitting staring at me. I immediately think I've walked into a meeting of some sort and I'm not the speaker they were expecting: this travel worn hick from Adelaide staring blankly momentarily back at them.
    I take my ticket and bounce to a vacant seat saying something like 'how exciting! I feel like we're about to all see a film.'
    The stupid stupid people stare at me, not sure what I mean. I smother a laugh, shrug and sit down smirking. Here begins a 2 hour wait punctuated by 3 separate visits to the service windows to hand in forms and have my two index-fingers scanned.
    When my number is first called I bounce up the the window with 'HELLO! HOW ARE YOU?!?!?!?!' grinning madly, which contrasts nicely to the grumpy cashier-window lady whos only words were "number ### window six" coming across the PA.
    I actually fall asleep in my chair at some stage, which I find hilarious, and do many many 'eccentric' quirks to amuse myself amongst the tight-assed SERIOUS people with me with no sense of humour whatsoever.
    I mean, if I came bouncing in, being me, would you not instantly wet your pants? or at least smile? Nooooooooo I was stared at like an insect for being happy. HOW DARE YOU, YOU HICK FROM ADELAIDE?!?!
    Ok, so I did have a tic tac toe competition between my left and right hands then scribbled I WON largely and loudly over it. And I balanced my folder on head and conducted with my pen something by Mozart that was flowing through my head.
    The only other person with a personality was another girl from hicksville Woollongong, going to Disneyworld, what a shock.
    So anyway, once it was all over, I meet up with Maz.
    Now that the shite part of my day was forever behind me, we made up for it, not including having to deal with stupid Sydney drivers who were baffled when I'd let someone in ahead of me.
    We go for a short accidental trip over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and film our madness in the car, and I do a short shoot of Maz in all his glory. And then he takes some of me IN WONKA GLASSES!!

    They bent my ears down a bit so I accentuate that by bringing the straps down further, then I walk around with some nerdy voice that I can't possibly transcribe into text for you. The sort of noise a human fly would make if he were kinda British and wore a business suit and had a stuffed nose.
    We walk around the Rocks, find a new camera some poor sod has left behind, have lunch (Maz had what he called 'chips of delight' and I had a rather yummy milkshake), and pay $30 for some absurdly short amount of time in a parking lot tended by a man speaking what Maz calls 'Hindish'.
    After doing a short flit about in the park filming all sorts of our craziness, and getting lost and ending up in Glebe - which works out nicely since Carly had suggested I see how pretty Glebe is - I drop Maz off and try my hardest to get out of the city and find the way I came in.
    Somehow I manage it, go to the airport, drop off my hirecar praying they don't notice anything I may have done to it, race thru my handluggage-only check in, message a few people saying that Sydney sucks and thank god I'm coming home, fall asleep listening to music on the plane, stagger back to my car, drive home, have the most heavenly bath ever and collapse into bed.
    Damn I love you Adelaide.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    A huge maze with twists and turns and dead ends. Once you go down one wrong path you're stuck.
    In South Australia, it's called Puzzle Park.
    In New South Wales, it's called Sydney.

    Lots of noise and smoke and you can't hear people talk and most of the people are rude anyway.
    In South Australia, it's called a nightclub.
    In New South Wales, it's called Sydney.

    Cars driving stupidly, cutting drivers off to get ahead, people yelling like mad.
    In South Australia, it's called the Clipsal 500.
    In New South Wales, it's called Sydney.

    No one smiling, no one with a sense of humour, no one even remotely amused at my little quips and quirks.
    In South Australia, it's called an executive meeting.
    In New South Wales, it's called Sydney.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 6 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Hard To Say I'm Sorry

    "Everybody needs a little time away," I heard her say, "from each
    "Even lover's need a holiday far away from each other."
    Hold me now.
    It's hard for me to say I'm sorry.
    I just want you to stay.

    After all that we've been through,
    I will make it up to you. I promise to.
    And after all that's been said and done,
    You're just the part of me I can't let go.

    Couldn't stand to be kept away just for the day from your body.
    Wouldn't wanna be swept away, far away from the one that I love.
    Hold me now.
    It's hard for me to say I'm sorry.
    I just want you to know.
    Hold me now.
    I really want to tell you I'm sorry.
    I could never let you go.

    After all that we've been through,
    I will make it up to you. I promise to.
    And after all that's been said and done,
    You're just the part of me I can't let go.

    After all that we've been through,
    I will make it up to you. I promise to.

    You're gonna be the lucky one.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    If there's one thing I hate more than hearing my mum screeching from the other end of the house, its hearing my next door neighbour screeching from the other side of someone else's house. If there's one thing worse than that, it's hearing what I'm hearing now: My neighbour singing drunk to Rod Stewart at full volume.

    I feel almost obligated in my neighbourly duty to inform her of:
    a) the time
    b) the fact she can't sing
    c) Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits isn't really my kind of lullaby music I want defeaning me over the fence, nor is her voice.

