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Let's call today: 'Sunday, 5 November 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Happy Birthday to meeeeee

Thanks to everyone who came to the Acoustic Night at the Old Bush Inn, Willunga on Thursday to listen to the muzak and/or wish me a happy bday.

Even though I had to work the next day there were many drinks ordered for me - including one from the nice bartender girl as a thankyou for getting up and playing.
I did a small set; successfully received even though my guitar became slightly out of tune in transit, but hey we got through it.

I opened with End To Railway Loveletters, Jonathan, Paper Lantern, & Ode To My Balloon.

Lex, Ness and Liza got up and gave me backup vocals to Missy Higgins' Scar, and then had a crack at a few songs on their own.

I think Lex and Liza got a drink too for singing with one of the regulars, though I'm not sure if Ness was rewarded for bashing out Blister In The Sun - to which I clapped madly when appropriate.

Liza, Ness and I tried REM's Everybody Hurts but failed miserably, but the crowd still loved us; we were fresh blood and fresh faces and certainly did not lack enthusiasm.

An looming early start the next day meant that I left around the 11:30pm mark, with some passengers in tow, while Lex and Ness and others hung around well past midnight (even though the night was supposed to finish at 11pm - the guy running it gave up as Lex belted out tune after tune) the crowd and the Inn itself asked to have us back again.

Well, not the Inn itself... it wasn't quite The Shining...

So I'm thinking of hitting the Old Bush Inn again on their next Acoustic Night (better organised and in tune this time) which is on the 16th.
One of the organisers/regular instrumentalists (who it turned out is the head of the Hackham West Community Centre with whom I've worked before) said it was good to see some of the younger crowd there in my group getting up and having a go, and playing orginal songs too.

A rather spunky boy (who I later stepped aside to let Ember make a move on) came up to me after my set and said how good I was and I'm rather nice and have a beautiful voice and blah blah blah and various head-swelling stuff that I lapped up and gloated about with 'I just had a spunky boy commend me and now he's staring at me, yep you wish you were me, I know' etc etc.

Last I heard Ember got to take him home... oooOOOOooo good on her. I decided not to move in, especially after my gloating lead her to start checking him out, I figured she's looking, she can have him - though I reminded her that he only wants to know her cos she knows me... which she said goes without saying.

I did, however, attract the attention of a very scary drunk and rude woman sharing the same birthday as me. I tried to make it clear, in a politely cheery funny way that really had more weight behind it than it sounded, that that was all we had a in common, and that her attention and her loud drunken attempts to interact with me were not hugely welcome.

Yep, still got it evidently. And apparently 'spunky-boy' has more than his fair share of mental issues too so yep, I'm still reeling in the crazy crowd. Go me.
Meh, attention is attention.

Slightly representing my musical persona though I didn't think it too wise to straight out tell this scary woman to fuck off cos I thought she was creppy - I stuck with the charming approach... even when she did slur out 'ah fuck ya then!'.
You never know when someone important waiting to discover me may be listening in the crowd.

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