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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 10 October 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Happy Ten:Ten, Ten/Ten/Ten everyone!

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Adelaide Zombie Walk 2010
my small encounter this year

Location: at the North Tce pedestrian crossing lights....

Majority of bystanders: Wtf? why is there a messy guy COVERED in blood with a necktie on his head crossing the street? Omg. Look away he must be a crazy. Avoid eye contact.

Small percentage of bystanders: Hey, um, that guy is dressed like Shaun of The Dead... but... why?? I don't get it...

Me: "Shaun! *flails a wave* You've got red on you!!!"

'Shaun': *grins* "just a little bit..."

Me: *giggle*

Last night was the fifth annual Adelaide Zombie Walk, and alas this year like all the others I worked during it :( I'd take so many photos, I'd be very unzombielike.
I usually do enjoy driving into work and seeing zombies waiting for bus/taxis :P

For more info on the event, click here, or head to their facebook or myspace pages :)

Have seen a couple pics already - looks like it was another awesome one. Great job guys!
See all you Eastern States folk? Adelaide isn't a dead town, it's an undead town.

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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 5 October 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
things that have gone through my head recently that need sharing:

oh my god. I just cooked something. from scratch. and I actually thought 'ooh I'll use that red wine'. and it didn't come out too bad.... you know what this means? that the adult-ness is finally creeping in upon me... i feel so dirty, I must shower and draw stars in the steam and then go find some mud to play in/track back in through my house

you know, if you're going to come in to (insert venue's name here), dressed up in your best of the not-too-skanky section of your wardrobe, with your boyfriend on his leash, your nose in the air, your flute of champagne in your hand and your 'tude up the ceiling... you should probably learn a) how to play (insert card game here), and b) cashing in a whole $30 doesn't impress anyone

ow, my knee! stop hurting! well stop getting up too fast. fuck you! no fuck you! no you're my knee, you will obey me. Well since I'm the one calling the shots on penalty of pain, I think it is you who will obey me. what?? this blows, you're a total jerk you know that?! *jab of pain as we get up again* see? I didn't even do it fast then! I should just dump your ass. I don't have an ass, I'm your knee. Screw you and your logic, shut up! I am shut up, I can't talk, I'm a knee! that's it, you asked for it! *gets up again* OW! take that! I mean... OWW!

the weeds are once again feeling the wrath of my unrested, sleepless morning rampage.
my hands are once again feeling the wrath of my odd notion to pull weeds at 7am.

surely there's got to be something oddly stress-relieving about driving your unexplorerlike car at 120kph along an unsealed road in the middle of nowhere, knowing that at any time there could be a rock larger than 6cm in diameter that will teeter your fragile level control totally out of balance.

I've finally realised who I am! I'm Wall-E. yes, look! that's me!
I love you like Wall-E loves EVE :)

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