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Let's call today: 'Tuesday, 30 March 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
i am lord of the flame!

Well, self-proclaimed after yet another triumph lighting a fireplace no one else can manage to operate.

Week three.

I am presently at The Getaway At Rosebud, in (unsurprisingly) Rosebud, Victoria.
I arrived here late sunday night from my week in Knox, and now we're sitting around waiting to hear back from our manager to find out the fate of our set.

I was sent here with another newish girl in the hope that we'd improve numbers here, but alas they've stayed low so we had the plug pulled this afternoon.

So we packed up early, had a run of bad luck (ie broke a wheel off, locked keys in the trailer, etc etc) and finally grumbled off home where we now all sit in the loungeroom dividing our collective attention betweek a girly chickflick dvd, laptops or phones, and comforted by milo and donuts and various other endorphin-releasing foodstuffs.

All proceeding as pre-planned, I'm supposed to be flying to Perth on easter sunday, and an estimated return by around the start of may. But we may be starting a roadie tomorrow to take our set into nsw, and until we get the phonecall tonight, we're a bit aimless. Hence the random unstructured blog.

My week in Knox was interesting.
If nothing else it taught me to push aside some of my arrogance and snobbery, and to not make flashsnap judgements of people.
My teammates weren't not the kind of people I would normally hang out with... Yet they accepted me without the same judgement i wielded and called me awesome... Don't worry, I was quickly aware it was my shoulder on which the chip rested... And i thus quickly fried and ate that sucker. In short, i sucked it up.

The working week itself showed just how much I need to work on my promoting skills, but also how much progress I'd made in approaching people since my first week.

This week - today - i've danced in a sandwich-board style sign for an hour handing out flyers and directing traffic, dressed as a fairy... Yes me... And practised my bubbleology and street performance skills to try and attract/entertain kids.

My numbers are still low. Too low to solidly keep my foot in the door, and I wait daily for the call saying 'Vix, lift your game or we have no other option...' but if that happens I won't be too heartbroken. I will have had a break from dealing cards, met new people and done most of it at no expense to me, so hey if i go back, then i go back.
I'll just return to hardcore saving to get back on my travel-goal.

I still have a job at home, and have wonderful friends and a loving supportive family and a beautiful girl waiting for me... Not to mention my adorable kitty whom I miss everyday.

So in short, i won't be heartbroken if things go south. At least I tried and took the chance, and was given the opportunity.

'Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.'

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