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Let's call today: 'Friday, 31 March 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Did you find what you were after?
It's always in the last place you look, or so they say.

Who's "they" anyway??

Searches that brought the masses hither this month:

  • what does the saying shades of grey mean?
    - perhaps shades that are grey in colour?
  • shaved head
    - oh dear it makes me think of helen...

  • a real naked girl
    - nope, that's not me
  • starsign
  • robbie williams psychic message board
  • isnt movieland and kate assholes
    - hahahahaha probably?
  • tatachilla
  • ellen aniston foot
    - it disturbed you too huh?
  • xavier rudd enviro bag
  • dont dream its over sarach blasko
    - as much as I love the Finn's, she did do a gorgeous rendition for the Games
  • playing with someones hair
    - i think i'm a hug AND hair whore nowadays

  • **you know, you can get my email from my blogger profile page if you're looking for me for any real reason :) *wave*

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Pictorial Delight

    On a cleaner and happier note than the last post before I go to bed, I uploaded more pics to my Flickr page.
    Get amongst it - curse you maz

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I think I can hear my neighbours sexing.

    Either that or their dog is coughing alot...

    Very gross to think that I'm not sure which it is.
    With that crazy lady, I'd hate to think of the mid-coital noises she could make.

    Eww... I need brainfloss now... seriously... ew ew ew.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 30 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I have crackers, cheese and a knife.
    All is well with the world.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Nino's bike

    After seeing Amelie, I've found the desire to have a moped reawakened in me. When I was a kid I always wanted one, but I had a very particular idea of what I wanted and could never find anything close to what I saw in my head. As I grew up I put it out of my head, the need for a moped rather superfluous to a 6 year old at the time.
    I even flirted with the idea of actual motorbikes for a time but they just weren't the same. I didn't want to go that hardcore. I wanted a certain type of moped.
    I began to wonder if this thing I desired was just purely non-existant.
    Eventually the urge died down, dormant it seemed.
    Then lastyear I finally got to see the gorgeous French film Amelie, it being on my to do list for quite awhile, and saw Nino's pedal bike. Suddenly the spark rose again and ever since then I've been surfing this parasite they call the internet to find that perfect moped.
    I don't want a motorbike or a scooter or a bicycle - I want the pedally thing Nino has. It's the only thing remotely close to what I see in my mind.

    I'm watching something on ebay which seems to be pretty not bad. I'll let you know if I cave or not.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    screenshot from clip

    Ooooh it's exciting, isnt it?
    For some reason tho that scene looks greenscreened but it's not, I'm really there. How odd.
    Hmm. That's slightly spunky tho :P

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 29 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Thanks for coming!

    Nice little gathering tonight - everyone wants to keep Sakura. Well back off, she's my little pet exchange student! Hehehe very cute to see Basky and her bouncing down the driveway together.

    Now I'm killing time chatting and eating leftovers and now and then fiddling with my guitar.

    Something's different; something's changed
    Something in me has rearranged
    And something in you appeals
    And I want to hide.

    - 'Jessica' by Avaste

    I'm getting into that song alot lately.
    I'll have to knuckle down to my fingering to perfect the tune.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 28 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    when a stranger calls
    a review


    end review.

    I took our exchange student - because I had promised to and this was the only flick we could catch...
    ...the opening credits hadn't even finished before she'd jumped.

    So I'm glad that she got the required reaction from it.

    I, however, was suicidal most of those 80 or so minutes.
    I had asked people to come join me because I knew I would hate it and wanted someone to share my pain and bitch with... I didn't think it'd be that bad though. So I'm glad no one else had to suffer with me, I can take it without killing anyone else's evening.

    While Sakura was shaking under my arm in pure terror I was yelling in my head "JUST KILL THE STUPID BITCH ALREADY!" - the girl, not Sakura
    Two girls behind us were laughing lots. I joined them a few times, but for the most part I was giving my


    But with less smile.

    It's bad enough to revamp an old classic, but to do that to it... I want to kill it with sticks. I hated it, I hated it with gravy.

    As I got up to leave I said aloud "Just when you thought they couldn't make them any worse..."

    I was expecting something bad to begin with, but damn folks, we've found a new low.

