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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 29 April 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Can I help you?
keywords that got people here in April.

  • missy higgins and ben lee
  • plaster fun house adelaide
  • pics of jill mason party
  • i hope i never have to cry again
  • poems are about flowers dole
  • mexican house petrol bunks in the desert pictures
  • mosher fight chav
  • ian partner camera
  • edouard manet the mocking of christ

  • You guys are getting very specific this month.
    Jill Mason is real hey? She isn't just the chick in Equus who gets nakey? She had a party?
    Well you learn something new everyday.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Things to do before I die

    Item No. 1
    Actually get around to making the list of things to do before I die, rather than coming up with something, saying 'thats on my list of things to do before I die', then trusting that I will remember it.

    Unrelated or otherwise rrelevant information:
    Tipping The Velvet is on tonite! Woot!
    Mmmmm sushi is so good.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 27 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    Ember bought me a Breciated Jasper stone today while I was at her Earth Magic stand.
    I was pouring my heart out to her and I wandered over to them and my hand instantly went to one and I held it for a while. Thinking it was pretty, I glanced at the label to see what it was, but didn't really take much notice.
    I helped her pick out the stones that were in the wrong place and put them in their right compartments and match the labels up while I talked, and realised the frustration building in me when I said 'I think I need one for healing, where's a healing one? I saw it somewhere here...'
    I searched the labels and ended up back at the Breciated Jasper, where I'd originally been drawn, which read "Healing and dissipating negativity". I picked it up again and looked at her.
    "I'll buy it for you, you need it."

    What I've been getting is rather uncalled for, unwarranted, and unwelcome. I don't deserve it, I haven't done anything wrong, so they can stop treating me like I've run them over with my car.
    I don't understand, why hate me just for being me? When simply being me is all they ever liked about me?


    I don't get them sometimes.

    I'm trying not to let things like this wreck my happy streak... but I guess I had to come down sometime. I'm guessing my lengthy cold is just wearing me down.
    I'm not crashing tho. I'm determined not to.
    Hear me out there?
    I'm not crashing just because of you, you are so so so not worth it.
    My life is still going well and it'll take a hell of a lot more than your moods to wreck that.

    An upside is that Ben just came for a brief visit after work, so I got cuddles. And I bought a new top tonite. Pink... but still boyish hehehe

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Do you really think that I'm so stupid?
    Really think I should have known what to expect?
    All I used to want from you was answers.
    And now I want nothing, barely anything, from you
    But respect.

    From 'Do You Really?' - work in progress

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    It's just a fact of life
    some people are just straight. some people are just gay.
    It happens.

    *sigh* meh, oh well. No big deal really.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    "Uh-Uh... Right there!"

    I'm listening to All I'm Saying, a new project being worked on by Hot Tips. It's really nice, I'm addicted to some of the new stuff Maz sent.
    I know he hates Right Day but I think I'm going to fiddlydee with it and add some sort of backup vocal (coval :P) amount to it and get it sounding purty.

    Um yeah, that's all.

    I went to an interview today. They seemed pretty interested.
    As am I.

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 26 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Pop into one of Schindler's Lifts
    This was taken in the elevator to the carpark in the Adelaide Convention Centre - North Terrace.

    Some sort of sick joke? Or just some nice normal company who was cursing rather loudly when the film came out?

    Either way, it made me laugh for quite a while.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Boredom makes you do stupid things

    You scored as Rocker, Mosher. You're A Rocker!

    Rocker, Mosher










    Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev




    What Group Are You?
    Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Preppy Etc

    created with

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Re: Animated smileys that appear in banner ads at the top of your page and every time you mouse over them one calls out 'Helloooo?'

    Anyone else want to beat to death the person responsible for that?

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Attention eBayers

    If you get an email apparently from eBay but it DOES NOT appear in your 'My Messages' folder when you log in, forward it immediately to (minus the .au if applicable).
    eBay will get back to you saying if the email is or is not legit. The latest one going around has a subject of: [name], eBay would like your input claiming to be a survey. Both my mum and I got one and when we forwarded it to 'spoof' they contacted us and said it was not from them.

    There have been cases where people have attempted to gain access to an
    eBay member's personal information by sending "spoof" emails. Spoof
    emails intentionally give the false impression that they have been sent
    by eBay to solicit people to provide their account information.

    So keep safe guys, and change your passwords/usernames regularly.

    That's my public service for the day.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 25 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Lest We Forget
    "At the going down of the sun and in the evening;
    We will remember them."

