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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 24 September 2008'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Sometimes, hearing a customer jest about meeting you later in the carpark one to many times after you've just taken a substantial amount of their gambling money makes you a little jittery about your safety.

Nothing radical, you understand. I don't take the security escort to my car every night/morning. But just enough to plant the tiniest seed of thought in the very back of your mind.

After slowly and aimlessly attempting to make my blog fly under the radar - as far as search engines and looking up my name is concerned - googling myself has shown me two things:
  • there is no link to this blog to be found by searching for my full name
  • there are stupid, insipid people on the web who happen to share my full name
The victory of the former is somewhat marred by the dismay of the latter:
  1. Anyone who doesn't already know me, and to whom I have not given this URL/blog details, will search for me and will not find anything linking me with my opinions expressed here. Even searching for my workplace or school doesn't pinpoint me enough.
    Therefore I am safe from any meddling mothers of ex's, former classmates, or bitter customers.
  2. However, of the aforementioned parties who somehow find themselves writing my name on their nametags, some do not display photos and share an age very close to my own.
    I may not want the meddling mothers of ex's, former classmates, or bitter customers finding me here on Shades but I don't want them mistaking me for the same author of some of the drivel I've been finding either...

Tis a dilemma.
Fly under the radar and hide under the guise of prissy let's-go-get-drunk-and-flirt-with-the-boys-at-the-club plastics? Or risk the exposure and say "Oh please God don't think I've turned into that since you saw me last..."?

Meh, I'll let them get the fame. After all, I'm talking about avoiding people I wouldn't feel a great need to justify myself to anyway. Feh, so they'll think I'm a git. I'll know who I am, and that's one up I'll have on them.

Or perhaps as always, I've just written my own share of mindless drivel.
*shrug* guess in some small way that'll make me part of my online-peers then.

It's late, I know, I'm going to bed.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 16 September 2008'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
chai tea is fucking rad!
okay, so i'm a freak who has it with milk and sugar - but that's how i first had it and now I'm hooked.
so here I am drinking Chai, watching indiana jones, and surfing Not Always Right.
days off rule.

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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 13 September 2008'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Last night, i was supposed to go to work.
Instead I had an anxiety attack.
Lauren called scheduling for me, and took me to the doctor.
The doc said that the past/current health issues I've been concerned (aka worrying myself stupid) about are fine and referred me back to my specialist for treatment - which he says, is easily done and nothin heavy's happening.
I could have cried with relief.
Sometimes I get myself so worked up.

I've been dragging my feet lately. Down about alot of things, at least my health I can set aside now, but just in general hating everything.
I've been applying for new jobs. Once I find something else, I'm out of the cas for a few years. It's hurting my soul being there these hours.

I'm looking into another US placement program.

Thought of the moment: I need to buy a new clothes-horse.

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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 11 September 2008'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
my tummy and my head hurt

Yesterday I went to the Royal Adelaide Show for the first time in a few years. The last time i went, they'd only just started revamping the place. It was nice. Grassed areas were put in, and the roads and paths were nice and new.

But now it's so sterile.
It's all one big chunk of painted concrete and metal.
Sideshow Alley is now the Ten Carnival.
And whats with joining all the eastern pavilions together????

I got lost!

Me! A former employee of the Show! I got lost! I used to work in the Jubilee Pavilion and now i just wander around until I get to a door and can see which way I'm facing.

And the Motor X bikes were called off due to rain.
Typical, it's nice all week and the day I go to the Show it rains.

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