    I know I should really write a proper review and explain the reasons why I hated it so much, which I could do quite easily - reviews like these being my favourite kind. But to be honest, I'd just like to forget I parted with that money and that chunk of my life and just warn you all not to even think about checking this overrated and underplanned film out.

    I should have quit this day as soon as I got out of the shower.

    Shawshank Redemption just started on Foxtel as I walked in - I'm being rewarded by the movie gods for my sacrifice.
    Once again, at least the day isn't a total waste after all.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Job offer

    So lastnite I checked my uni mail and there it was:
    An email from the student television assoc passing on a job offer.

    A new firm was starting up and they were asking for a 'student who is familiar with editing and film production/camera work' to assist with filming.

    Position type: Study related
    Start Date: ASAP
    Location: Hallett Cove
    Essential Skills: Filming and editing skills

    Sounds perfect for me doesn't it?
    Close, immediate start, in the field I'm trying to break into.

    I call the guy straightaway and leave a message on his answering machine and within 10minutes he calls me back and we chat a bit. He seems genuinely impressed with what I've told him I can do and we arrange for me to come in 'for an interview' this afternoon at four.

    So today I got to sleep in for the first time in a couple days and then I slowly begin cleaning up the place for tomorrow night 'cos I'm having some friends over while the house is empty.
    At three o'clock I jump in the shower and get dressed into some smart attire. I collect 3 DVDs of my work and put them into a case. Another look at the street directory and off I go.

    I find the place easily, and arrive on 4pm exactly. I knock on the door and this middle-aged guy opens it.
    We shake hands and he gives me his business card.
    I step inside and reach into my bag to get my discs when he darts off into his study to show me his setup.
    I follow.

    In this room is a large desk with papers and cords everywhere, a laptop, and a modem; also a hatstand, a guitar stand, a wooden chair and a tripod in one corner. When I fetch the chair to sit beside him at the desk I notice that the tripod is a really thin and flimsy one like those anyone can buy for $20.
    I make a mental note that my tripod isn't all that bad after all.

    He shows me his 'setup'.
    It consists of Adobe Photoshop 6 and Windows Movie Maker on his laptop.
    He opens Movie Maker and plays the current project fullscreen. I watch a few seconds of shaky footage taken in the next room of a dog on the couch doing nothing.

    He asks me what I use, I tell him Photoshop 7 and Premiere Pro 1.5 amongst others- he seems quite interested when I describe the apparently foreign concept of multiple video and audio tracks to him.


    We look at my discs and he talks about his plans to do weddings - filming and photography and making DVDs etc - and that he wants someone to work with him and they'll split it 50-50.
    I tell him about being contracted through Healthy Cities Noarlunga and the local council and the work I've done for them and the work I'm booked for this year.
    He seems impressed - I smile politely trying to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt but it's getting hard.

    He asks me about the music playing through Will and Angela's wedding DVD:
    "It's the song that played in the ceremony. I thought it'd be nice to use the same song and I had it on CD so..."
    "Oh, you can transfer music from a CD and use it?"

    You're joking right?

    It is about this time I feel my patience and tolerance slipping. Evidently this guy has no idea what the hell he's doing and I make up my mind that this is busted.

    He hands me a chunky stack of more business cards that he fetches from his car saying that I probably know more people than him so I should give these out and try and land a gig with someone, and then we can work together and go halves in it.

    I take his cards and shake his hand half-heartedly saying 'sure' and thinking
    not bloody likely
    and get into my car, once inside saying aloud that he was a wanker for wasting my time.

    Before starting the engine I contemplate going back and asking for my discs back...

    As I drive home I go over in my head what I would say if he ever called me sometime down the line asking why I've never gotten back in touch with him.

    It'd go something like
    Sorry, but to be honest with you, you didn't exactly impress me.
    And rather than handing out your cards and your name and doing a crap job with you for 50%, I'd prefer to hand out my cards and my name and do a great job for 100%.

    Call me crazy, but that sounds a better plan doesn't it?

    Perhaps I shall continue with my goal of devoting 2006 to get a business properly up and running. That whole experience has inspired me.

    At least the day wasn't a complete waste of time; I cleaned up the house, bought a jacket, got petrol cheap... and I took a large bunch of my "competition's" business cards out of circulation.

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 27 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    You rock my Latvian socks off...

    Today Maz and I were up stupidly early, and attempted to throw something together for the filmclip to What Did You Think.

