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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 1 July 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
If I had told you...

Katie has been getting into saying 'If I had told you in Year 12 that you'd be...' and ending it with all sorts of topics, followed by 'you'd have said I was crazy!'; topics mostly relating to my current field of work and its neccessary everyday interaction with children.

True enough. I used to adamantly say 'I hate kids'... despite the fact that I quite readily admitted I still was one - hehehe and STILL AM!!! ;)

But thankfully, after facepainting for ten years, then having a niece who acts like you are the greatest person on earth growing up around you, and now being a family portrait photographer, my tolerance for kids has grown over the past decade so that I actually don't mind them, as long as they're someone else's and I'm entertaining them.

Keep me donning the stupid hats and waving my floppy pirate sword and generally being silly getting smiles and I'll tell you that kids are fine. But give me a spoilt brat misbehaving and I'll happily hand it back to you.

Sometimes if I'd had a really good sitting with a kid who's just a plain champ - usually the little little ones are good, they think I'm funny - I'll hold them for a bit or let them play with my hands or face while their mum collects shoes and socks and bags and things. If the kid was a little shit, or even just average, I'll pretty much head straight back to the booth to write up the order.

Nice to see I haven't completely lost myself then :P

Today after work I dropped in to my brother's place. It turned out that they weren't home but I figured that they'd most likely be at Mum's so I headed there, only to find that I just missed them. Also, since for some reason it seems that family is going all hippy on me and making jewellery to sell at markets (yeah I've been out of the loop a looooong time I've discovered!) there was a bead-and-hematite bracelet waiting for me by my computer from them all.

So instead of crashing like I felt like doing I changed clothes and headed back to their house, where I spent the next couple hours playing with my 7-year-old niece; helping her read, 'sneaking up on daddy and scaring him', and playing pirates.
It's probly the most time I've spent with her without me her hyperactivity wearing me our and me regrettably brushing her off, but just us, since she was a toddler. I'm sure my brother and his partner appreciated the break too.

Pictured is a drawing she did for me tonight. It's going up on my wall and is already my desktop on the computer here.
A pirate picture for Aunty Poss*- I was so proud.

Note: All that aside, still a looooooong way off from ever wanting to be a mum.
Oh the thought makes me shudder, and it forever will.

*Aunty Poss: my childhood nickname of Possum with a new twist; all my brother's fault.

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