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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 9 October 2005'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:



Yesterday at about 8am Basil and I trekked to St Ignatius College to be film extra's for 2:37, a story following 6 school students and the impending suicide of one of them at 2:37pm. After a stunning entry into the makeshift green room - which involved some steps, my ankle and a few stares - we cast ourselves aside from the popular kids, just like the old days, and sat on the weird unfortable steppy things to set up camp.
Basil went as an art student and I went as a muso, spending the rest of the day cursing that I didn't bring my guitar to entertain myself.
The only other means of occupying us was a large screen onto which they projected many DVDs, but accompanied only with tiny computer speakers which were quickly drowned out. We had a blackout sometime in the afternoon anyway, so that went too. Also, a piano stood in the far corner which people tinkled in that annoying way when they cant neccessarily play, they just want to tap the keys.
Some friends from uni, sisters Veronica and Raegan, came with Veronica's daughter and her friend. I'm told the daughter found us funny, while her friend kept giving me scared looks everytime I joked with them. Most of the time tho the two girls entertained themselves and after brief intro's between the sisters and Basil, the four of us were merrily passing the long long waits inbetween shooting.
After convincing Basil to let me, and some encouragement from who Basil called The Weird Sisters, I strutted over to the piano, made some small talk, then shot into a rendition of Shelter the only song I can play really really well. Mehehehe.
I was interrupted by announcements, but at least *some* good music was played.
Gee, I dont half think know im amazing do i?
Anyway after lots of standing and a bit of walking and a lot of being cold, and quite a bit of scaring other castmembers with our bizarre humour (see above for example), the director Murali came in and told us how much he loved us. They asked for a couple of people to stay behind for another scene, but he didnt see Basil and I with our hands up thinking 'me me pick meeeee!'.
Oh well.
We left at about 6pm, and drove back thinking:
Hey, that was fun.
Basil and I are now thinking that The Weird Sisters should be written into her series screenplay. I think that'd be pretty awesome.
On the subject of the series, when we shoot we'll need something that at least resembles a cellar or basement. Does anyone know of someone who has one that they'd let us film in next year?
All this film talk over the past couple of days has gotten me excited to start.

P.S my ankle hurts and is bigger than it should be. someone come fix it. thankyou.

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