    War Memorial - North Terrace

    photo by me

    Anzac Day, a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, commemorates the landing at Gallipoli in 1915 of the two countries' fighting men, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, during World War I.

    This was the war that was impossible to win and marked the end of Australia's age of innocence as Australians and New Zealanders alike witnessed and heard reports of the distant booming guns and the cries of the dying.

    All in all, in the Gallipoli Campaign which ultimately ended in defeat, more than 11,000 ANZACs were killed.

    Particularly at a time when Australian soldiers have again been involved in battles in other parts of the world, the commemoration of Anzac Day this year should not only remember those who have suffered in war, but strengthen our conviction that there must be peace in the world.

    "They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
    Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the evening
    we will remember them."

    -- From the Anzac Day Service

    In the early hours of April 25, at various Shrines of Remembrance, cenotaphs and war memorials everywhere in Australia and New Zealand, there is a gathering of the men and women who have gone to war and returned, and with their families and friends gather for a dawn service that heralds the start of another Anzac Day.

    This is a day of remembrance -- of the deaths and sufferings in war, the valor of fighting men and women, and the ever-present hope for the peoples of the world to live together in harmony and lasting peace.

    From Larry Rivera's Lest We Forget

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 23 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    coming into colour.

    blink my eyes and squint
    in the new light.

    things look different
    when you've been
    out of the sunshine
    too long.

    things will be better now.

    better now.

    be better now.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Plastery Fun

    So yesterday we all went to the Plaster Fun House for Basil's birthday and then some of us went to hideous Pizza Hut and then to Intencity where we gave Basil all our prize tickets that she traded in for a plush Chicken Little holding a spoon and a great time was had by all and here is a picture of Tom's funky mouse and my hippy dinosaur and Weird Sister Rae's dinosaur-turned-into-a-turtle.
    We think outside the square.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off On Me
    Hawksley Workman

    look at those buggers who are looting the crash site
    taking the ring off your sweet little finger
    that i gave to you, when we got married
    you're under water now, you're back where you came from
    no stealing of beauty that could naturally flow
    from the center of all that you are, all that you are

    and your beauty must be rubbing off
    your beauty must be rubbing off on me

    if we had children they'd be lovely and beautiful
    and posses a peace and a strength and a depth in their eyes
    and a soundness in heart, even as they cry
    and we as lovers bloom like lilies in midnight
    to taste our bellies before God
    we are witness to currents we cannot control, cannot control

    and your beauty must be rubbing off
    your beauty must be rubbing off on me
    your beauty must be rubbing off
    your beauty must be rubbing off on me

    it's all the faces that you never have, or that you never had
    to the shivers you couldn't shake
    the planes you didn't make
    the hooks that didn't take off at night
    in the window as you fight with the curtains
    to cover up your nakedness from the neighbour's gaze such a sweet display
    of nothingness of everything of nevermind
    these things are fine the sweet tooth sunset forgets tonight

    cacophony, cacophony

    and let me say that you look lovely in all of this
    and let me say that the death that i fear
    could in part be a fear that i'd lose you, just as i found you

    your beauty must be rubbing off
    your beauty must be rubbing off on me
    your beauty must be rubbing off
    your beauty must be rubbing off on me

    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you
    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you
    your beauty must be rubbing off
    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you
    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you
    your beauty must be rubbing off
    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you
    don't be a stranger to the danger that is kissing you

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    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 22 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Hawksley Workman Lastnite

    was awesome.
    The Jive Bar was a lovely small venue and it housed a very small but very appreciative audience for Hawksley.
    I finally got to buy both of his albums, hugged him, told him how much I loved him and that he's to come back again soon, got him to sign my CD covers, then bumped into his accompianist Todd aka 'Mr Lonely' outside the Ed as I was heading home, had a conversation with him and his lady friend, got him to sign my CD covers also, told him how much I loved him and to return again soon also.

    I was running out of money, but I would have also bought the other album with alot of his darker stuff on it. But alas, the dollars were short.
    Oh well next time. Mr Lonely tells me they're hoping to be back around December :)
    The first time I saw him was as support act for Lior last September. I loved him since.

    Seriously guys, these boys are beautiful and create beautiful sounds. I really really recommend you check them out.

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    Let's call today: 'Friday, 21 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Hehehe I like it.
    Simple Simon with a demonic edge.

    Angry Kid Choirboy game

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 19 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I cleaned out a corner of my room and all my bits of paper and found something I've been meaning to post for about 18months.

