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Let's call today: 'Friday, 20 August 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
i'm sitting in my car in the city after work. I'm waiting for Dave to finish so i can give him a lift home.
All around me are people my age or even younger, oblivious that this parked car has eyes and ears, milling in all directions clouded with alcohol.
Anyone who doesn't understand my reasons not to become intoxicated must not see what I see every week.
I see in these people waste and no self respect.
I see no dignity, no love, no charisma.
I see lechery and recoiling, I see tears and screaming, I see someone walking off and someone staying behind.
I see vomit on the paths, urine on the walls.
I see highheeled shoes in hands and barefeet on the wet cement. I see spiked hair and immaculate makeup turn into puddles of unrecognisable mess.
I see bravado and bitching, gossip and guffawing.
I don't see anything of myself in them. I don't relate to them. Neither gender, neither age.
As they pour out from the nightspots a few bang on my car while they pass. Some use it to steady themselves as they walk. A threesome take a photo 'myspacestyle' and I wonder if tomorrow when they look through the camera they'll spot my face in the car in the background, in no doubt an expression of resignation.
One girl, possibly the only one, notices me as she goes by, taps on the window and waves while cawling something unintelligible.
What is the point of all this self destruction?
Am i weird in not understanding it? I know for certain those who like to be drunk understand me as little as i them, i've seen their faces when i tell them. Perhaps it's I, then, who should be pitied and observed and mocked.
But one thing I know for sure is that if I am, I will be all of these things alot wealthier, happier and respectful of my self, and without unexplainable bruises on my person.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
thoughts about my last customer:

"I dont care how tough you think you look with your leather jacket and handlebar moustache, dripping with gold chains and rings, but when you wave those hand signals at me, and those gold toughguy bracelets jangle round your wrists, you still make me think of a fairy."

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