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Let's call today: 'Saturday, 12 May 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
and she, feeling tired, bitter and unloved, trudged through the door, collapsed onto her bed, wrapped the blankets of self pity indulgently around her and wished sleep to come.

Today I have been narrating everything in the third person as in metally constructing a story about someone else to tell at a later date.

i hate work.

Or, more correctly, I hate the day shift.

I hate the people; some of the staff and customers alike, I hate the hours, I hate the games, I hate the verbal abuse, I hate the attitude of little old ladies that can't speak english (and if they can they don't deem me worthy of being spoken to - they just throw me their chips and point and bang the table and curse in the language of choice for the day, be it chinese, italian, or greek), I hate the stupid call outs and having to call my superiors every ten minutes because the procedure dictates that a while on probation I must get everything over $100 checked before passing it out.

The only things I like about days is my more 'normal' sleep pattern and being able to stay awake during days off, not having to always drive in to work because theres more public transport running, getting meals at work because the kitchen is open, and yesterday when one of my more respectable supers asked me to start a chip reconciliation for the roulette tables.
No one knew what I was doing (including me) but I looked very official as I went from table to table with my clipboard noting figures down as I was shown, then I got to set up my post in the closets under the escalators (known as "Harry Potter's" amongst us) and work industriously with the numbers and chips where the big boss super kindly told me how proud he was and checked in on me to see how I was going.

Without that, and my book which I retreated to every hour in my 15min break, I wouldn't have gotten through the week.

One week of days down and I hate them already.

I nearly cried whilst on the floor about 4 times today, but I shook it off. I'm sure if the surveillance guys were paying attention though, they'd have seen it. Or any observant customer for that matter, if they weren't so grossly indisposed at staring at tables or screens trying to see 'which had that lucky feel'.

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