    August 11th

    The two girls looked at one another in the darkness. The scene illuminated by a solitary streetlight, whose hum seemed magnified in the silence that followed.
    Each eyed the other; both beautiful, both sad, both alone.
    Finally, one spoke.
    She raised her hand to the other's cheek and brushed her fingers lightly over her skin. It was a cold night and she saw her companion shiver.
    "Go home," she said softly, almost sighing in her defeat. "Go back to your life before me. Go back to your house, and your children and your partner. For they are more to you now than I will ever be."

    The two girls looked at one another in the darkness. The scene illuminated by a solitary streetlight, whose hum seemed magnified in the silence that followed.
    Each eyed the other; both beautiful, both sad, both alone.
    Finally, one spoke.
    She put her arms about the other's neck and gently kissed her temple. It was a cold night and she saw her companion shiver.
    "Go home," she said softly, almost sighing in her defeat. "Go back to your life before me. Go back to your friends, and your fun and your freedom. For they are more to you now than I will ever be."

    I dunno, I just like it.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    I've lost my Muse

    Okay so my composing streak seems to be coming to an end.
    I was churning out songs like butter for a while there, and now I'm back to blank.
    Oh well at least I got a few more tracks to work on now :)
    On a completely unrelated note, here's a picture of Ben and I;
    made up of two separate photos, each of which contains one and a half of each others face.Ooh the flash makes us pale and shiny.

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    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 18 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    It begins. I am so so sick. Kill me now. Blerrr. On that note, ignore the many mistakes I've made here.

    Good Friday

    Basil and her dad picked Ben and I up from my place and we drove to the airport where I took Basil through the simple process of check-in and security screenings - after Basil declared her hair to be the only 'Dangerous and Flammable' items on us.
    We met up with Carly and Tom at our gate and I distributed little choc bunnies to everyone - including carly's mum and her partner - and before long had boarded... Ben, Basil and I being amongst the last to be let on.
    Arriving in Tullamarine, Basil collected her enormous bag and we collected Maz and we skybussed it to our hostel... the onboard screens telling us that 'Buying A Ticket Before You Get On Board Saves Time Or Problems Later'... "or just remember this simple acronym: BATBYGOBSTOPL!!"
    After checking in to our pretty damn good YHA hostel, where we briefly convinced Maz he was staying in a room by himself with strangers instead of Ben and Tom (hehehe) we headed out in search of food - treading the streets in the rain until we eventually found a pub that was open on Good Friday where most of us ordered a Chicken Parma - mine was the same shape and close to the same size as Africa. Our waitress was impressed, apparently we were the first to ever finish those enormous chickens... we told her they breed us hungry in SA.
    After that?? For some reason I don't recall... I think we just went back to the hostel cos it was late and cold. We bought a few drinks and cheese and crackers and took them to the rooftop lounge and chilled out; getting slowly tipsy and taking pictures and playing with Maz's camcorder. Then just before it closed, I took some night-time skyline pics from the balcony and we all headed to bed.

    Highlights of the day:
  • "Shut up and eat your Africa!" - Basil re: my pub meal
  • "BATBYGOBSTOPL!" - Melbourne Tourist Info

  • Awesome Saturday

    Up and showered and meeting the boys downstairs for breakfast at roughly 10am, we all trundled off to the Queen Victoria Markets and split into two groups to explore and address each of our objects. After an hour, we met up again briefly to arrange when and where we'll come together later that evening, then Basil Basky and Tom went to Ikea, and Maz Ben and I completed the Markets, shopped for clothes and went on some failed search for Griffiths street on foot.
    Since I only know the details of our troupes adventures, I can only share that with you.In the markets Maz and I went on a spree of trying on various hats and Ben took pictures- my favourites were the gangsta hats. Ben and I bought fudge and a bag of jam donuts in accordance with our familys' traditions. I haggled myself a long brown hooded coat which I'm calling my Dementor coat (Harry Potter again!) When I told Maz I was wearing a shirt and tie and my fedora to the show that night, he insisted on building an snazzy outfit also, and we walked for what seemed ages - first to try and find Steadicam on Griffiths St, then to piece together some sort of rockstarish attire for Maz.

