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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 25 March 2009'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
hell yeah!

and rightly so

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
"It's like being murdered when you're dead!"
-appalled 'princess' on my table whilst watching a human dissection DVD in Anatomy class.

they're always more fun to watch than the actual dissection.
squirm you insipid wench, squirm.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 24 March 2009'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Vicki thinks in Status Update form ala Facebook.

Heya all.
So, time to check in?
Vey well then.

A Modest Proposal
Jonathan Swift revised by me.

Well, I've been slack mcslack-pants re: TAFE homework but otherwise it has been great for giving me something to do with my life other than just going to work day in day out.

I've bought a house. Pretty little 3bedroom not far from my folks' place anyway. So one tiny incy wincy piece of the childhood i've been trying to clutch a hold to has slipped out of my reach.

As one of my classmates said: "homeowner" is bad? wait til you become a "mother", now thats a sobering title.(And that's why I no longer sit next to her at lunchtime I shall never wear such a title)

But seriously, whilst I highly doubt I will ever become a mother, if I did, I would still try to keep my inner child about. Not in a responsibility-shirking kind of way, but in a way that keeps me playful and happy... both for me AND my kids.
A way from turning into the 19year old mother on the bus with her 3 kids that has grown up too fast now that she's realised the end result of a gangbang in the back of a ute and the harsh fact that the baby bonus really doesnt stretch as far as a 6 pack of woodstocks after nappies need buying, and now scolds with all the grousing (no bogan pun intended 'grouse, bro!') she can muster all the stress of her life in the direction of her kids - who, let's face it, are innocent. They may be little brats, but they didn't choose to be conceived to the soundtrack of Jackass playing on the TV and the squeak-squeak of Chris' bad suspension.

No word of a lie, it really saddens me seeing mothers who are younger than me, and who act like they're my grumpy grandfather... with no time for play, just content to tell their kids that they're the boss, so they'd "better get used to doing what i say ya little shit!"

yep that's a quote, right there.

I've always said, I'd be a better Dad than a Mum, and since I can't do that, I'm more proper material for a cool aunt.

In the case of my niece. I feel that I've been apart from her too long, and she's been so exposed to other family members (she and her mother live her grandparents and other aunty) 6 days a week that by the time we see her every other sunday she's grown up different to all the traits etc that we associate with kin. No perhaps that's not fair, she's just growing up and is turning out to be not the kind of kid I'd expect to be in my family - like if she were my little sister instead, for example.

Sometimes I wish I'd had gotten a nephew instead. I reckon I could relate to him more. Maybe? This girl is no princess, but she's hardly a tomboy. Is it just that? Do we just have different tastes?
She hates everything I love at this stage in life, including flying my kite.

What kind of kid hates flying a kite?? Hopefully that wears off. I'd like us to click.

So maybe that's where the sobering, hate-your-children thing comes in?
Maybe it's like any other relationship?
And as they grow up, you realise that 'you're a great person, really... you're just not my type...'

Perhaps Mums in that position can just trade them in?
Surely kids are like trading cards... pick and mix amongst other collectors and eventually you'll get what you're looking for?

I think we should create some kind of building, no not an orphanage... more like a videostore or a library... or a swap meet convention!!... where you can take your used and unwanted goods (erm,... kids) and prop them on the table and say 'What'll you give me for this? I'll trade you 2 of my wets-the-beds and 1 ties-his-shoes for your picks-her-nose.'

AVCON would go out in a flash, take the population of geeks out there and put it up against how many parents want to trade in their kids and you got yourself one hell of an outnumbering.

Although I am aware that there are cases in which the two demographics collide, in which case The Royal Showgrounds will be booked out for the weeklong AVCTCON (Anime Videogame & Child Trading Convention). There, a group of convention goers could collect all their bratty kids together, talk up a spiel about quantity making up for quality, and finally go shares in that radio controlled Millenium Falcon, collector's tin of the original 1980s Astro Boy, or a lifesized Batman action figure.

related info:

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