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Let's call today: 'Friday, 12 January 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Old Bush Inn

Lastnite Eli and I played at the Bushy, not all that well, but hey Blister in The Sun went down well so it wasn't all bad. And after 2 shots of tequila once we'd done our set I obtained a better outlook of it all :P

But that's not the funny part.
It seems that everytime we go to the Bushy, we encounter a scary lady of some sort.

Last fortnight it was Mrs McPositive, getting slowly tanked and telling me that everyone was shit and asking if I really liked listening to Bonnie's aunt & co rockin out on guitar and accordian... which incidently yes yes I did.

The fortnight before I had an older lady who had confessed to using alot of substances in her day staring at me and joining in our conversations and saying 'I knew you'd been to America, I could feel it" and other such ramblings that led me to say to Eli 'NO! I will not be the vicki-meat in her and her husband's love sandwich!!'

Last nite Tanya had just arrived and we got a drink and sat down and a lady came up and started talking to her. Because of the music I couldn't hear the conversation, but I assumed it was someone she knew. The lady started gently pulling at Tanya's elbow and Tanya appealed to us saying 'Noooo she's trying to set me up with some guy!' and we laughed thinking no more of it but I started listening this time...

Lady: just say hello! Just hello!
Tanya: no really, I've just got here. Maybe later...
Lady: come on (still pulling elbow)
Me: oh leave her alone, she's fine here (immediately regretting being cheeky with one of Tanya's friends)
Tanya: no, no, later
Lady: ok
(Lady wanders off)
Me: Who was that?
Tanya: I dont know!
Me: what, she just randomly started talking to you??
Tanya: she wanted to set me up with her son...
Me: Yeah ok that's scary.

Then a little while later she reappeared across from us and started motioning towards a guy at the bar. Tanya at this stage was sitting with us on the couch. Despite some remonstrating from her that she still wasn't interested, the lady made her way round the tables and came over and ended up standing in front of me, talking to Tanya sitting beside me. By this point I was no longer worried about being embarassing since Tanya didn't know this woman, and I put my arm around her.

Lady: come on, come over...
Tanya: no really
Me: will you go away? you're kinda scary...
Lady: (foccussed on Tanya not noticing me at all) come on
(Me and Tanya talking at once)
Lady: (noticing me talking to her and taking my elbow this time) you
Me: what? You want me to meet a guy?
Lady: yeah!
Me: Hmm I don't really like guys...
(Lady physically recoils and releases my arm, looking around a bit lost. The others laugh.)
Me: (laughing also) Gee, careful I may cough on you and then you'll catch it!!
Lady: (trying to brush it off, laughing awkwardly) Not one of those are ya?
Me: Yes. Yes I am actually.
(Lady stares. Others cacking it.)
Me: I'm serious.
Eli and someone else: She is.
(I put my arm around Tanya's shoulders again. Lady leaves silently)

That's the most hilarious response I've ever gotten.

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