    We visited various shopping districts and saw many pieces of bizarre art which I must admit is one of the few things that does attract me to Melbourne - including some skinny odd bronze men on the street and the weird water wall which looked like it was moving. Maz ended up getting most of his outfit after a few failed searches in very expensive stores that either had no waistcoats, or had them for +$1000.
    But anyway, after lots of walking and shopping and picture-taking and witnessing a domestic on the street which entailed a guy called Aaron ignoring, and being followed
    by, his hideous partner screeching his name chasing him with what I assume to be their child in a stroller... they were a sexy classy bunch. Also, Wil Anderson passed me on the street! I said hello but he was listening to an iPod or something and had a slightly miffed expression on his face so I didn't chase him - I'm not a huge fan of him anyway.
    Staggering in the hostel by 5pm I ducked back under the shower to feel human again and we got ready for the evening's antics. Maz scrubbed up nicely in his new clothes, and I loaned Ben my glasses to top his rather spunky look off in his new jacket. We ate dinner while we waited for a taxi to take us to the town hall/theatre... Maz and I trying to avoid staining our white ties.... and we discovered that you could cleverly disguise carboard as lasagne and sell it - but we ate it anyway because the day's exertions had worked up an appetite.
    Basil was the clever chicken who organised a cab and getting us to the show on time. Once there, we were almost in the wrong line, couldnt find where we were supposed to go, and got asked to spare some change to support a young lady's drug addiction... well at least she was honest I suppose.
    We weren't seated long before the show started. A few flashes went off and no one said anything about not taking pictures, so I pulled out my camera, turned off the LCD and snapped away. I discovered today that in all I took ~246 of the show... only about 20 of them were okay... I just kept snapping, figuring I'd go thru them later and get rid of all the rubbish ones.
    Dylan Moran was only on for an hour, and we were quickly herded out as another show was to start after. As we were on the street talking, I was staring into space and thought 'hey look that guy walking by looks so much like Dylan Moran.... wait a sec!' by the time I realised it was him, he had almost disappeared in the crowd. For some reason I was evidently so excited that I'd been so close to him that I lost my power of intelligible speech and could not effectively pass on that *that* guy with the hair and the backpack was Dylan himself!! Like Wil earlier that day, Dylan had a slightly pissed off expression (like he does anyway) and it discouraged me in running after him and asking for a photo... not that I don't regret that greatly now.
    While we were waiting before his show we were invited to see a free show a few blocks down the road at 8:30pm and we figured, hey it's free and we go home tomorrow - let's go. The show was called You Say Potato, I Say Die!and it was a collection of short skits starring 4 young guys. They weren't bad. Most of the skits were pretty funny and this one guy had all this intense energy, he was great. As marks all good performers, he ended the show in a straightjacket.
    After all this theatrical splendour we spent some time in a lame yuppy 10 Pin Bowling Bar (which sounds alot cooler than it was) and the sophisticated Boutique Wine Bar next to it that was screening a BW John Wayne film on the wall to which we all supplied voices til our cheeks hurt from laughing.Then we met up with Carly, Tom and Adrian in the Exford Hotel which momentarily gave me flashbacks of The Ed Castle - tho lamer and grimier and with poorer entertainment - where we had a drink or two and there was a search for Karaoke bars in Chinatown that weren't brothels in disguise (not alot of success there I believe).
    Before long Ben and I left to find coffee and/or snackage and as we walked about I realised that I'd probably reached my peak for the evening, and we set off back to the hostel - a call from Maz soon after confirmed that he and the others eventually concluded the same thing and they were heading back also.
    In the hostel we were nerdy and checked emails, cracked the pack of peanut M&Ms and Ben and I had a game of pool. Maz was still ticking from his evening's drinkage and when Carly and eventually Basil and Tom went to bed, Ben and I wrapped up our game, got another coffee from the machine, snackage from the other machine, and set up camp in the 3rd floor TV room.
    After some mucking about (Maz will no doubt watch the tape in his camcorder and wonder why theres an aeroplane shot of his nose) we ate skittles and M&Ms. Maz fell asleep and Ben and I watched National Geographic in between dozing.
    At 6am, we all woke up and I declared I was going to get at least *some* hours' sleep in a bed, so I stumbled to my room, hoping my cardkey still worked, and somehow managed to get into the top bunk where I promptly shoved everything on it to one side and threw the quilt over me, still fully clothed.
    Highlights of the day:
  • "Have you ever been masturbating and stopped halfway through because you realised you're not your type?" - Dylan Moran
  • "When I get back, I want babies from you two. Or chickens!"
    "Here, have another basket!"
    -Ben and Maz, supplying the voices for characters in the BW film.