    Being the true artists that we are we hadn't really done a whole heap of planning. So off we went to the Christies tunnel to see what awesomeness we could capture.

    After raining alllll night the creek had risen and my feet were horribly drenched by the end of that scene. There's some footage of me wringing out my socks and cuffs of my jeans and tipping out small reservoirs of water from my shoes.

    So we went back to my place to watch the footage while I threw my jeans in the dryer and washed the disgusting smelly water off my feet and change socks and did my best to sterilize my shoes.

    Then off to Edwardstown, Maz in the back with my guitar being my own live radio, we did a bitchin rendition of House of the Rising Sun til we reached our location where I discovered that wind + hair = frustration yet some explodey shots provided I'm walking into the wind.

    During the day many new phrases were birthed such as "I eat like a sponge", "I hate you with gravy" and "You rock my Latvian socks off" which made the day rather humourous in itself. Also the blurting out of 'oh you cuntmonkey!' inside the car raised some laughter as well while driving home.

    All in all the shoot went well and I did a rough edit of usable footage and I have about 10mins to sift through. Hopefully we can shoot more on Weds if Maz is able. But that's looking doubtful since he flitters back to Sydney that nite...

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Who says driving is boring?

    Maz and Me coming home from today's shoot. witness it

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 24 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    OH MY GOD!

    Remember how I said stuff was wiped from this computer when it crashed and got repaired???

    I can't find my play.


    Ok the fonts? No problem, they're on my other computer.
    The programs I lost? It's alright I still have the disks, I can re-install.
    The play???
    It appears to have been the only copy updated.

    YOU $*#(%*$*)##$$%^*^#$#%#$

    There are a lot of F's and C's in what's going through my head right now...

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Proof that they do exist.

    I would like to draw your attention to this game (will need shockwave)

    and this article.

    play, then read.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    The dilemma

    Righto, here's the thing.
    Basil and I - and the small following we have acquired - have been planning to fly over to Melbourne for the Easter Weekend (Fri-Sun) to see Dylan Moran in the Comedy Festival. These plans have been trans-national, I was still in the USA when we first got this little idea into our skulls. ("skuuullllll" - for ben)

    I mean, Dylan Moran! And all the stuff Ben and I have been saying we'll do in Melbourne! Who wouldn't be excited?

    Last week I was called up and asked to help out for a few days at the Oakbank Races. It's really easy work, and it'll get me a couple of hundred dollars for a couple days. Alot like what I was doing at Disney re: crowd interaction.
    Great opportunity right?


    Oakbank just happens to be Easter Weekend. Saturday and Monday.
    Well Monday is fine.

    The only thing I can think of is change my flight to Saturday pm and race to the show - but I really don't want to be doing that. I'm already still having nightmares about missing flights and coordinating times and getting around towns I don't know from coming home not quite a month ago.

    Or... I can not go.


    I think I should just tell them I can only do Monday, and hope they don't say "Oh that's okay, we'll get someone more available."

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    what the?

    ok, so apparently i'm on ????
    i found this out only because they emailed me saying that someone's written to me.
    it's not a 'hey baby want sex?' message, so i replied for the hell of it.
    they turned out to be from noarlunga too, so i figured who knows they may even know me, i'll just suss them out.
    today in passing i mentioned Equus.
    apparently its someone i know via mousie and basil, and last time i spoke to them I hated them like hell and told them to fuck off.

    ooh yeah now I remember you!

    take that! thats what you get for messaging random people on an adult site you sicko.
    and on that note, im removing my membership from the site... apparently my last login was 2003?
    How the hell did I get on there????
    The only thing I can think of is those 'join up with our sponsor to claim your free prize' or whatever forms... cos thats the only time i've seen the damn thing before.

    either that, or the gremlins in my computer want to hook me up.
    sorry gremlins, not happening.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 23 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I wondered how long it would take me

    After seeing just how lame some of the "you tube" videos were, I decided I couldn't wait til my clip was finished, and figured I'd test the water with our dear friend Steve the Polar Bear who I've introduced you to before.



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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 22 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    my mum is sweeping the carpet.
    she's insane.

    what's worse than that is that it's actually working rather well.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Facepainting by Tifinie at Downtown Disney.

    I love this pic.

    Look how happy I am being a pirate.

