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Let's call today: 'Monday, 11 February 2008'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Geckos, Cats and Manatees... well one of each.

I am watching Invader Zim.
Is good.
Is funny.
Is... over??? WHAT? Put more episodes on immediately!

Anyway, I was thinking today, like many other days recently, that I should really write a post soon, since I have been slowly leaning away from the wide world of the internet. This is mostly due to lack of accessible nettage and lack of accessible motivation.

Regardless, I post now to assure you. I am not dead.
So.... hurrah for that. End of line.

For those still clinging to edge of their padded deskchairs eagerly awaiting the final episodes of The Amount... the official answer to the lack of show-conclusion is that my computer is starting to hate my editing program, and freeze every time I try to do something basic.
So in the end I've decided to buy Maz's old laptop, but that requires fundings - of which I have very few.
But for those who want to hear it straight from the mario-kart-addicted man himself. An update Amount episode is up now. Is good for anyone wishing to see how great Maz can play mario and eat things.

Quick sidenote - Lauren's flat has recently become home to geckos. We now have load-bearing geckos holding up the place. Right now he's walking along the wall behind the TV. We've just decided his name is Frederick.

Anyway, my lack of internet presence is also due to my hideous misanthropy-inducing job. Okay, the job itself is fine. Piss easy and better pay than any other job I've had. But the people.... Oh the people.
Oh the Huge Manatee! (see pic below - for i love it)

Third anyway, currently I'm in a slightly happier mood than the one in which I spent the better part of the day. I moved as though the air were made of molasses. It was the longest short-shift I've done... well okay, one of.

Whilst on random topic-changings, the new rooftop bar Tuxedo Cat is now open Wed-Sun 3pm - 3am until Fringe starts (Feb 22 - Mar 16) when it will then be open every night hosting an array of fine acts - and some not so fine ones like myself.
You can find more info at for locale and a list of gigs/details/misc etc.

Righto - since I'm presently in a state of not knowing if I'm working tomorrow or not until 3hours before my shift, I should probably rest as though I am rostered on as usual. Not good rotting here before the hideous screens of death only to find I have to face the hideous customers of doom on the morrow.

With that I bid you all adieu.

End of line.

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