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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 28 March 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Musicale Meanderings

Missy Higgins' new stuff is hot!

That's all really I have to say on that.

This weekend went so awesome!
As the previous post implies - I had a nice Friday night, I did end up going to Rhymill Park instead of to the pub, and a girl who's been intriguing me since my first day at work came along too. Needless to say, we hit it off. Nathan and Eli, her and I hung out and had many a laugh (not the least of which was the salt-shaker war on the table of the Pancake Kitchen... our waiter was NOT impressed).
She got their approval.

Saturday I got to sleep in (huzzah!) then back to Rhymill with Eli, and with the good company of Sam for a little while, and Ashton and Emily we hit Chocolat where I was nice and bought yumminess for those who couldn't afford it. I couldn't either, but I was coming into money the next day. Then we hit The Garden, bought 2 smoothies which the 4 of us drank in shifts passing the cups anticlockwise after a sip so that at any given time 2 of us had a straw in our mouth.
Then to Rambutan Circus Collective where for a moment I became seven years old at the sight of the rather large drop down to the stage. So I rushed a few rows up and sat and rocked for a bit til I was cuddled enough to settle me. Then the performers came out and the drop was forgotten til we had to leave again.
The contortionist was simply dreamy, the MC man was an awesome hugger... they were all cute and VERY talented. We bought badges and tshirts. They didn't have any in my size so they offered to mail it... awwwww.

We walked the tightrope on the streetlines, where some people joined in, and it entertained those watching. We found and claimed a huggy security guard and made him ours. We also watched some escape artist, trapeze folk, and magic card tricks shows and wished to make them ours also. A nice boy at Higher Ground (awesome venue) served us cake and nachos respectively and was an absolute dream - another great hugger.... yes it was hugs all round all weekend.

We also bumped into (and hugged), and had photos and a nice conversation with, Dave Callan; who responded to my request for a photo with 'because you're in a pirate hat... you can do anything you want!'

Which leads me to Sunday. Eli and I went to see his show and fuck it was impressive. Not only was Dave Callan sporting a pirate hat and eyepatch and calling for cabin-boys for a night of pleasure (we were tempted to raise our hands), and not only did he point out my tie from onstage saying it was amazing, but the show itself was brilliant. Two indepedent projection screens, using a powerpoint presentation and a dvd player both controlled by him on the stage, and conversations with voice overs and himself on the screen... while in the interim of the entertainment and piratey fun he actually spoke about some cutting edge current issues. Basically saying we should all be nicer to each other.

Before this tho I attended the Family Fun Day in Willunga where I not only facepainted, but was asked to perform onstage where I gave a pretty kick-ass little gig with my acoustic guitar all mic'd up. I was impressed, and so were many others. My CD was asked for apparently, and I was invited back to play the Arts Centre at the Youth Recognition Awards - the pleasant double meaning of the situation making me smile slightly.... getting some recognition at the recognition awards but not in the same way as the nominees.

Anyway, the weekend has both given and taken money from me, with a little to spare for petrol to get to work and to pay off some more of my new guitar this week. Soon it shall be mine!

And on that note, I'm writing a new song and learning some new covers that I've just printed out. So I'm off to work on those.

I start work on Thursday night. So I'm in the middle of changing my sleep pattern to nights. I'm looking forward to it, tho I'm a little nervous :z
But I get to see my girl again, that's a plus... well, not my girl yet... but who knows?

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