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Let's call today: 'Monday, 28 May 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:

This week, I saw Missy Higgins live, had an usually great day at work, watched DAAS Kapital til 5am with Eli, saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (*squelch*... ok eww sorry), listened to The Ark's new album Prayer For The Weekend non-stop (and won some of their older stuff from ebay!), AND scored a three day weekend.

In my head, at the beginning of the week, I was composing my weekend blog post to be all about how defeated I'd been feeling lately... but yay for Missy Higgins, The Ark, and Pirates. And getting to hang out and swoon over Missy with Ember, whom I don't see often enough anymore since us each quitting the farm respectively.

So my take on each of the biggest highlights?

Missy @ Thebby - gorgeous as always, and inspiring me to do more with my own music.
The set was awesome, projecting scenes/sequences onto the cyclorama, fairylight 'stars' on the ceiling, and real gum trees and fake grass on the stage, adding to the illusion of the band playing outside coincidently On A Clear Night, the title of her latest album. The loverly Rachel sat on a park bench downstage whilst playing her beautiful cello (and the funky elec cello).
The addition of a bohemian style electric candelabra atop Missy's black baby grand was the delicious icing on a very aesthetic cake that was the whole concert.
We got to stand a few rows from the stage and by the end had turned gentle swaying into full fledged rocking, with assistance from a carefully planned playlist that consisted of a selection of songs from both albums Clear Night and Sound of White, and EPs. Also new songs we'd never heard before.

Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End - despite having been told a rather huge spoiler at work (for which the informant must suffer a slow and painful wrath), and sitting in front of a youngish girl who insisted on taking on the role of 'Cap'n Obvious' for the entire length of the film, stating everything that was happening (yes that IS the Black Pearl... yes they ARE fighting with cannons... STFU!), Eli and I were held in 3 hours of piratey delight.
Alot darker than Curse of The Black Pearl or even Dead Man's Chest, the third film At World's End has less swash-swash buckle-buckle and more high-speed camera shots capturing the East India Trading Company's goal of oblierating the Pirate Brethren, and the Brethren's responding wave of retribution.
Thus one would say that this was more action packed, though without losing pathos and interest. There's alot of triple crossing (common in all 3 films), gasp worthy revelations, and quite a bit of character development from all key characters.
There was so much to take in, I feel like I need to see it again to understand 100% of what each character goes through. What a shame!! :D
Without spoiling it for anyone, a general summary would be simply this:
* Elizabeth Swan gets hotter every film - she really didn't interest me in the first film, but then got a little more piratey in the second and I took more notice of her. In this film she becomes even more of a central character. If nothing else, Will and Elizabeth become more interesting Or rather their love does (which had beforehand been a rather 'every-film-has-to-have-a-love-interest' subplot in the shadow of Jack's awesomeness... well to me anyway :P).
* Lots of goosebumpy moments, beginning with the very first scene and continuing throughout the film.
* A few insert-joke-from-the-previous-films-here which I felt could have been done without, some went down well like the brief cameo of the dog with the keys, but the line about rum being gone is getting stale, and two comic relief guards who quarrel with each other... well I never like them anyway. The pirate equivolent of them however redeem themselves to me in this film, especially Wood Eye.
* Awesome camera work. Enough said.

To be honest, any film that deals with the edge of the world is a winner with me. For some reason I've always had a thing for it. Later that night, I brought out Erik The Viking and watched it again with much delight.
Hey speaking of which, did anybody know that Jim Broadbent is in that film? I happened to glance up as the credit were rolling. He's one of the vikings that comes in after Erik meets/is confronted by Helga in the very first scene. Then they fight and he's slain and thats his part done with. Hilarity! He's so young in it.
Well, they all are... 1989 had that effect on us all really :P

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