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Let's call today: 'Friday, 20 October 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car Faces

A big consoling pat on the back to Murray Cook and Anthony Field after appearing on David Tench Tonight lastnite.

Though I'm not Tench's number one fan, I made an effort to see the Red and Blue Wiggles boys on the insipid computer-animated host's talk show.

As their painful interview progressed, Anthony just kept shaking his head and covering his face while Murray could really only chuckle nervously at the suggestions and questions fired at them by the melon-headed Tench.

Agreed, Tench's gimmick is to be an irreverant unconventional albeit inquisitive host, but damn Network Ten... these were the Wiggles dammit!

They couldn't comment at all about Tench's suggestions to
  • putting Wags the Dog down for barking day and night
  • hypothetically what would they do if they were told that the CIA had reason to believe that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the Wags suit during a show
  • if they'd consider bringing out Wiggles' brand caffeine pills for the mums
  • or if they thought his songs 'You're adopted so tuck yourself in' would be a hit.

  • An article in the Northern Territory News Tench Seeks A Bigger Audience (5.10.06) talks about the controversial show pushing boundaries:

    So much so, that at last week's taping with the Wiggles' Murray Cook and Anthony Field, a hypothetical question concerning Osama bin Laden posing as Wags the Dog had to be edited. Field says he could deal with the technology - interviewees respond to a projection of Tench above his empty desk - but the irreverent questioning was hard to handle.

    "I felt trapped in there," he says, laughing. "Tench can say and do whatever he likes, that's him, but us, we've got to stay as Wiggles!" Cook adds: "We've got to stay in character for the parents. We've never been asked about the Iraq war before."

    I'm sure the boys would have loved to partake in the fun of such an interview - but not while they're wearing their badges and officially representing themselves and their fellow wiggly counterparts.

    The article in the NT News goes on to explain how the CGI character is brought to life via motion capture sensors, and comments on the true-life host's, performer Drew Forsythe, witticism and sharp ad lib ability.
    Admittedly, it is this that drew me into watching my first episode of Tench (no pun intended) and I recall mentioning to Maz that I hated him yet was intrigued lured by his ad libbing prowess - something Maz and I both appreciate in hosts and loathe to see on television and instead of us... especially when we feel we can do better.

    But back to the subject at hand. I just wanted to extend my feelings of 'aw you poor bastards' to Murray and Anthony, and I think they did remarkably well despite the very obvious discomfort they were experiencing during the ordeal.
    Which only leaves me to raise the question: How the hell did Greg and Jeff get out of it??
    Jeff evidently would have been asleep... Greg... hmm I'll leave my personal opinions about Greg out of this...

    One thing I did agree with Tench about, Murray and Anthony are definately the better Wiggles. Anthony's the only one without a scary smileyface

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