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Let's call today: 'Monday, 1 January 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Beware The Twist
On Saturday Maz and I drove to Robe for the 2006 Rockfest and felt highly out of place amongst all the teeny bopper kids around us (though we concluded it could have been worse: we could have been the pair of nanna's we found sitting aside in their picnic chairs).
Curse The Living End going all commercial... I knew only 3.6 songs and even those were post the band's JJJ exposure.

And I used to know (and enjoy) all their songs... bring back the old school says granny ol' me. Back when they were still influence by 'The Stray Cats'... Their second EP For Your Own Good was constantly playing full volume in our house when our parents were out. I loved it... and considered a freak at school because until Prisoner of Society came out, and Second Solution was used in the closing credits of Idle Hands, they were an unknown and uncommercial band. Therefore uncool to the average Year 8 student.

We only went down for the night, crashing in my car which has newly been transformed into a shagvan now that my job-neccessary equipment has made way for a mattress and pillows.**

We spent most of the evening walking around scenic Robe and before long had taken many stills - and later during an in-van game of eyespy - constructed the storyline for a new shlock-horror film with the working title 'The Twist'... so yeah look out for that on the drawing board. Ha.

Something that disturbed me was the small albeit animated crowd that swarmed around The Living End. Other than making the security staff work hard trying to keep the barricades up, so many people were throwing cans and bottles on stage. I couldn't believe the lads didn't say anything, let alone keep playing. If it were my gig I'd have at least told them to stop it, especially it I was actaully hit like Chris Cheney was halfway thru one of his energetic solos.

Who throws stuff at a band they love?? I wouldn't even throw cans at a band I hated.
Maz suggested maybe the crowd put all their love into their cans and bottles and were merely delivering them... after some of the crap I'd seen and heard from the mentality of that crowd, it wouldn't have shocked me much.
A mix of country teeny bops and myspace whores... I either feared for my life or wanted to vomit, I'm not sure which.

If I hadn't gone with Maz - or Basil as originally planned - I'd have shot myself OR the innocent bystanders... hence my reluctance to go alone. 4 hours of driving each way is a long way to go to have to make your own fun, but hey, I enjoyed it.

**The shagvan also came in handy when Katie and I went for a quiet New Years' Eve atop O'Halloran Hill, amongst other locations, lazing on the quilt and cushions waiting for the fireworks to start and eating Chinese takeaway.

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