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Let's call today: 'Thursday, 28 December 2006'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Welcome to Port Pirie

Where the locals are quite eerie.
There's no humour in your tumor.
The place is full of lead
You'll probably end up dead.

That was the tune Katie and I made up, and I must say it holds up.

We had fun in Pirie with my adopted family.
With an English background it was full on with a 6ft tree, a train that piped a christmassy tune chugging around the base of the tree, a folklore santa in the hallway, stockings on the mantle, our presents in santa sacks, gingerbread houses, christmas puddings, egg nog, homemade irish cream, lots of lollies, a scary mini tree that danced and sang and told jokes, and many a photo to be had.

We ate so much crap - it was great, and after at least 3 hours we produced a pretty impressive gingerbread house... well I found it impressive for our first try.

On christmas eve we drove around looking at the lights.
Christmas in Port Pirie is like Halloween except its prettier, you don't have to get out of the car and you don't dress up as scary things.

Kids would run up to your car shouting "Open your window!" and then pour glowsticks and lollipops and sweets into your lap! And when a house or street had put in a particularly good effort into making a display, you couldnt drive for all the people.

We stopped at one house where I got to hug Santa and sit in the original Magic Cave chair back when John Martins owned Christmas in Adelaide. Katie took a photo of a very excited me sitting in the 2000 chair. I also hugged Santa there... he was shorter and skinnier than I remembered... I guess running around giving out lollies does give you a workout. He also seemed a little darkskinned but hey it was night time so who can say?

Regardless of Santa's questionable ethnic background, I got lots of piratey delights Christmas morning - my parents were thrilled (sarcasm) to hear me return with a toy pistola that makes firing noises - and, after putting every present on my person that I could, I looked slightly goth with all the skull and crossbones all over me... in a good way - if one can be goth in a good way :P Katie gave me a Jack Skellington and Sally bag which is by far my favourite.

After promising to be good after all the junk food, we left for home on Boxing Day... okay we caved and ate the remainder of the gingerbread house once we'd gotten it home to show Dirty Ted Flint and company.

Then yesterday as an extra treat katie took me to see The Holiday in Goldclass cos I'd never been. I know, I'm lame. But anyway we got to eat pizza and watch Jude Law... mmm Jude Law... Kate Winslet has a place in my heart sometimes too... :)

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