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Let's call today: 'Monday, 18 September 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Peace Love and Light

Yesterday was the YHA Peace Festival in Light Square, and the weather could not have been more lovely! The day definately reminded us that Spring has sprung and that days of freezing cold wind and morning mists are on the retreat.

The Festival included lots of stalls, food stands and bands; Labjacd, Sime Nugent, Mia Dyson, Liz Stringer, The Audreys, Heather Frahn, eType Jazz, and Dada Nii & the Damushi Ensemble to name a few - as well as a group of random accordian players... just to make life interesting.

I was going to get an eType Jezz tshirt but I took so long to make up my mind that they sold out. Oh well, I saved some money. I don't really need another tshirt :z

Nic Frances was there to talk about the Peace One Day movement which you can look into here. Peace One Day was a winner at the 2004 Adelaide Film Festival.

To copy straight from the email:

PEACE ONE DAY The Film is the story of one man’s attempts to persuade the global community via the United Nations to officially sanction a global ceasefire day; a day of non-violence; a day of Peace. This documentary charts the remarkable 6-year journey of the filmmaker as he meets heads of state, Nobel Peace Laureates, aid agencies, freedom fighters, media moguls, the innocent victims of war and, eventually, everyone who was anyone at the UN.

An individual genuinely can make a difference: The UN International Day of Peace is now fixed in the calendar on 21st September annually. The real challenge has now begun - to get the world to unite on a day fast approaching.

"If you build a house you start with one brick. If we want to build peace why not start with one day?"
- Jeremy Gilley, Founder Peace One Day

I went with the gorgeous Tanya and her little boy Tyler (aged 7), who - after beating me at pool AND table soccer aka Foosball - told me "you have a weird voice... but you're funny."
Well I'm glad that makes up for it.

We hung out and checked out stalls and listened to some of the bands, and we bumped into Weird Sister Rae & co and were kidnapped to The Garage for a drink. Rochelle and I indulged ourselves in the beer garden booth chairs that are both fun to sit in and hard to get comfortable on.

Weird Sister Rae & co were the only people that I knew would go that I actually wanted to bump into. I was looking over my shoulder alot, not really in a negative way as such, just that the evening would have gone alot smoother if I didn't have to deal with certain parties right then. I wasn't in the right frame of mind and was too tired to be diplomatic.

It was Hippy-Lesbian Central at Light Square during the Festival however. Though I was looking rather spunky myself, I felt like I needed funky Dreads and more colour in my shirt. But hey my new black western shirt did me fine thankyou. Or my Brokeback Shirt as some have dubbed it.

This would be where I'd be posting pirctures of the event but even though I took two different cameras I just didn't feel like happy snapping, opting instead to simply soak up the atmosphere.

Never quite making it back to meeting up with Rae again we headed off about 8ish as stalls were closing and bands were wrapping up. Tanya and I were just proud of ourselves that we had gotten ourselves out of the house and done something social for a few hours. Yay us.

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