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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 12 April 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Was anyone just listening to Triple M?

For some reason, I decided I should get up at some sort of reasonable hour, so Fate made me reach out and flick the alarm on my clock radio on. So then I could listen to to something as I slowly woke up.

9:01am I shook awake by my radio starting up, before I even got a chance to think 'why is my alarm going off? what do I have to do today?' I heard, 'Welcome back, Dylan Moran is here with us this morning...' and I SHOT BOLT UPRIGHT IN BED.

Poor Dylan. It was way too early for him. He sounded like I felt. He was on for about 15minutes and was audibly yawning and mumbling and it took him a few minutes before he kinda decided to participate in this little chat. Most of his sentences had little to no conclusion, but trailed off in some sort of ramble.

I loved it.

Speaking NOTHING of Blacks Books which hurt me greatly, they turned to films like Shaun of The Dead and The Actors and it was at this point Dylan stated how stupid acting was.
"Wigs... makeup... special ears... Speak to her, speak to him, scratch your leg, walk off - it's.... it's stupid really."

I could see him in my head smoking as he talked... I knew he wouldn't be smoking a cigarette in the studio, but I could tell he needed one.

It was revealed quickly that Dylan doesn't socialise with others in the International Comedy Festival, stating that 'that sense of community and togetherness and all that' really wasn't his thing.

It was clear from the start that the character of Bernard in Black Books is far from an effort to portray; Moran's bored and sarcastic cynicism was evident in all he said mocked.

"I see pictures of the others, studying, working to perfect their craft... it's stupid.
There's always pictures of people (in the Festival)...and they're all the same;... holding an object and being puzzled by it- like an artichoke or something stupid... or leaping into the air for no reason, that one's quite popular... or they'd take one when you're on the toilet and work it into the title somehow in some sort of acrostic or something...
Don't worry I am working on an artichoke in the show... I'm working on some sort of mid air vegetable split."

When Dylan said thankyou, good morning at the conclusion of the spot it was perhaps the first time he actually sounded bright - I'm guessing he was just happy to be leaving. Personally, I was listening to the morons babbling on to him about complete wank and could imagine he'd have been thinking: I got out of bed for this??

After the interview apparently people called in complaining about him, and the announcers had to say 'hey, that's just how he is' and said that he was just flipping through articles looking for something on him and staring at huge write-ups and pictures of Elton John and people from Big Brother completely mystified.

They say write what you know, I now think Black Books is some sort of documentary: Dylan Moran/Bernard Black is just a reclusive wanker...

I fucking can't wait to see him Saturday!!!!

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