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Let's call today: 'Monday, 5 February 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

Lastnight I did a truckload of work on the computer (editing and burning the backlog of stage productions) then as I left the computer to let the projects render I decided to flip through the channels before putting on a movie.
The last episode (my fav) of Tipping The Velvet was just starting! I was happy. Except it had been edited a little, I noticed that alot of things I liked in the episode had been but cut. But never mind. I'll treat myself to the DVD one day.

For some reason Florence reminds me of Emily... I don't know why, they're nothing alike.
Corset? The Era? No idea.

My second corset came today. It's not as nice as the gold one that I still need to fix. And today we made a pattern off the bustier I hired for Saturday night... woohoo I was a smexy pirate girl... with a touch of gypsy thanks to the skirt, and Eli's fedora fitted kinda nicely too.

Tanya, Lex and Apey couldn't come, and Ness never got back to me. But we had our clique from the panto. Like-minded fools are we.

Emily and Ashton came, and so did Ted and Nafes. Yay. After a while, I think the latter had left, the remainder of our party were involved in such a huge 'you're so cool' fest that I observed "this is just going to turn into one big orgy isn't it?". They laughed, I was funny. Actually we were all firing the jokes well. Come to think of it, we're a well-matched group for that.

We were amused by the brace-necked tapper again - she tapped on our table - and Dirk danced with her. She also observed that Ted and Nafes didn't seem to be the dancer type and I nearly cacked my head off. How far off the mark. Perhaps they passed for straight boys?

The nice girl there remembered me *sigh*. So I spoke to her again a little, and got smiles.
Pfft, she's no doubt just being a friendly bar tender... it's her job to be nice.
My mum wants me to ask her out.
My mum evidently doesn't know how to play things slow and cool ;)
The poor girl doesnt even know my name! And I know nothing about her other than her name, that she's fun to watch making those Absynthe drinks Dirk and Eli got with the sparkly cinnamon (a Flaming Faerie), and that she goes to Mars (Dirk told me her saw her and liked her hair hehe)...

Not a huge fan of Mars. Been invited there Friday night.

After Boho we went to the Ed Castle but declared 'the Ed was dead'.
Eli and Dirk amused themselves by dancing alone on stage as wooden puppet dolls... I'm told I'm to be their Gepetto spruiker for the Fringe parade.

Oh oh I forgot!
Before we left, Eli and I met at Dirk's place to get ready and we met some of his 'friends'. As soon as they walked in the door they slagged what he was wearing - which Eli and I disagreed highly with because he was looking spunky! (Boys in corsets... sigh). I voiced this opinion and the girl in the Dorothy shoes told me I had poor judgement. For Dirk's sake I didn't reply as I wanted, which was something along the lines of "Evidently so does Dirk cos he said you were cool cos you had ruby slippers! Take them off, you're not worthy to wear them! And get out if you're going to slag off your apparent 'friend' and not let him be his spunky self!"
Or words to that effect.
Instead, Eli and I just exchanged glances of 'What the hell?' and Eli rode with me so we could bitch about them.

When we were at Boho they kept to themselves and didnt socilaize with us at all, then later they left cos they "weren't having fun", then later still Dirk received a text saying that he was now kicked out of their cool group.
I think I wet myself laughing.
He reflected that they never let him be himself and I told him not to mourn, cos we're his mates now and we love him. Then we all mass-hugged him and told him welcome to the Dark Side muhahahahahaha. I think that's when I made the orgy comment, as we were all on a couch upstairs in The Boudir. I think Emily said she was moving in... I knew she'd like it.

We must like our gay couches.

Warning: Unrelated content.
Today I got a call from GFP Studios asking for an interview. So this week I find out about the first job I went for, and Friday I have an interview for another. And tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Work Skil to register with them again so they can apparently help me find a job... not that they have EVER done so the 2 times I've been required to join them previously. Centrelink has stupid rules. I feel like going there tomorrow and saying "I'm only here cos Centrelink is making me, I'm doing fine by myself thanks, can we just not and say we did?"

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