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Let's call today: 'Wednesday, 13 June 2007'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Today.. or rather yesterday since its now technically Wednesday... I had such a good day.

I had to go into the city to get my car serviced so after some texting back and forth at the possibility of having to wait around the city by myself bored to death, I sat in a park writing poetry under a tree until my girl Lauren got into town.

We met what's left of the Rundle Mall Balls site, on the way there I saw a balloon man. As I passed I asked him 'Can you make flowers?'
'Awesome, I'll be back!'

Then I continued another 50m, passing the ordinary everyday bouquets in the stand and scoffing to myself with a grin at what 'normal' people did, was welcomed, received hugs and smooches from my favourite amazon girl - then grabbed her hand like a child and literally dragged her giggling, dodging the people and the stands and benches, and ran up to the balloon man and said 'Okay now you can make me one!'

While I fished around my bag for money, and he sung serenades, he produced a red balloon loveheart, through the vertical centre of which grew a yellow balloon flower, and on the green stem of that clung a small blue balloon teddy. It was awesome.

When he finishes, I lost all my qualms about what I first thought to be a steep price for a simple balloon flower, but the cool balloon man came through with a combo of awesomeness. Now, if only he were dressed more like a character than a creepy old man I'd like him even more. But ah well, it was only 1 minute spent with him.

Anyway! After that embarassing venture, during which Lauren blushed a touch while we drew attention to her (hehehe), we took our blue teddy bouquet to the riverbank and curled up watching swans and rowers in the last of the sun until my car was ready. It was all very nice.

Lauren likened being with me to a sort of fairytale. I think that's very nice but really have no response to it other than I'm glad.

Okay, so maybe the first proper 'date' thingo that we had started the whole magic/mystery theme; I made a treasure hunt kinda thing in which she had to follow clues and find bits of piratey parchment I'd hidden around the place, before getting a chest with a pirate telescope and a little felt heart inside.
heartfelt... get it?... I only thought of that afterwards - it made me laugh

So yeah. Basically, I told her I think she deserves a fairytale. And if I can provide one, I will. I know I'd like it if someone did for me, so why not?
I know I'm interested in her enough to warrant the effort. Not that spontaneous things like the balloons require much effort, but still.
There's something in her that makes me feel something I've not felt for someone in a long time.

She came to the pirates marathon on Sunday night. Then after we went to my house where we watched Black Books and I fell asleep on her shoulder, which I cannot begin to describe how many levels of nice that was. Then at the end of disc one (during the last episode I awoke) we went to our separate beds and slept until what I thought was time to go to work.

I've mentioned this to a few people. I want to do the right thing and go slower with her than I usually do with partners. I want to wait before we do anything too physical. I'm not sure where this comes from, it's just some random notion of honour I seem to have acquired.

Enough girlish ranting for now. I be getting cold. Time for bed soonish. The night shift encroaches again, therefore cue the odd hours again. Enjoy.

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