  • Sleepy Sunday

    Finding myself at 9ish AM already dressed for the day ahead - hehehe - I had a brief wash and brushed my teeth, threw everything in a disorderly fashion into my bag and stripped my bed. We collected Ben, checked out, ordered breakfast, had to call Tom and Maz to see where the hell they were - and eventually found ourselves a very tired bunch in the downstairs bistro.
    Ben Maz and I bummed around on the couches taking pictures and lightly dozing, and in general stuffing around while we waited the half hour left until the skybus came. I stole Ben's scarf hehehehehe!
    Tom and Carly weren't flying out til 8pm but Ben, Basil and I were leaving at 1:30ish PM. Maz: a few minutes before us, back to Sydney.
    Whilst eating something abhorrant in Tullamarine airport I bumped into, of all people, Zak who was also flying on our flight back to Adelaide... that's the second time I've bumped into him in an airport hehehe.
    After making friends with our flight attendant Liz, who we deemed cool becasue she blew the whistle on her lifejacket during the demonstration and waved back at us when we madly greeted her after her introduction, we keep quoting "I am le tired" a zillion times and alternately talked, napped and listened to music until Adelaide came into view and my ears threatened to explode. Tired AND sore ears. What fun.
    We collected our bags and Basil's dad took us back to my place where I burnt all the photo's onto CD for Ben before taking him home. We had to go to Matt's place before Ben's house where the two of us had to be charming and funny and tell travel stories but eventually our fatigue got the better of us and I dropped Ben home before scuttling home myself.
    I managed to have enough time to have a shower, get dressed, watch a bit of TV, then away to David's cocktail party where I kept saying I wouldn't drink, but ended up having about 4. The only one I remotely liked was some pink Dacquiri thing we nicknamed Pink Bits.
    Running on pure adrenalin by this point, I somehow managed to keep buzzing until about midnight when I prompted fell fast asleep in bed.
    Highlights of the day:
  • Lazing on the couches with my boys, and the various reminiscences throughout the day.
  • "Someone hold my 'Pink Bits' I must urinate!!" - at the cocktail party

  • Rainy Monday

    Up at 6:30am before anyone else I got dressed, gathered up my Dementor coat and drove to the meeting point in Woodcroft for the Oakbank Easter Races.
    Six of us in a van drove to the racecourse and I was given a white Official's labcoat and a green tag and was told the stupid liquor license rules I was to uphold for the day.
    All I was doing was working one day at Oakbank and making sure that glass bottles and canned drinks were not to be brought past us - supplying people with plastic cups instead.
    It was actually not too bad, and kinda funny when most people thought we were confiscating alcohol then finding out we just wanted to take their bottles and cans. I was called divine intervention, a champ and was told I was loved by one tipsy cute girl.
    People were mostly all dressed up, and it made me laugh greatly to see all the insipid girls barely older than me, if they were in fact out of their teens at all, walking across the woodchips in high heels and dresses that revealing oh so much flesh that I was certain breasts were going to fall out at any time - not that I'd be looking... no, actually no sarcasm there, they were annoying and skinny.
    The guy in the booth by us selling racebooks had a harsh lisp so his spruiking wasn't really music to the ears all day, and his revelation to me about wanting to be reincarnated as a toilet bowl in a ladies restroom made his advances later in the day... well... just a tad more creepy. I did tell my 'boss' Ian that if this guys hit on me one more time, I was going to punch him and I wasn't going to be held responsible. Ian told me that that was understandble, but he couldn't blame him really.
    Flattery will get you everywhere, Ian.
    At one point Nine News was talked to two guys across the way from me and I found myself looking down a camera lens... saddened slightly that there wasn't much I could do but continue working.

    Then the rain came. And I donned my Dementor coat. I reached the point of "I'm as soaked as I can get" by about Noon.

    Wrapping this up now because its taken me longer to write this epic post than it's taken you to suffer reading it:
    I finished work about about 4:30, collected my pay, and the 6 of us tired and damp but happy souls drove back to the Woodcroft meeting place where I got into my freezing car, drove home and headed straight for the bath.
    Mum surprised me with a freshly made bed (and my chiropractic matress placed back on the base from the student's room), and a hot cup of tea, and I chattered with her in my towels and bathrobe as I ate my tea in front of the heater.
    A few sneezes later I discovered that my day in the rain had earnt me my $100, a newspaper, 4 drinks, and a bonus cold thrown in for free.

    Again, tired AND sore ears. What fun.

    Highlights of the day:
  • Watching glamourous girls that had taken about 3 hours to get ready that day reduced to freezing goosebumped crying balls of mud.
  • Wearing a bin liner and dancing in the mud quacking like a duck to warm myself up.
  • Seeing innumerable highheels sink into the ground and stick, and a drunk guy in a shirt and tie running, slipping over and sliding a few metres in the mud.

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    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 16 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Dylan Moran
    A quick review:

    I almost touched him, curses to my inconfidence in facial recognition.... he walked right by and I just went 'hey that guy looks like..... IT IS!' but he was gone before I could leap in front of traffic and cut a lock of hair from his person and treasure it forever.