    "We are sailing, we are sailing..."
    No, you are screeching, my dear lady.
    "I am dying, forever crying..."
    So are we, Carol. So are we.

    After a bang on their back shed: Sorry, Mum's drunk.

    Yes, we worked that out for ourselves, thanks.

    How could you not love my bogan town??

    11:23 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    To Revise

    Today I woke up on a couch to Apey staring me in the face.
    I had heard her there before I opened my eyes, and wrestled with the idea of leaping up and shouting BRAGH!!
    But after having seen Wolf Creek with her (and Basil) lastnite, and her being freaked out by us passing a truck rather similar to the killer's in a servo, I thought better of it.
    After some PJ lounging around in Apey's place, I skittered off to Dinga to check out the Folk Festival, but from what I saw it wasnt too impressive and I went visiting instead.
    In short, I ended up on a Queensize bed rubbing knots out of Ben's back and discussing with him the RSI of Shagger's Back. I had earlier apologised for being so rough in bed and injuring him, but I thought he liked it rough. He assured me that he did and still does, and while his back may be needing recovery the rest of him is, to quote: "still in working order and ready to go."

    7:07 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    (lightly abridged)

    *ring ring*

    eli: hello?
    me: hello?
    eli: who is it?
    me: it's Miki
    eli: huh?
    me: it's Miki
    eli: (to the side) it's Miki!
    carly: (in background) is it?
    eli: (to me) i have a bendy spoon
    me: oh do you?
    eli: yeah it bends
    me: that sounds pretty cool
    eli: yeah
    me: where'd you get that from?
    eli: um, from mummy's yohgurt
    me: ah i see, can I talk to Mum?
    eli: mmmm, nah.
    me: okay then
    eli: (pause) where's your house?
    me: oh not far from yours
    eli: oh, and I have a whistle
    me: yeah, a whistle?
    eli: yeah, a whistle and its pink and yellow and sounds like this (half-whistle, half raspberry noise follows into the phone)
    me: oooh i see. cool.
    eli: you wanna come over and see it?
    me: umm another day mate i'll come see it k?
    eli: k (to carly) she's coming over and see it!
    carly: (in background) ah. is it my turn to talk to her now?
    (various noises and mumbles as the phone gets passed)
    carly: hello
    me: so... cool spoons and whistles huh?
    carly: yep
    me: that's pretty damn cool
    carly: i know.

    6:47 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 5 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Yours Queerly

    So the march/parade lastnite was pretty good. Altho we saw a few people I'd not have minded never seeing again.

    Her: fine, dont say hello then!!
    Me:....okay, then I wont (turn away)

    On the way to Victoria Square, I saw a new-ish scooter with pedals like the one on Amelie, and Basil had to drag me away saying that it's not there for me to steal.

    And here's something I never thought I'd say - especially on the queerest night in Adelaide - I patted a man's python.
    No, no, you crude rudies. An actual python. After Basil skitted away in terror (I'm told that she didn't shriek, but I reckon she did), I went up to the man and asked about his unusual reptillian scarf, then patted her. She was quite happy there hanging around his neck, despite all the noise and people, and some loony like myself patting her head and cooing about how 'purty' she was. Basil asked wasnt I scared she'd bite me? I gathered that the man wouldnt have brought her out if she was susceptible to getting scared and biting. Besides, other than hurting like hell, she wouldnt be able to kill me.

    All thru the parade I was playing to the camera's and Basil hypocritically called me a poser. Feh. Passion and Cleo were the main attractions of our section of the parade tho - this clump of little asian girls found them amazing and the camera's were going mad snapping away at these two beanpole drag queens.

    So when the parade ended, we all gathered in that little courtyard between Fowlers and the City East campus, and hung around for awhile, but before long it was a bit too repititive and we went back to the Ed for tea. Besides - the queens' feet were hurting :P

    I had a look at Feast tshirts to see if I wanted to buy any, but after a scan over them I said 'nah, theyre all gay'.

    Hahahaha get it? I'm so funny.

    2:58 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Friday, 4 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    After eBaying for 20mins, one is quick to conclude:
    There is some abhorrent* clothing out there.

    "Abhorrent" seems to be the apparent Word Of The Year for Vicki.

    So happy belated birthday to me. I did nothing at all, it was fun, Phillips. Lastnite I went to Katies to get my hair cut - from which I'm currently suffering my customary 'what have I done???' stage common after a haircut - and was showered with presents and evil evil cake. Evil because I'm having some healthy detox my system stage at the moment, but hey, this was my birthday cake, so I lashed out.

    My hair is so short - least I'll blend in the pride march tonite :P *shudder*

    *amended spelling for you putrid picky people......Maz

    3:17 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 1 November 2005'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    i seem to be starting some sort of intimate relationship with the household icepack.

    no, not cos its been hot and i've been lonely, as suggested by one person, but because i seem to be making some sort of weekly habit of running into hard stationary structures. i don't even have total darkness to blame for the most recent one.

    do i need glasses? or is the cosmos just fuckin with me?

    7:22 pm | Post A Comment... >


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