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Let's call today: 'Friday, 10 November 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Blogging at work... ooOOooo

Lastnite on the way home from working at Mt Barker, I was taking the scenic route through the Adelaide Hills back to Noarlunga when I hit a bird in my car.

I felt bad enough to turn around and check on it, either hoping it would be okay or dead, as I did not want to have to put it out of its misery.

Sadly, yet relievingly in a sad sort of way, I'm pretty sure I had broken its neck and I don't think it would have even known what had happened.

I picked it up and placed on the side of the road in a vain hope that it was simply unconscious and would awake later with a hangover... I doubt it... but I didn't want it to be squished either way.

I felt bad enough, but both Katie AND my mother took great delight in calling me a murderer and saying that yep it was definately a baby bird I'd killed.


The start of yesterday was nice though, I saw a mother kangaroo and a joey hopping along the side of the road alongside my car for a time before disappearing into the scrub.
And I got to ride the 40c horsey ride in the plaza, my red balloon (the ones we give to kids after the sittings) in one hand, the reins in the other.

Once back on my side of the hills, I stopped in at Katie and Ben's and we went out for tea after they gave me my bday present: the Arielle Dombasle CD from my wishlist - but if you've already gotten me that and just haven't given it to me yet, don't stress! You can either keep it as my present to you, OR (and this would be rather nice) you can still give it to me and I'll have one in my car, one by my stereo, and one in my discman.... ahem, yes I still have a discman.

Today, other than the camera's trip to the floor thanks to some clumsy oaf called vicki, hasn't been as eventful. Because we can't take any shots we're just hanging around, taking bookings, and surfing the net... hence the worktime blogging.
Later tonite I'm taking my Queensland trainer to the airport, because it's time for her to go, and to pick up the replacement camera so tomorrow we can actually do some work.

There's alot of bitching going on about work in here this afternoon for reasons I shan't go into huge detail about, but I'm occupying myself and trying not to take any notice. I can't bitch about this job, not only because I'm still a relatively new staff member, but because to be quite honest this is the best job I've had.

I won't be the teacher's pet, but I won't be the anihilist either... I want to stay objective. Yeah things could be better, but I've worked in conditions a hell of alot worse than these before.

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