    Since I'm blogging this from a paid net-computer in my hostel, and Ben is beside me, and the others are on their way, and I'm apparently partaking in some sort of conversation with an Indian man without much participation on my part, I shall away with me into the night!


    Be home in about 15hours.
    Thank god.

    A voicemail from Maz just informed me that Melbourne has struck out three times now, and he is returning from his splendour pub-crawling I left him at.

    To bed with me... or at least to somewhere quiet to veg with our pack of peanut M&Ms.

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    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 13 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Difficult times lie ahead...

    If you'd like to buy me presents, I would give you big hugs and squishes if you threw this into your giftbasket.
    XL please.

    Is it sad that Eliza and I stood transfixed to a widescreen TV in the entry of Kmart watching all 4 of the trailers giggling?

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    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 12 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    But I'm HUNGRY!

    There is nothing in my fridge that is of use to me.

    I see nothing but raw food parts; things you make other things with
    -Megan, Addiction*

    Tis a pain I know all too well.
    I'm going to New Marion with Eliza now, I shall hunt and gather there.
    Have a good day everyone.

    *which ONE DAY we will make, Basil.

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    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Was anyone just listening to Triple M?

    For some reason, I decided I should get up at some sort of reasonable hour, so Fate made me reach out and flick the alarm on my clock radio on. So then I could listen to to something as I slowly woke up.

    9:01am I shook awake by my radio starting up, before I even got a chance to think 'why is my alarm going off? what do I have to do today?' I heard, 'Welcome back, Dylan Moran is here with us this morning...' and I SHOT BOLT UPRIGHT IN BED.

    Poor Dylan. It was way too early for him. He sounded like I felt. He was on for about 15minutes and was audibly yawning and mumbling and it took him a few minutes before he kinda decided to participate in this little chat. Most of his sentences had little to no conclusion, but trailed off in some sort of ramble.

    I loved it.

    Speaking NOTHING of Blacks Books which hurt me greatly, they turned to films like Shaun of The Dead and The Actors and it was at this point Dylan stated how stupid acting was.
    "Wigs... makeup... special ears... Speak to her, speak to him, scratch your leg, walk off - it's.... it's stupid really."

    I could see him in my head smoking as he talked... I knew he wouldn't be smoking a cigarette in the studio, but I could tell he needed one.

    It was revealed quickly that Dylan doesn't socialise with others in the International Comedy Festival, stating that 'that sense of community and togetherness and all that' really wasn't his thing.

    It was clear from the start that the character of Bernard in Black Books is far from an effort to portray; Moran's bored and sarcastic cynicism was evident in all he said mocked.

    "I see pictures of the others, studying, working to perfect their craft... it's stupid.
    There's always pictures of people (in the Festival)...and they're all the same;... holding an object and being puzzled by it- like an artichoke or something stupid... or leaping into the air for no reason, that one's quite popular... or they'd take one when you're on the toilet and work it into the title somehow in some sort of acrostic or something...
    Don't worry I am working on an artichoke in the show... I'm working on some sort of mid air vegetable split."

    When Dylan said thankyou, good morning at the conclusion of the spot it was perhaps the first time he actually sounded bright - I'm guessing he was just happy to be leaving. Personally, I was listening to the morons babbling on to him about complete wank and could imagine he'd have been thinking: I got out of bed for this??

    After the interview apparently people called in complaining about him, and the announcers had to say 'hey, that's just how he is' and said that he was just flipping through articles looking for something on him and staring at huge write-ups and pictures of Elton John and people from Big Brother completely mystified.

    They say write what you know, I now think Black Books is some sort of documentary: Dylan Moran/Bernard Black is just a reclusive wanker...

    I fucking can't wait to see him Saturday!!!!

    9:57 am | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 11 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    In our date format...

    On Thursday 4th May 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00am
    in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

    The Americans have missed it already.

    Ben and I are apparently going to celebrate it.
    Any excuse for a celebration!

    4:32 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Tonite Ness and I are going out for tea at the Seacliff. The last couple of times I was there with her and Basil they had bad karaoke singers up.
    If it's on again tonite I'm going to go up there and do a song and declare that 9 our of 10 people who partake in karaoke.....shouldn't.
    Depending on how well I do, I may prove that point.

    2:52 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Sunday, 9 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Happy Birthday Jane
    Pictured here we see Shell and yours truly at Jane's 50th lastnite.
    We swapped hats. I think everyone had my hat on that night, including Jane's very intoxicated 84 year old mother who is so f'ing funny!
    Shell is a gorgeous guitar girl who was the first person I met at the herbfarm. She says we're going to jam together soon and hit an open mic night in Willunga. She's the greatest.

