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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 11 June 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Thar she blows!

My god it's windy as all hell today.... is hell windy? Let's say for the sake of argument that it is.

I was struggling against the wheel of The Buccaneer from Broken Hill to Wentworth and ran out of petrol less than 2kms from the roadhouse. Way to go me.
Frankly I'm very surprised I got that far at all, I was envisioning me being stranded about 50kms earlier.

So out I got a scored a lift a minute or so down the road, got me a jerrycan of fuel, scored another lift back to the pocketvan, gave it a few litres (remembering to slightly open the lid first to release pressure, and facing it way-way-away from me if it did spurt out) and got back to the roadhouse to fill up.

After a pub meal lunch (that doubled also as breakfast) I set on for Mildura and now here I am in a kinda small library with a mean lady at the desk (there seems to be no shortage of mean library ladies on this trip - thankfully we met and worked with some nice ones in Renmark, so it's not all bad) and sussing out where I'm going to stay for the remaining 5 days of this safari.

Already I'm liking Mildura a whole lot more than Broken Hill.

Warning: venting ahead.

Yesterday I did a fundraiser for the Toy Library in Broken Hill.
Let me just sum it up by saying I think I found where all the ferals and their offspring hang out. Out of my 27 customers, only about.... maaaaaybe 5.... of them didn't induce the 'black slugs of hatred' as Maz puts it. I wanted to turn around and slap so many of them... Mums I mean, not the kids.

For my South Australian audience to better comprehend: imagine Christies' mums with Elizabeth dads producing Port Pirie children, and combine that with the social interaction skills and refined culture of a Hackham West local.
Yeah. Bad huh?

One mum
... no let's not call her that...
One woman-who-had-had-children resorted to, amongst other things, telling her daughter that she was a little shit and that she's never getting any lollies ever again if she doesn't smile, and in an attempt to make her kids laugh resorted to telling them that I had 'done a pfoofie' and making gestures behind me.
Now we all know how much I hate mother's who tell their kids total crap AND toilet humour in general.
To cut the story short, that session ended after only 4 shots.

Luckily though I also had some really good kids, and that stopped me from wanting to just say 'Yeah? Well YOU do it!' to a select few and leave.

Even the woman supervising the place was rather abhorrant.
When I was setting up and packing away she just stood and watched me.
I mean, pretend to look busy or go do something lady.
At one point her husband, who I found to be a very nice man and led me to wonder what the hell he's doing with a fucktard like her, came and helped me with my equipment, and even helped in getting kids to laugh and handing out stickers.
For the rest of the time though, she sat in the corner reading a gossip magazine and bitching with the other dero mums there.

It was all very happy and lovey and gave me a warm feeling all over... feh.

All in all I was happy the day was over, and grateful to the people who went out of their way and were just in general pleasant people.

Anyway, I should be off to procure accomodation and finish and send my paperwork to HQ. Away with me into the night.

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