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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 20 August 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
My One Frame of Fame.

So on Thursday, Basil and Ness and I went to finally see 2:37. Basil appeared 4 times in the courtyard scene, while I was a grey one-second blur passing behind Teresa Palmer, only noticable to me because I knew exactly where I was in that scene. And that my friends is my only appearance in the film. Each of the other scenes in which I endlessly stood with either Basil or Holly, and would have possibly had some nice screentime, were cut.

The Weird Sisters appeared in two scenes, albeit briefly, but still very noticable, and also made it into the credits due to some voice work they did for the 'loop group'. The Sisters and Basil can both be found on the film's website, once again Basil stealing the show.

I requested that Basil export the scene for me and make an image of the frame in which I blur past the camera, so that I may treasure it. So that's what we see above: The best selected image of my one second cameo. My one frame of fame.
And when I'm famous and having an interview on some fancy talk show, they'll dig up 2:37 and say this was Vicki's first film appearance, and press pause and circle it and oh how we'll laugh at the humble beginnings of the now world famous star.

Or perhaps I'll keep dreaming.

Anyway, a word on the film itself now that my whine about my part in it (or lack thereof) is out of my system.

Briefly on plot; set in a high school the film begins with the discovery of 'someone' killing themselves in the janitor's closet. We do not see who it is, only blood. Then we get taken to the beginning of that day and follow several students, each going through his or her own personal issues. Any of them could be the one. It's only a matter of time.

Now for starters, I want to take back anything bad that I'd thought about some of the main actors, Palmer especially... Her performance was awesome... okay, so the only thing I had against her was that she got to kiss Daniel Radcliffe in December Boys and she paid me out for liking him when I spoke to her. Hehehe.
That said, I'd like to see the others move on to other films, there was more talent in that pool that just Palmer. No offence Teresa, but she didn't have to be the sole face of the film.
Joel Mackenzie, I liked him from the start. I don't know why but I like the vibe I got from him, and doubly so in the film as Sean.
And Clementine Mellor... well she's cute and I wish I'd spoken more with her. Filmstar crush? Maybe, but she made me giggle. Lots. Hehehe.
There were a few actors that made me bleed internally and yell that I could have delivered that line or that move way better. Damn extras with no talent getting lines while I perish into oblivion.

Enough about personal opinions on cast.

For Murali Thalluri's first film, I definatley take off my hat, knowing how hard putting a film together is. And also as a person he is a great guy and I'd work with/for him again in a second. However, well made as the film was, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it - or even gone to see it - if I hadn't been involved.

While the story is moving, and you piece together for yourself who stays and who goes so to speak, there's no real point to it that I saw. I think the film could have been used as some sort of tool, rousing some awareness to what some people have to go through: sexual orientation, peer pressure, abuse, intolerance, humiliation, etc.
While this is somewhat demonstrated, I personally felt that it was done in a very subtle way.
One of the taglines, as seen on the site, is It's just a story, that's all it is... perhaps Murali wanted to keep it so.

I don't know, maybe I was too busy trying to spot people and completely missed the point. But that's my opinion.

Despite all my shredding, I'd definately suggest to check it out, if nothing else to support a young and talented Adelaide film maker and the unknown actors he gave a break to.

A footnote, anyone who has been sexually abused or raped, you may not want to watch the film. I saw too many of the people I love embodied by Palmer in her scene and it was hard even for me to watch.

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