    9:48 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Mad World
    -Tears for Fears
    (covered by Gary Jules as heard in Donnie Darko)

    All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
    And their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow

    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying
    Are the best I've ever had
    I find it hard to tell you
    'Cos I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles
    It's a very, very
    Mad World

    Children waiting for the day they feel good
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    Made to feel the way that every child should
    Sit and listen, sit and listen
    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
    Look right through me, look right through me

    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying
    Are the best I've ever had
    I find it hard to tell you
    'Cos I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles
    It's a very, very
    Mad World

    9:41 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Fishing On Mars

    meh i dunno.

    8:42 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 8 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    If one more person asks me why am I up so early I will slap them with a trout!
    Twice if they're someone who repeatedly asks me this when I'm lucid at dawn and has been repeatedly told it's because I'm still awake from lastnite, and has repeatedly had to have i.n.s.o.m.n.i.a chiselled into their palms with the power of my mind.

    In true 'me' fashion I spent the parts of the night that I wasn't waiting to fall asleep in front of my computer creating brilliance. The result: a rather strange clip to Toni Basil's 'Hey Mickey' entailing me and my Mickey Mouse ears.

    So I'm already detecting that slightly drunk feeling that usually comes with dawn after a sleepless night. More than likely I'll fulfil the routine by peaking out at about 10 or 11am and catching a few hours - as is usual on days like today.

    It was a morning not unlike this one that I rode my bicycle down the road in my pjs singing loudly about the ducks on my pants.

    Actually, I'm sure if you look, there's a post about that somewhere on here. Enjoy!

    8:07 am | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Friday, 7 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

    You know what, I think I'm finally going to have myself a good year. And if it turns otherwise, I'm going to still try and keep it so, 'cos I'm enjoying it.

    Before long, 2004 just became too much for me, and I designated '05 to be my good year, but halfway through I was kicked in the face by people again. So far I've been on my first lengthy streak of feeling great for the first time since... this time last year?? Yeah, just before Equus, that was in May last year wasn't it?
    Holy flying fedora - that's quite a run. I don't really include being abroad, different situations etc, so really let's say 8 or 9 months. I guess I really mean in myself and in my current environment etc etc and blah blah blah.

    For a few weeks now, despite having no luck jobwise yet, and having a few people raining shit on me in particular, for some reason the glass has remained half-full. Which is odd for me.
    I'm not a half-empty person either really, but I'm cynical enough and try my hardest to view things realistically and subjectively (admittedly I fail to do so at times) for everything to eventually get on top of me.

    But returning to this humble land of mine after some months and having several thousand kilometres between me and my problems, I've come back very 'over' everything. As usual my music has been helping me through some patches; the other night I played a song I wrote about this time last year and only now fully can I sing it with true conviction. The music must be doing something for me, I've been composing on average a song a week since returning from the US.

    I feel like a better person.

    Things and people and situations that used to dictate how I'd feel for the day are shrugged off easier now.
    I've been keeping fit with the new equipment my folks bought, working out close to every day.
    People that I would have slapped or scorned for even trying to talk to me before are now getting not only attention and tolerance, but apologies for my undeserved hostility to them.
    Attention from interested parties, though still surprising to me, are welcomed as I gradually realise that hey I'm kinda spunky sometimes after all - no doubt being the cool Aussie chick with the sexy accent in America helped that part.
    Eventually something will come up in terms of employment that I will enjoy doing at least a bit more than being a herb farmer.
    And also, eventually I'll be moving and can finally tie up that last loose thread hanging from my independence, and I can be a little further from the grip of psychological warfare that this house is clouded in.

    I feel stronger, calmer and more attractive than I have for... as long as I can remember - probably the first time in recent years.

    So this is just a rant and I know that, and I'm sorry that I've nothing terribly more interesting to write about, but that's pretty much what I've been noticing lately.
    And I'm not complaining.
    I don't know where this all came from, but it's quite welcome, believe me.

    I've recently discovered that lately I attract, and am attracted to, flirty heartbreakers who just want to use me when it suits them.
    My new attitude to it all?
    *shrug* oh well, to hell with you too.

