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Let's call today: 'Monday, 14 February 2011'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Stupidity only a mother could love
this is a post for the blog

This is at the viewing appointment for a photography shoot that took place the day before. Please note: The child was whiney and uncooperative, the mother simple and interfering.
Another note: Due to my awesomeness, I actually managed to get some really pretty shots while still making the kid laugh and not realising she was having a shoot done.
After the welcome, I start the slideshow of the photos I managed to get.

"So do we get a calendar?"
"You can buy a calendar today, sure. Or if you buy a package of your photographs I'll throw in some free, usually $50 each"
*picks up this years calendar* "So it'll look like this?"
"Will she (her kid) be in it?"
"Yes in a thumbnail just like the others you see there. This year we have over 2000 kids in the calendar."
"Only one?"
"Well as I said, we have 2000+ kids in there: all the kids we've photographed from all over Australia."
"Can she have more than one?"
"...If you want to buy 1000 calendars I'll give her a page of her own."
*other customer stifles a laugh*
"Her birthday is in September, so..."
*cutting in, getting uninterested* "It goes my alphabetical order. Your surname is B, so it'd be early in the year."
"...Do you just want to buy a calendar today?"
"I just want a calendar"
*noticing other customers waiting for assistance* "Okay, you choose the picture you want to go in the calendar and I'll come back in a moment..."
" are you ready to order a calendar?"
"Oh I don't think I'll get one. But I want this photo in it."
"So you want me to put your child's photo in the calendar..."
"Even though you don't want one..."
"And you'll never see it..."
"Okay, I'll just make a note of that image. *scrawling obviously in the air* Okay, thankyou for coming in today, and having the shoot with us today"
*happily leaving* "No problems. Thanks!"

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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 6 February 2011'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
wtf is going on?
this is a post for the blog

So, Australia has been hit with a chain of natural disasters within the last couple of weeks (floods, cyclones, bushfires - my working roadtrip route has to be checked daily to ensure my safety), and within the last 10days four people that I either know or are important to people near me have passed away - none of which are results of these catastrophic incidences.

Am I wrong in feeling that this is odd? Four people in ten days?

With stat's like that, one could be forgiven for thinking that they're one of the fatalities you hearing about on the news... but no. Illness and suicide. Ranging from elderly to early 20s.

And here I am, working interstate and unable to support any of those left behind. Even though some of them are immeasurably close to me.

I feel like a pretty failed friend and girlfriend. I feel selfish and guilty and helpless.

So, can no one else pass away please? I don't think any more of my friends or family need to be hurting.

Ugh, now I feel conceited for sounding like my being there would make all the difference.
It's mostly the helplessness overwhelming me.
And the realisation that just because I can escape the flood or cyclone or bushfire, no one is immortal.

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pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Ah Television!
this is a post for the blog

NCIS-Los Angeles: *talking about the elusive suspect* "this guy is about as invisible as anyone I've ever seen!"

...wait, what?

McDonald's ad: "Or try our (Heart Foundation) Tick-Approved Chicken something or other burger..."
What I heard: "Or try our chicken-proof chicken..."

Good, cos we don't want chicken eating chicken. That'd be weird.

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