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Let's call today: 'Friday, 24 December 2010'

pirategirl wrote in the notebook:
Thus the year draws to a close, and my promise of being a slightly more active blogger this year seems to be slightly unfulfilled, and for this I blame Facebook and Google Buzz.
Between the two of them one can find exactly what I'm thinking or feeling about any current situation or issue, and in some cases actually be provided with an accurate pinpoint of my location during my worktravels.
This makes blogging here, on my trusty original Shades of Grey, from a simpler-ish time of a more limited technology, a little redundant and I find myself becoming slightly repetitive to those who regularly read both feeds (the fools!). For this reason, I tend to stick to the easier interfaces. (Easier both for me to publish to, and for followers to provide feedback. Indeed the comments boxes here are a mere courtesy; a 'just in case' provision, barely used these days)

But be all that as it may, for those who check in from various parts of the globe and have found your way here either randomly or by accident or because we're not all that close (because, I admit, I'm a snobby prat with exclusive rules about who I add on networking sites :P) but you like to check in on me from time to time, here's the lowdown:

2010 in the briefest of briefs (with lace and suspenders).

January thru April I don't really recall a great deal. I think mostly this is due to me knuckling down with working and getting my house organised. I was seeing a girl for a couple months from the preceding December but around Easter time I left to begin another portrait photography contract travelling and working around different parts of Australia, and while away I was contacted by her girlfriend accusing me of having an affair with this girl... like I knew wtf was going on.
Long story short, after a few weeks of silence from this chick anyway, I knew something was up, and annoying as the issue rising was, it was a let-go-lightly parting.

April thru June I continued spending a few weeks in different states taking portraits. The company was different to what I was used to but the main issues I had with working there was certain people. Namely the general manager, her second-in-command, and a few from my own rank. When the manager to whom I directly reported resigned, I wasn't far behind. It was no secret that she'd kept me from throwing the towel in for a few weeks there.
The final straw was being instructed not to share a room in our accomodation with a new girl who also happened to be Same Sex Attracted, because, it was decided, we would commit improprieties. The matter-of-fact attitude with which this was delivered did not go down well with me at all (no pun intended :P). This chick had a partner, as shortly, would I (more on that in a moment), but this was dismissed. We would sleep together. Apparently.
I must have missed the memo.
This comes from a general manager who insists she is not homophobic, yet will refuse to use the toilets on the flight to Sydney when all the GLBTQ folk are on their way to Mardis Gras.

Whilst away, I'd been talking to a girl from work - cas' work - we'd liked each other for a while, unbeknownst to me she liked girls too, and on my arrival home in June we started seeing each other.

June thru August I went back to work at the cas and picking up whatever freelance photography and videography work I could.
I was still seeing this girl from work and was happy in those early days mostly because all of my friends and my family instantly liked and approved of her, something I was still not yet used to after being with someone so long who repeatedly alternated between setting herself aside from my friends and sabotaging us in so many ways (ick enough about her, she is so last year).
Maz and many others involved themselves into making a feature film and I was lucky enough to help with that :)
Around this time I decided it was time to properly sort out my itchy feet... no I don't mean with anti-fungal cream... I mean wanting to travel. Thus continued the slow and leisurely organising of an overseas foray, most probably to Canada, most probably with Dave, and most probably next year.

By the end of September I was properly single again, things had been slightly declining for a little while and then rapidly fell within a week. In short, the girl I'd been seeing was from a culture in which being Same Sex Attracted was unfathomable and in the end I was put in the 'Too Hard Basket'.
It'd be naive of me to say this was the only reason, I'm also aware of the differences between us, not even just the cultural ones, that also played a part in this. I still believe that I may have been the bi-curious experiment. I was sad/angry at first, but soon realised how much it really was/is for the best. Sadly I was broken up with via an SMS. Yeah, not cool. Definately minus points there, lady.
But I had a ground breaking moment on top of hill in the middle of beautiful wine-country. I meditated and found the person i was so long ago. And repaired holes in me I never thought could be mended. I came away with the conclusion that I can survive almost anything like this.
An upside to this period was that the month before, Teegs had left her *expletive deleted* guy she was living with and asked me to hold the spare room for her. So around this time she moved in with me.
It's good to have someone home, and the help with rent/upkeep is handy also. But mostly the company.

For the remaining months, October thru December I've been ending the year on the same high on which I started.
Despite all the random bumps in the road this year, I've still maintained that it's been a great year for me and the little car that represents me has just swerved the obstacles and coursed along. I guess part of this is attitude, and part of attitude comes from the attitude and support of those around you.
I've had alot of support from awesome folk this year, and have had the clarity of mind to see and appreciate them and listen to what they say.
To continue the update in a quick summary, I gave myself a week off and spent an awesome birthday week celebration in Normy with some of the aforementioned awesomes.
I started seeing another girl (I know, even I raise my eyebrows by this stage when I read it - single for about 4 years, with one for nearly 2 years, then 3 and a few flings in this year? my my my my! trollop.) and I genuinely think I'm onto something good here. But I'm old enough and wise enough to know that it's early days and who knows what the future holds.
And have now been told that early January I'll begin training for another portrait photography contract :)
So hopefully that will end up being more suitable than the last (aka not run by 'tards still living sometime before the 21st century) and in between that and still doing some work at the cas I'll get some dollarz together to begin thinking about travelling again.
All in all, opportunities still a-knockin'. And I'm keen to keep a-rockin'.

Merry Christmas everyone. A rare year that I'm not working Christmas or New Years, so if I don't see you, enjoy them both and I'll catch you in 2011.
much love.

pirate girl, out.

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