    9:31 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Thursday, 6 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    One month til take off

    If you see me around looking rather scruffy please bear with me, I don't see the point of going to get a haircut when it's all coming off next month.
    Yep, shave won by a landslide, and of all people Maz won the ebay auction - why he wants a bit of my hair I'm not sure... perhaps he wants to clone me?
    Anyway, now I need you guys to put your money where your mouth is and sponsor me for the Worlds Greatest Shave :)

    You can sponsor me now online. The form will ask you for the 'shaver number' of the participant you want to sponsor; mine is #88215, enter this or search for my name in SA :)

    So far I have $70 in sponsorship - I was pledged ~$300... get amongst it.

    Maz I am going to kill you, not only do you buy my hair & get songs stuck in my head, but now I'm saying get amongst it!

    1:10 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 5 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    For you


    He lives on the other side of the world
    But lately he's been feeling down
    There's nothing I can do, there's nothing I can say
    Cos I live too far away - So I'll just say:

    Jonathan, Jonathan.
    Jonathan dont be sad.
    Jonathan, Jonathan.
    Jonathan dont be sad.
    Dont be sad.

    The world is so much brighter when you smile
    The world is so much smaller when I hear your voice
    The world will be less lonely in a while
    Cos the world is full of lots of girls and lots of boys - who love

    Jonathan, Jonathan.
    Jonathan dont be sad
    Jonathan, We love Jonathan.
    Jonathan dont be sad.
    Dont be sad.

    And we love everyone else in 'Guest Show'
    Wearing those white clothes
    Some of you guys made those costumes look hot
    And some of you 'not' - except for

    Jonathan, Jonathan.
    Jonathan so dont look sad.
    Jonathan, My Jonathan.
    Jonathan dont look sad.
    Dont ever look sad.

    5:09 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 4 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    This is the second night I have left my washing out to be rained on.
    Go me.

    Jebus! and it just started pelting down...

    ...and then.... stopped.

    The weather is as manic as me sometimes.

    9:35 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    *My* Art ProjectI've been doing alot of propaganda-ish type shots for this fair town of ours.
    For now the project is simply titled 'Adelaide is purty'.
    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, it's just an excuse to walk around the city getting used to my new camera.
    Perhaps I'll make some sort of massive print for myself eventually.

    7:59 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Ben's Art Project

    Ben, while we were talking about everything except sex lastnite, suggested that I let everyone have a copy of this photo, then you all do random artsy stuff with it and send it back to me and I'm to collage the results.

    This was sparked after me placing the following up as my display pic on msn.
    Tis too Emo for me. And... pink.

    But anyway from there Ben launched into visions of an international art project and I was to post this immediately.

    So here I am. The original is lame and blurry I know, sorry, but therein lies the challenge I guess.

    Have fun, I look forward to seeing what odd things you do to my face...
    Can I rephrase that please??
    :P Okay so I'm a sheep after all. 'Tis my dirty mind.

    12:55 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Monday, 3 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    It's true isn't it?
    I'm the only person in the world not talking about sex tonight, aren't I??

    Ok, Ben just informed me that he isn't either.

    9:35 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Your assignment for this month:

    In 50 words or less, describe a crumpet as though explaining it to someone from a non-crumpet country (eg USA).

    I've tried, it's hard.

    5:04 pm | Post A Comment... >

    Let's call today: 'Saturday, 1 April 2006'

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Upcoming Gigs
    so much for my 'let's ease off the concerts this year' resolution...

    These are the shows coming up that I'm going to check out soon.
    If you haven't seen any of these guys before, I'd recommend you do so while you can.
    The links in this post (except Ben Folds) will take you to gig info and a purchasing page; for more information on each musical artist, check out the Music, Art & Inspiration links on the sidebar.

    Dylan Moran Live
    Saturday 15th April 2006 7pm
    Melbourne Town Hall

    Hawksley Workman
    Friday 21st April 2006 8pm
    Jive Nightclub
    May actually buy his CD this time, last time it was a toss up between that and a Lior shirt... we all know which won. Tho I did get to talk to him, he's a cute Canadian sweetheart with a nice smile.

    Lior (plus guests: Fruit)
    Saturday 13 May 2006 8pm
    Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

    Split Enz (plus guests: Evermore)
    Tuesday June 13th 2006 8pm
    Adelaide Entertainment Centre

    and of course
    Ben Folds
    Friday 29th 2006 8pm
    Adelaide Festival Theatre

    I'd also like to see Xavier Rudd at the end of the month at the Thebarton Theatre. He does most of the instruments by himself and I think it'd be quite a thing to see him live. However the $40+ ticket price is telling me to save it for another day :)


    2:50 pm | Post A Comment... >

    pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
    Sayo Nara

    *sniff* bye bye my lil tamagochi

    1:10 pm | Post A Comment... >


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