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Let's call today: 'Monday, 24 September 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Okay okay yeah so I havent been to bed yet.
I finished The Amount episode that was overdue and started doing some spring cleaning and pausing that to talk to my girl who - work being nice and letting her go on time - should be coming over later today which means I should stop blogging and finish the spring cleaning for currently theres stuff all over my floor, desk, chair and bed.
I'm sure she won't mind if maybe possibly not absolutely everything is put away...?

She is a bit of neat freak sometimes. Though, sometimes, really not as well. That's when it's my turn to be the tidy-upper.

Hmm I feel the need for a gush warning approaching.

I've never had anyone so loving and so absolutely devoted to me, who actually wants to be with me all the time for all time. Feeling wanted still surprises me. I'm still in shock months later.

Is that just a note on the people I've previously dated though?
Many have had their own agendas, only a few have been genuine but I had been blinded by my feelings for the former to appreciate the latter until it was too late.

It's hard not to compare her to all the people before her. She isn't mean, she doesnt use me, she actually wants to look after me.

This is all well and good, but I'm you don't want to read about it, and I don't really want to keep writing about it. I'm sounding pathetic and girly.

I guess time will tell once I'm out of the haze.
For now I'm just enjoying.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Greetings from a live post for the first time ever in Vicki's room!

Since Basil, the comic genius awesome god of porta-nerdiness, equipped my beast with wirelessness, I'm connected inside! (connection and signal permitting).
So many bows and thanks to Baz. Bows as in what one would do before a god like Basil, not bows as in pretty things that little girls tie their hair up with.
Basil can have those sort of bows too, but I doubt she'd like them, and I imagine they'd be thrown back at me. Mehe.
What about pasta bows?
Mmmm pasta bows.

In case that wasn't enough of an indication, I've worked most of the night and am now rabbiting away on my computer. Mostly finishing off my editing for last weeks Friday show for The Amount. Everything related to that post and the challenge it talks of just went awry... even the capturing and editing of the footage - hence the lateness.

tonight at work went so slow. Thankfully though tonight and last night (yes I'm aware that I'm talking a day behind... but 'it isn't tomorrow until you sleep'... therefore it's still sunday to me right now) wasnt as full of jerks as Friday night.
When a young man on one of my last tables for the evening suggested to his friend, another player, that they 'rape the dealer' as a way of describing them winning the game and beating me, I was one hair's breath away from requesting they leave the table. I was, in truth, in too much of a state of shock, and was for the moment sated with the dropped face and apology my lowered voice "watch your mouth" demanded.
Earlier that evening I was at another table when a customer, one of a pair of self-proclaimed gangstas, took a look around at some staff members and stated to me: "man you got some hot bitchez workin' here eh?"
Oh really! Piss off.

To top that night off I got out early but still waited forever for either Dave or Lauren or both to meet me at the Pancake Kitchen. Pre-warned via sms, I received Lauren a mite drunk, and took her home where I shovelled her off to bed before deciding that home was too far a distance away and I was too tired to drive it.

Surprisingly I got a minimum sufficient sleep and, Lauren having called off work, I unleashed a gentle but firm lecture about her putting herself in her present condition. I have little to no sympathy for those with hangovers, not even my own family nor girlfriend. Sorry, but you bring it on yourself, and then make me suffer thru it.

Anyways, the sun is a-rising and I still have editing to do. Thankfully I have a couple nights off so I don't have to crawl away from the sunlight and force myself to sleep, I can treat myself a bit of stay up late time methinks.
6:35am... the parentals should be stirring soon too. Perhaps some socialising with them and my cat before bed would be nice also.

It looks like its going to be a pretty day, enjoy it everyone!

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Let's call today: 'Monday, 17 September 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
My dad likes K.D Lang and The Ellen Show. He's such a lesbian.

What a loverly day today!
Though I am inside trying to pay my car registration over the phone - with little luck. One more failed request and I'm going to the website, then if it fails again, I'll have to spend the rest of this loverly day standing in line and that will make me a sad panda.

I'm back on nightshifts; a week of it down already and already my body and bones saying 'how long til dayshift so we can rest?'
I'm too young to feel this old.

Lastnight a posse of us went to see Dr. Plonk, which I had no idea was filmed in Adelaide. I knew that Heer was an Adelaide director, but didn't know I'd be recognising every second scene. It was rather awesome. It gave us a transcendental feeling sitting in a theatre watching a silent film made in our hometown. I loved it.
I'm just sad that Madga Szubanski didn't have a bigger part. But Paul Blackwell was rather awesome.
And it's my belief that certain SA politicians should stick to politicizing and not acting.
But hey, good on them.

Other than the film and work, nothing too exciting planned this week.
Old Bush Inn on Thursday night...
OMG last fortnight the infamous mavis was nice to us.... I'm so confused. She turned my world upside down, I don't know what's what. My only theories are maybe because I said hello to everyone on the couches (including her) when I came it maybe it softened her up? Or maybe I haven't been there so long and she was too tipsy that she forgot who I was? Or she found Jesus... under the sofa? Or a not-so-evil twin?
Either way, she threw me.

There's nothing quite so rattling as preparing for hostility and receiving pleasantries... surprising, but very confusing.

"It's a trap!!!"*

Anyway, I'm off to begin thinking about my Amount episode for the day, and watching more Blackadder. Am re-addicted to that show, I was too young to appreciate it. Tony Robinson will always be the storyteller to me; lulling me with Tales From Fat Tulip's Garden on ABC. There's a few episodes on youtube that will let me re-visit the Garden.
Ah youtube. Replenisher of crazy cravings.

*Dammit, I lost the game

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