    That was on my last night at Disney...
    ...nice to see I was working hard.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Korean popstars - the girl on the left is psycho!

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 21 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Today April and I went on a date. Teehee!

    When I have my own movie theatre, it will NEVER be cold on the inside.

    Why do they do that? It's distracting - funny how it's hard to pay attention to a film when the skin on your arms is shrivelling up and your nipples can cut glass.

    I prefer to make my own distractions during a movie ;)

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Photos on Captain's Log

    Next (and possibly last) installment of photos now available on Captain's Log - captions and descriptions are in progress so bear with me.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Harmony Day

    I used to have 2 Harmony Day badges, I wore one everyday at school on my jumper despite it being against uniform. Wish I knew where they disappeared to...

    Happy Harmony Day everyone.

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 20 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I'm auctioning off my hair

    no seriously

    my hair is up for auction on ebay for The Leukaemia Foundation.

    I'm holding something of a fund-raising poll.

    I'm going to participate in the World's Greatest Shave this year, you can get your head shaved off with a number 2 cut, or have it temporarily radically coloured.

    You have to sya which you're going to do when you register, so I'm postponing registering until I know what would get me the most sponsorship.
    I've made the ebay auctions, and done an email out, to see which people would rather me go through. Cut or colour.

    Whichever option raises the most bids and/or pledges I'll do. Even the auction that doesn't raise the most money out of the two I will donate the end amount to the foundation.

    If shave wins (which at the moment is looking very likely), I figured I have more than enough hats to get me by til I get some length back, then maybe I can go all funky and flicky like I've always wondered if I could pull off, but never had an incentive to cut it off and start again from scratch. So this... well, it'll be an experiment with a good cause.

    So far the pledges are as follows:
    Colour: $35
    Shave: $225

    I think I should start saying goodbye to my hair over the next month.

    So yeah, if you don't have an ebay ID - get one! Or email me and let me know how much you would sponsor me for once I'm registered, and which I should do.
    And if you do have an ebay ID - get clicking.

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 17 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    I finally saw something for the Fringe festival lastnite. Well two things, Zack Adams (cos Liza loves him) and the show after that (I dunno, cos Raegan invited me).

    Both were... a bit meh. But okay.

    I think it was just that I was pimp to 4 lovely ladies that made the night nice.

    That and do an Indiana Jones under the closing roller door to the U-Park.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 16 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Lastnite I dreamt I had a pet racoon

    But anyway...

    For some reason Ellen is on in the background, that's the third time I've seen her dance thru the crowd and try to dance with people or grind audience members. Then just now New York New York was playng and she took off her jacket and whirled it around.

    Then just just just now as I got up to turn it off, Jennifer Aniston was on and took her shoes off cos she said her shoes tickled, and Ellen grabbed her foot and said 'well then i'll give you a foot massage!'

    I mean, sometimes I don't mind Ellen and do find her funny. I mean come on, who doesn't love Dory? But sometimes she does stuff like that and it makes me think she's a bit icky.

    Do you ever think that maybe she just hosts that show with a permanent note of 'yeah you all want me' in her head? Is that why she's kinda creepy sometimes?

    Don't get me wrong, when I have my own show I'll be thinking that too: 'everyone wants me' - but I won't actually be throwing myself at the crowd. I'll be more of a cool smug laid back 'they'll come to me' host.

    And yes, when I have my own show.

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 15 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    I think a few months without my instruments was a good thing.
    I've been composing like a beast lately. Mostly unusable tidbits, but 3 workshopped songs in 3 weeks.
    Not bad

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    That's dumb

    After coming home the other night, I realised that I'm apparently not used to receiving attention from other people. It's usually me playing with someone's hair, me leaning over to peck someone's cheek, me playing with someone's fingers.

    When it finally comes back to me, I evidently kinda freeze up, or get ticklish and goosebumpy (as I found when Ben was running his fingers thru my hair and over my neck and I ended up just squirming and grabbing his hand to stop him).

    It's bizarre, crave attention from the other party for so long and when you get it you can't take it. How lame.
    To share a secret with you my adoring fans, I still unconsciously shake slightly, like a convulsive shiver, if someone touches my tummy while kissing, or something like that. It's stupid and I hate it even though I'm told it's cute.

    I don't think it's cute, I think it's really dumb.

