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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 7 February 2009'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
For the past five weeks, we've been hosting a Korean exchange student Sung Hee.
Now, you're familiar with my rant regarding our last one, Suel Lee, when Lauren and I took her to the Almond Blossom Festival and she didn't give a shit about anything or do anything.

Well this kid was a scam artist.

There was some plan or other about how the group of students weren't leaving together so they had to work out with their host families (us) about when they'd stay and to pay for the extra nights.

Sung Hee decided she would leave on today's date, and travel to Melbourne and Sydney before going home.

First she approached my mother about getting to Melbourne. We tried to tell her the different flights/airlines and I suggested places to stay. Eventually it came out that she didn't have any money or even a credit card.

Mum asked her then how she intended to get there, and she stared at her blankly.

Now we always joke that the students understand more than they let on, and to some degree we're sometimes right, but it's mostly due to inconfidence in their english speaking skills, and shyness.

Sung Hee took this concept to a new level.

It's come out in the last couple of days that she's been lying to us and to the uni, telling each that the other has sorted out the payment of her remaining stay.
Uni: "She said she's paid you...?"
Us: "Uh..... no..."

This morning I woke up to mum finally getting sick of it and venting. Basically a 'im on to your shit and now i've stopped being nice about it' rant. Not yelling, but a disappointed not-happy lecture I used to dread as a kid cos it was more a feeling of guilt than fear that it stirred up.

After this, Hee said that it's okay cos she's going today so don't worry.

Mum left her room (more than probably a bit miffed still and tired of trying to reason with a brick wall) and we all conferred in the rumpus room on what was happening.
Dad: "So what if she asks you to take her to train station today?"
Mum: "I guess I'll take her?"
Me: "You should install a meter on the dashboard"

Next thing we heard the back door open, and we all watched as she man-handled her suitcase, and 2 carry bags down the steps. Then she opened the suitcase carry handle, shouldered the bags, and without a word or even a glance in our direction, trotted off down the driveway.

We watched and looked at each other dumbfounded until she was out of sight.
I broke the silence.

"What the hell was that??"

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