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reading: Moab is my Washpot - Stephen Fry
listening to: Napalm & Silly Putty - George Carlin
travelling/staying in: SA, NSW & Vic - depending when you catch me

Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 26 January 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
it's been proven, there's no way we can talk without eventually ending up talking about 'us'.

and i'm sick of that.

we don't need to work thru issues, we're over. 'we' have no issues anymore.
you do and i do, but we don't.

let it go, i'm walking away.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 12 January 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
all because I told him it's gonna be 45degrees that day...

[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:18 AM):

fuck me sideways.
Vicki says (5:20 AM):
do i have to? I have a headache.
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:21 AM):
you had a headache last night... *rolls eyes*
Vicki says (5:23 AM):
well maybe if we weren't always fucking sideways, i wouldn't strain my eyes trying to focus while i stare away pretending i'm somewhere else
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:27 AM):
well maybe if you werent pretending you were somewhere else we wouldnt have this goddamn problem!

... i knew i shouldve stuck with fucking corpses.
Vicki says (5:29 AM):
you are a fucking corpse.
No, you're not, but you should be, least then i'd get something hard from you once in a while!
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:30 AM):
there you go again, bitching about my degree of hardness. maybe id find it easier to stay hard if it wasnt like fucking a roll of sandpaper.
Vicki says (5:34 AM):
the amount of time you spend out tinkering in your damn shed in the backyard, i assumed you were fucking rolls of sandpaper, should be used to it.
Maybe if you looked up the word foreplay once in a while we wouldn't be in this mess, or lack of
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:35 AM):
foreplay? you give blowjobs worse than a demented old cat lady would and youre telling me to look up foreplay? where do you get off?
Vicki says (5:36 AM):
well not with you, that's for goddammed sure! And you leave your mother out of this!
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:38 AM):
hell, we oughtta bring my mother into this, shes been around the block a few times, maybe she can give you some god damn pointers!
Vicki says (5:41 AM):
sick cunt, you would fuck your mother. Well i've had her and she wasn't that great. The only pointers she could possibly give me is how to smack up your bitching ass
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:42 AM):
well that explains all the std's i suppose.
Vicki says (5:44 AM):
ah don't worry, i'm sure she gave them to you before i caught them.
[smoothie] - Now rockin' the SAPOL seal of approval. says (5:44 AM):
nah, im fairly sure my dick started itching the last time you put out... which i think was some time around the stone age!
Vicki says (5:46 AM):
i'm pretty certain that appendages itch when the flesh of the extremities has died. People who've lost limbs claim they itch all the time you dickless twat

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