    Reverse the role and I'm fine. Which is no doubt why I end up more with girls than guys, because there's not alot of guys out there that'd be the receiver with me, and those that are I don't really seem to go for, so they don't get it from me anyway.

    A Thought on Tolerance

    An upside is that since coming back from the US, I've noticed that my taste in girls - for lack of a better way to put it - has changed. More accurately, I'm not judging someone by their looks or style as much as I used to.
    I was attracted to 2 girls in the US that when I described them to people who knew me here, they said 'wow vicki that's so not your type.'
    To cut a long story short, I've discovered that even tho some butch girls look butch, they're so so girly. It really made me re-think everything.

    On that same note, I'm proud to report that I altered a workmate's way of thinking about gay guys. This guy worked with me and we shared a shift one slow night and were talking about this and that. He used to have the whole 'i think it's okay as long as they don't try anything on me' attitude. And when gay guys would hit on him he'd be disgusted and slightly scornful.
    After chatting with me a few times, that changed to 'sorry I'm not into guys, but thanks for the compliment' when he was hit on.

    So huzzah, one more passive phobe in the world converted.
    Do I get a toaster?

    4:27 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    The funeral was this afternoon.

    I've never seen my dad cry before.

    4:23 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 11 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Water Babe

    Despite most people's belief that Scorpio is a fire sign, it's actually a water sign.

    I love water.

    We just took our new japanese exchange student down to christies beach for sunset.
    I got some awesome shots of us playing in the shallows, and some dolphins came right up to the shore to play too.

    She's a cutie - all smiles. But don't worry, staying with our family for 3 weeks will break her soon.

    Poor kid. I almost feel sorry for her. Tho right now she is quite happily partaking in the Tim Tam coffee trick.

    On that note I have a few invites out tonight, I may take them up.

    All four members of the family
    Construction of a new home gym system thingo
    Vicki must get out of the house asap before someone gets hurt

    8:05 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    How the fuck????

    Try this mind reader - if you know how it's done tell me cos I'm addicted to it, waiting for it to mess up!

    7:03 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    tomorrow/today/in some hours


    Nononononononono why didn't you come earlier?? Now I have to wait for you to come to meeeeeeeeeee! And Adelaide is where the tour ends!!

    I shall cry.

    4:38 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    yeah, thats actually how i said it too. icky. sorry, for some reason i turned into a "gangsta" when i was cursing these folk...

    anyway, my point is:
    HUZZAH I'm back online, but
    GAH the computer is stripped of all my programs and settings.

    boil the kettle, i have a long afternoon of fixing ahead of me.

    it's too hot.
    im tired.
    that is all for now.

    1:28 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Friday, 10 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Elsie Thomas (nee Ferguson)
    19.8.1922 - 10.3.2006

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    Let's call today: 'Monday, 6 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Handfuls of kisses

    I seem to be hopping from one set of kisses to another both abroad and upon my return.
    And in very very not-me fashion, from a few parties rather than one.
    That's both sustaining yet very frustrating.

    Still, I'm liking it ;)

    I sent a message out to 3 of my friends last week complaining how much no one loves me and how I don't deserve my 'Vixen' title cos the last sex i had that I actually enjoyed myself in instead of just making the other person feel good was like over a year ago and boo hoo hoo me.

    I seem to have gotten over that this week - now I'm starting to call myself a kissing wench.
    About time, that's all I can say. I'm young and I'm pretty goodlookin sometimes when I make an effort and there's a few people out there who I know want me, so let's go out and enjoy myself.
    I'm discovering that I deserve it and I owe myself that much at least.

    I guess I've closed that drawer finally. I've been packing things away in it for a while now.

    10:57 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Apologies for my uncharacteristic quiet and lack-of-blog-checkingness.

    The laptop at home - which is the only computer online in my realm of existence back here - has died (thankfully while I was still abroad and could not be blamed).

    So please bear with me through this terrible offline time. I'm surviving on tidbits of borrowed time at friends' places and library computers. huzzah for the library.

    10:52 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 1 March 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I'm hooooooooooooooome!
    Today I've been shopping.
    I have 3 new pairs of pants. and no shoes which is what I actually went out shopping for.

    I hate shoe shopping.
    No, no, you don't understand...



    shoe shopping.

    hate it. hate it. hate it.

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